SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 29: Angus Crichton of the Rabbitohs is sent to the sin bin during the round 21 NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Canberra Raiders at ANZ Stadium on July 29, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

South Sydney backrower Angus Crichton has revealed the three clubs who have offered him lucrative contracts beyond next season.

The talented 21-year old is weighing up long-term offers from Souths, Roosters, and Cronulla.

After proving himself as an excitement-machine this season, Crichton is hot property in the NRL market.

“I’ve got three-year offers from Souths, the Roosters and the Sharks,” Crichton said.

“It’s a big call to make, and I don’t have to decide right now. I haven’t put a time frame on this.

“There’s pressure from a lot of different directions, but at the end of the day you’ve got to trust yourself and your own instincts and I’m not ready to make that decision yet.”

Committed to honouring his contract with Souths next season, Crichton refuses to rule out the possibility of transferring clubs or even switching codes.

His next destination is purely based on whether he sees himself advance into an Origin and Test Match player whilst at that club.

“People tend to think it’s all about money. It isn’t,” Crichton said.

“Like any player, I have ambitions to win a premiership and play State of Origin and Test football.

“I need to grow as a player, so I need to be in the best environment to make that happen.”


  1. He’s off to the Roosters!!! When you want to be a Australian and NSW representative and you’re second rower, who better to learn from than NSW captain and future Australian captain Boyd Cordner. Pretty crazy how it’s come full circle and he might be at the club he started playing league at.

    • Stirring the pot there WTN? If true then why not just announce it? No, Crichton hasn’t made up his mind yet and he is still every chance of staying where he is. Like Crichton said, he’s in no rush to make a decision. He is still playing for the Rabbitohs in 2018.

      • Woah, it’s just my opinion mate relax haha notice how I said might? I’m just saying tho, if he wants to be a rep player, I think Roosters would be the best fit for him, nothing against the rabbits but if I were him I’d want to learn off Cordner and be running off someone like Cronk. So don’t go assuming bud and just relax mate 🤣 No need to get butt hurt over my opinion 😂

        • Not butt hurt WTN. If I was upset you would know it. The Roosters have a near full rep team already so it would be silly to argue that Crichton would not have every opportunity to develop into a rep player at the Roosters. You have to worry at what point does any talk of a salary cap at the Roosters become a total farce though.

          Current rep players:
          Cooper Cronk: Australia, NSW Origin
          Boyd Cordner: Australia, NSW Origin
          Blake Ferguson: Australia, NSW Origin
          Daniel Tupou: Australia/Tonga, NSW Origin
          Jake Friend: Australia/World All Stars
          James Tedesco: NSW Origin
          Sio Siua Taukeiaho: New Zealand/Tonga
          Jared Waerea-Hargreaves: New Zealand
          Dylan Napa: QLD Origin

          Emerging/future rep players:
          Latrell Mitchell: Australian Schoolboys, NSW Under 18s, NSW emerging Origin squad 2017
          Ryan Matterson: U20s NSW State of Origin, Junior Kangaroos, City Origin

          I wonder what the combined “market value” of these players would be? Any guesses?

          Don’t forget Souths have Inglis and Gaigai (Australia and QLD Origin), Robbie Farah (Australia and NSW Origin), Sam Burgess (England) and Adam Reynolds (NSW Origin) that should also be able to help to develop Crichton into a rep player. Many could argue he IS already there as he is already on the radar and if he reproduces that same form with the Bunnies in 2018 is there any doubt he will get picked for NSW Origin? Crichton will become a rep player (if he maintains his form, development and hunger) regardless of who he plays with IMO.

        • My opinion is that he can be better. Look at where the roosters have been in the last 4 years and just where they can be in the next 5. He is obviously a good player now, I just think he can be a better player at the roosters who are right now a sure thing of being successful. That’s not saying Souths aren’t, they just have been below average the last couple of years since winning the comp.

        • Personally if Crichton is still in two minds I hope that he puts off making a decision until the season is under way and he has time to assess the team dynamic under the new coach (Seibold) who “Gus” is already familiar with in any case. It will also give Crichton time to assess his own form and development under this new system. I think that by SOO Crichton will find himself selected for the Blues and his dreams of playing rep football will already be realised. I would hate to see him rush a decision and then once the season is under way come to regret it.

