Taj Soupidis

    Every NRL club’s signings and retentions graded for 2023

    With the 2023 NRL season fast approaching, who has had the best business off-field?

    Is $100,000 enough to make clubs take trials seriously?

    Clubs won't put their stars at risk for a pre-season paycheque.

    ‘Kept him from taking his own life’: Star reveals heartfelt messages after support for pride round

    The Sharks' forward was one of the pride round’s biggest supporters.

    ‘The players aren’t being greedy’: Ex-NRL star cites importance of CBA in protecting retired players

    Ex-NRL players are uniting after experiencing the horrors of post-retirement injuries.

    NRL star approached to run for Liberal Party at election

    This would be a shock switch in careers.

    Potential player boycott threatens NRL trials

    The saga continues between the RLPA and the NRL.

    Rugby league immortal steps down from Channel Nine role

    Health issues have forced the former half to walk away from the role.

    “Players are UNITED”: Players unite over CBA stoush

    The players' message has been made clear.

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