TOWNSVILLE, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 19: (EDITORS NOTE: Image has been processed using digital filters) Adam Elliott of the Raiders looks on during the round two NRL match between the North Queensland Cowboys and the Canberra Raiders at Qld Country Bank Stadium, on March 19, 2022, in Townsville, Australia. (Photo by Albert Perez/Getty Images)

Newcastle recruit Adam Elliott has taken to the radio to reveal the CBA deadline before NRL players 'speak about a different action they can take'.

The CBA drama is slowly reaching crisis point as player strikes loom likely, unless the NRL and RLPA can reach an agreement over the next 48 hours.

Andrew Abdo is set to meet with a host of players and RLPA representatives over the next two days to try and reach some form of middle ground, with players focused on items like pregnancy pay and post-retirement surgeries as opposed to their pay packet.

2020 State of Origin Media Opportunity
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 27: NRL CEO Andrew Abdo speaks to the media during a State of Origin media opportunity at Pullman Quay Grand Sydney Harbour on October 27, 2020 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

Elliott spoke to Newcastle Hit106.9's Jess, Nick and Ducko on Friday morning to discuss the negotiations.

“If we don't get the results in the next sort of 24-48 hours in the boardroom between our president, Clint Newton, Andrew Abdo and Peter V'Landys then we're going to be speaking about different action that we're going to take,” he said on the program.

“We're a really united playing group at the moment, it's probably the most united and together I have ever seen a group.

“If it gets to the point where we've to do something extreme, I'm really confident that all the players are going to buy into it and be working together for that common goal. We're rugby league players, we want to play footy.”

Elliott's fiancee, Knights prop Millie Boyle, is arguably the face of women's rugby league at the moment and easily one of the game's most marketable players, making the CBA even more integral for Adam.

“The women's CBA, it's a joke at the moment,” Elliott continued on the radio show.

“We want to talk about equality and trying to bring others up and make the game better and brighter for the future - those girls do such an amazing job in the community and they're such great role models.

SUNSHINE COAST, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 13: Millie Boyle of the Blues competes during the Women's State of Origin match between Queensland and New South Wales at Sunshine Coast Stadium on November 13, 2020 in Sunshine Coast, Australia. (Photo by Dan Peled/Getty Images)

“We need to do something about it to get them on the same level as us and close to the same level as us and we're not going to sit by and compromise those things.”

While a player strike is a last resort, it's becoming a fearful reality with under a week before the first match of the pre-season challenge.

Clint Newton, a selection of players and Andrew Abdo will meet this weekend to try and resolve the bubbling tension that is this CBA.