        • Not saying Crichton won’t play origin next season, although I would probably hold him back another year, but who’s position do you see him taking? Cordner is captain, Jackson has been one of NSW best for a couple of years, Frizell provides a point of difference in the backrow as a hard running forward who won’t take a backward step, Jake T will be there for years, Graham is a true footballer and also part of the Australian team and Jack Bird can play just about anywhere as well as back row.

    • The Roosters answer all his demands, there is no other team capable of the list he mentions. With NSW coach Brad Fittler’s ties to the Roosters and the stars already there Crichton will be a rep player and a huge show for a premiership. but why wait till 2019. JUmp on board in 2018 and win a comp first with the team you started with in 2014

  2. Penso, like I said on the “Josh McGuire is a grub!” story earlier:

    SSTID_1970 December 7, 2017 at 10:45 am
    The latest word was 23 hours ago from Crichton and if it was THAT close to being made official I doubt he would have made a statement that basically said he still had not made up his mind.
    SSTID_1970 December 7, 2017 at 11:31 am

    I think someone is having you on penso. It seems that only 2 days ago he was in no hurry to make a decision. I doubt anything has changed in that time. He has already stated that he has made a commitment to Souths in 2018 which he intends to honour and I believe he is still trying to sum up if things have changed since Madge was moved on. He won’t rush this mate I wouldn’t think. The clubs that are chasing him won’t be silly enough to force his hand and give him an ultimatum either so this may take a while to get played out. Patience and keep the faith.

    • Yeah i hope your right SSTID big sport breaky reckons it a done deal but was only there opinion just i suppose it comes down to what season Souths have and hope that Fittler doesn’t get in his ear and say being with Easts will enhance your prospects, wouldn’t put it past Easts to come up with something like that, they have no honour.

    • Angus is a country boy, as down to earth as they come. No way would he drink a “latte”. I think you are pulling my leg crowy. Funny that Manly weren’t even mentioned by Crichton. 😉

      • Yes I hear Dce is now on 2.1 million as we couldn’t find another half so going to pay him to play both positions under the wishes of head member MW47

      • You are right crowy about 3chooks, he obviously doesn’t move in those circles anymore now that he has gone over to the Roosters. 😂

        I also can’t get my head around how the Roosters HAVE the $$’s left under the cap to chase Crichton.

  3. As a Souths supporter over many years I have found I get the most enjoyment watching my team play to their best, and players within the team trying their best for South Sydney and their fans. I don’t want players in my team playing just for the money.

    Sure, I like my team to win as much as any supporter, but I don’t want to win at all cost. I don’t want my team breaching the salary cap, paying overs for non talented players, and playing players not wanting to be there.

    If Angus Crichton doesn’t want to re-sign for Souths I would be gutted, but I would move on and hope Souths would find a player who wants to be there. If Angus leaves there will be others in the Souths ranks that will step-up.

    • “If Angus leaves there will be others in the Souths ranks that will step-up.”

      Souths have some good young players coming through but nothing like Crichton especially covering his position. He is a rare talent and Souths have to do all they can to convince him that he is a BIG part of their future plans. IMO Crichton is the Bob McCarthy of his generation and I think he will be playing SOO for NSW in 2018.

      “I don’t want players in my team playing just for the money.”

      In Crichton’s own words:

      “People tend to think it’s all about money. It isn’t,”. ““Like any player, I have ambitions to win a premiership and play State of Origin and Test football.” “I need to grow as a player, so I need to be in the best environment to make that happen.”

      “It’s a big call to make, and I don’t have to decide right now. I haven’t put a time frame on this.” “…at the end of the day you’ve got to trust yourself and your own instincts and I’m not ready to make that decision yet.”

      So there you have it chalky. It isn’t ALL about the money but it will be a factor and yes I believe Crichton is already worth y of BIG $$’s. He is that rare and exceptional and has the ability to change a game IMO.

