The controversial send-offs of Round 23 haven't yet been repeated, but it hasn't stopped the NRL officials from being back in the spotlight.

As Tim Sheens delivered his own post-match press conference in Hamilton and Adam Doueihi took to Twitter to question the level of officiating, it was the Dolphins' turn to be left frustrated.

Just after halftime in a loss against the Roosters, Ray Stone committed a high tackle on Roosters' utility Drew Hutchison.

While the tackle appeared to have mitigating circumstances given Hutchison was in the act of falling to the ground when Stone made contact, referee Todd Smith and bunker official Ashley Klein made the call to send Stone to the sin bin.

The 47th-minute incident then saw Joseph Suaalii and Drew Hutchison run on tries for the Roosters as the lead extended from 12-8 to 24-8, an unrecoverable margin for the Dolphins, despite a late consolation try to Jamayne Isaako.

Bennett said the sin bin influenced the result as much as anything else in the game, questioning the level of consistency over sin bins and asking whether sin bins for high shots had gone too far.

“The decision we got on the sin bin, it was as much to do with the result as anything else,” Bennett said during his post-match press conference.

“There's no doubt he got hit in the head, not denying that for a moment. He got put on report and that was fair enough.

“But we had Kodi Nikorima who got hit in the head with an elbow and that was just put on report and a penalty.

“The tackle Ray was in he got hit below, he was coming in to tackle and he just dropped his height.

“That's one of those things that happens in the game and you put it on report and go from there... but I think it was way over the top.

“Look at the impact it has on the game, it has a huge impact on the game. Look at the games over the weekend, a few guys have got hit high but they stay on the field.

“They haven't got it right, it is as simple as that... they haven't got it right.”

The loss leaves the Dolphins languishing in the bottom four with just three weeks to play, while the win keeps the Roosters in with a small chance of playing finals football despite what has been a poor season for Trent Robinson's side.