      “I don’t want my team breaching the salary cap, paying overs for non talented players”

      Agreed. But this is not the case here though, his talent, abilities and potential to improve further cannot be denied. I think Souths (if they have it) should go up to $800K, $850K in a pinch to keep him. He isn’t just a good young prospect, Crichton absolutely destroyed teams at the back end of 2017. He will only continue to improve on this I think.

      “I don’t want players in my team playing just for the money.”

      Agreed but this is not the case here given Crichton’s comments. I think had Madge not been shown the door young Crichton would already have signed. A few weeks ago I posted a link with Crichton’s comments defending Madge as a coach shortly before he was sacked and Angus was a staunch supporter. I think Madge getting axed rocked Crichton and gave him time to think about other options. Reports up to that point indicated he was happy at the club and not entertaining any thoughts of leaving. We will never know what would have happened had Madge stayed on now though.

      “I don’t want my team breaching the salary cap”

      Agreed, but when you see a team like the Roosters with a team full of rep players sign 2 high profile players for $1 mill each and still get to sign another player for close to this figure does it not “smell” like a team that is “breaching the salary cap”? There really needs to be an investigation into the Roosters salary cap if they do sign Crichton. It beggars belief that Souths’ cap could be full while the Roosters still have room to sign Crichton given the respective teams if BOTH teams are playing by the same rules don’t you think?

      • I have held back on my comments on Angus because no matter what I say I would be blasted by non Souths fans. I guess what I was trying to say is that I love watching Souths for the pride that the players put into every game. I agree with everything you say and I refer you to a Souths news item from 25th November this year when Angus was interviewed after a training session at Maroubra Beach. A lot of past players attended and mixed with the players, and Angus’ final words were…….”and that’s why I love this club”.

        Lets hope it stays that way. Thanks for the constructive comments.

        • I couldn’t agree more mate. As for you holding back on sharing your thoughts over concern about being blasted by non Souths fans… don’t hold back chalky, penso and I have your six. Go for it! This forum is ever in need of more quality “cardinal and myrtle” opinions. Currently it is flooded by a sea of “Maroon and White” and “Blue and Gold” verbiage. OK, I have a sizeable lake all of my own but that’s not the point. 😉

        • “I have a sizeable lake all of my own”.

          Mate, when it’s that BIG, and that SALTY, it’s called an ocean.

        • Bravo! You get a standing ovation for that one “brick”. 👏👏👏

          But what happens when you have two bricks… you get busted! Just ask Corey Norman. 😂

        • Just trying to keep you on your toes.

          But speaking of Norman, we got an email from the club today with a video of him stating it’s all good, and I just hope it is, all good with him going forward.

        • I got that email too almighty (one of the privileges I guess 😉 )

          I hope it is true too. He mentioned quite a few times that he is happy and BA is the reason for that, so hopefully all is good. Norman is one of those guys who seems to play better when he is enjoying himself.

        • mighty and eels47 – that’s the privileges we get when we are members of the football club and not the leagues club hey. leagues club members only get privileges like “we are pleased to announce we now have 200 of the latest queen of the nile poker machines”

      • SSTID_1970 its not about money he wants rep honor’s and a premiership, he will get neither at Souths unless he can play in their next premiership due in 40yrs time but he will be 61 yrs old so better he heads over to the chooks

        • WoodChook the rep honours will come in 2018 when Crichton gets picked to play for the Blues while he is still at the Rabbitohs. As for premierships, if you had any understanding of some of the young talent coming through at Souths your projection would not be that pessimistic.

          Oh wait, you do. The Roosters have already stolen 5 South Sydney juniors, Nat Butcher, Egan Butcher, Grant Garvey, Brock Gray, Paul Momirovski. Even Luke Keary has played for Souths NYC team (2012). It seems for the Roosters, the grass is always greener on the other side of the boundary line fence!

          Souths develop their own talent to win premierships they don’t just buy a ready made team to win one like the Roosters do. When Souths won the premiership in 2014 they had 8 players who were South Sydney juniors or had played for Souths NYC team.

          John Sutton
          Adam Reynolds
          Alex Johnston
          Dylan Walker
          Luke Keary
          Apisai Koroisau
          Jason Clark
          Kyle Turner

          Nathan Merrit though not in the team for the second half of the season is yet another Souths junior that played and contributed to Souths success in 2014. Likewise Chris McQueen and Dave Tyrrell played in lower grades for the Rabbitohs/Bears before making their first grade debuts for South Sydney.

  4. I reckon Angus is over-rated – has played half a season in first grade, sure he went well – but still a lot to prove before he becomes a respected NRL player.

    • Suechi, i agree with you 100% he is not a proven player yet and only potential, some reason better form analysis from people seem to think he is the bee’s knee of second rowers, i seriously doubt he is that good , but at the moment i would love Souths to keep him, but not at a great price, this is not a knee jerk reaction to him maybe leaving , just my honest opinion, and the fact that Souths have offered him future captaincy gets me to think that maybe its best he goes cause you need to be committed to the cause

      • penso if you read the story from the link I posted, it seems Angus is not even entirely committed to RL that alone South Sydney. He hasn’t ruled out a return to Rugby Union (his original love) once he feels he has learned enough from the game. That does not actually mean he WILL turn his back on RL one day though, just that he hasn’t ruled it out.

        suechi, I think you have a valid point. Second year syndrome seems to strike a lot of young players and Crichton has to prove himself all over again in 2018 and this time round he won’t take anyone by surprise. In fact Crichton played 8 games in 2016 which is hardly enough to have qualified him as a regular first grader so I think it is fair to call 2017 his first year in the game. Personally I think Crichton is one of the few young players that lives up to the hype of his much trumpeted potential.

      • I’d semi agree. I don’t think he’s “over rated”, because he hasn’t shown any bad form yet, other than 1 game where he made a few basic errors at critical points (I can’t remember who that was against), and it wasn’t bad form, but showed he’s still learning.

        I actually think he could be a genuine star in the making, but I’d hate to be having to make that call on contract right now. Based on his limited FG experience, and potential, he’s worth big bucks, and knows he can lock them in for the medium term (3 or 4years), but there’s no shortage of players, at his age and with his relatively limited experience, that just peaked early. I don’t think this will be the case, but it is a very serious risk.

        I’d assume he’s looking at 3 years in the $700k – $800k p.a range, so it’s a very significant risk, and as per above he looks like that could be a bargain, but, and in all honesty, I wouldn’t pay it. It might be petty, it might be reading too much into it etc, but I think his brain / ego is on the board the “I’m a legend”, but his gut feel is “lock it in now”. It would really worry me that a young inexperienced player, with a season like 2017 in his bag, is looking around so early, and is so keen to capitalise on his form.

        I think he’ll lock in a contract before game 1 next year, just in case / based on his “gut feel”.

        • SSTID, I wrote my (1 finger, 2 thumb) post before I saw yours, so it was referencing suechi’s and penso’s, but bottomline, we all seem to be on the same page, in that we see his potential, as well as the potential risks.

    • Oh how I hate young players being tagged as overrated. That is not a dig at you suechi, but at the media. I have said this so many times, but the media builds these young guys up to be the next big thing before they have the chance to prove themselves. All they are doing is setting them up to fail. Take Ponga for example, if he becomes anything less than one of the best couple of players in the game he will end up on one of those “failed to live up to potential” lists (thanks ZT for the timely article).

      A player who has been in the game for one season cannot be considered overrated, they need to be given time to prove what they have first at least…..

  5. Gus was obviously a Madge fan – he is simply seeing how Souths go under Seibold (and if he likes his coaching style) and if Souths have a good season I have no doubt he will stay
    I’ll also tipping a huge year from Cam Murray.

    Our Forward Pack next year:
    Twin 1

    • Absolutely agree Rabbits! As I have posted previously Crichton was strongly supportive of Madge just before he was axed and I have felt that his was p!ssed with the way things turned out. I also believe that he wants to see how he feels under Seibold and if the team dynamic hasn’t changed. “Gus” has stated on many occasions that he loves the club and their supporters and I can only hope that this, and a decent chunk of Souths cap that has been put aside to keep Crichton at Souths, will be enough in the end to keep him at the club.

      I think Cam Murray is a real talent and looks to be a future NSW origin rep without doubt. I think Cook will take a step up in 2017 and that Cody Walker will get back the form he lost for much of 2017. IMO 2018 is a make or break year for the 2 Burgii twins and for Kyle Turner. I know Tom and George have extended their contracts but with so much good young talent coming through they cannot be allowed to feel that their place in the 17 is guaranteed. At times it seems that they are just going through the motions while each week Sam busts a gut for the team. They really need a rev up in 2018.

      • forgot about Turner – he should be fighting for a bench spot and yeah I have been fully supportive of the twins, but I agree they’re probably on there last chance. Georgie boy need to rediscover his 2014 form – IMO was best on ground in the GF

        • Let’s hope being overlooked for the World Cup is just the kick up the backside that George needed. As for Tom, well after those 2 crucial dropped balls towards the end of the WC final that cost England dearly, well what else can Souths try? Wicket keeping gloves? Super glue? In the 2014 GF, George was close to MVP, Api impressed me enormously for a player who had not played a game in 2 months (NSW Cup) and had not played a game of first grade in more than twice that time! Inglis and Reynolds were also worthy of consideration, but Sam for mine was the MVP no doubt. Had Sam left the field after the first hit up the Rabbitohs heads would have been down and the wind would have gone out of their sails. Players like T’eo and the Burgess Twins (in fact all the whole team) fed off Sam’s energy and drive.

          George’s solo effort to beat 3 tired defenders (Graham, She-Rex and Perret) to break the deadlock with 24 mins to go was the turning point of the match that opened the floodgates. Souths were always the better team but the Dogs were in the fight until the last 24 mins despite being underdogs for once and not the Dogs of War.

    • Like everything with Roosters they only love a success. The chooks did show him much “love” by offering him a contract did they? I doubt you ever even saw tge kid play as he ONLY played JUST 4 GAMES during the SG Ball regular season. It isn’t like he played for the Roosters U20’s mow is it?

      Remember Angus you are welcome at the Roosters only because you have proven to be a success after the Rabbitohs gave you your break. If you had not done as well Souths woukd have stood by you but tge Roosters and their fickle fans would not have said a word or asked you to come back and sign their “Visitors” book once again. Bahahahahaha 😂😂😂

    • See above. Angus, If you had not done as well Souths would have stood by you but the Roosters and their fickle fans would not have said a word or asked you to come back and sign their “Visitors” book once again. Bahahahahahahahaha

  6. crowy, this is not just me taking the bait but an attempt to point out the latest FACTS as we know them (i.e. from Crichton himself).

    Only 3 days ago Crichton typed up a response to on going questions and said that:

    a) He had 3 tabled offers for 3 years from Souths, the Roosters and the Sharks.
    b) He had not signed with any club for 2019 and was not close to doing so.
    c) He was committed to Souths for 2018 and focused on the season ahead.
    d) Although he was being pressured on all sides Crichton was not in any rush to make a decision and would do so in time when he was ready.

    This is not consistent with him signing for any club just 2 or 3 days later.

    More recently (yesterday Thursday 07 Dec.) Crichton confirmed with a journo that he had NOT signed with any club or reached an agreement nor was he close to doing so. In addition the Roosters also confirmed that they have no deal with Crichton. See the story below.

    Crichton pledges his loyalty to Rabbitohs

    “Angus Crichton has given the Rabbitohs reassurance that he wants to stay at the club beyond 2018”

    “There’s been rumours everywhere about him doing a deal with the Roosters,” Fairfax journalist Andrew Webster told Sky Sports’ Big Sports Breakfast.”

    “He has assured South Sydney as late as yesterday (Thursday) that no deal with the Roosters has been done.”

    “If he did leave they would be absolutely filthy because he has been so adamant that nothing has been done with the Roosters whatsoever.”

    “On the flip side I spoke to the Roosters yesterday too, they are adamant that nothing has been done.”

    Crichton is still a Rabbitoh and will be for 2018 irrespective of any other decision.

    • Honestly wasn’t fishing, and yes will be a rabbit for 2018.
      And yes all those other things happened. Now I’m not sure whether what I was told was that he has agreed to roosters or that roosters believed they would get him, and maybe it’s not correct, but I actually did get told Crichton would he at roosters in 2019

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