GOLD COAST, QUEENSLAND - APRIL 01: Television commentator Erin Molan looks on before the round five NRL match between the Gold Coast Titans and the Brisbane Broncos at Cbus Super Stadium on April 1, 2016 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images)

So today the news broke of Erin Molan’s appointment of the lead footy show host. I thought to myself straight away gee this is going to cop some backlash, only because I was well aware that she was pregnant and that of course, she would have to have some time off during the year which she is fully entitled to.

But what I didn’t expect is the backlash that was ‘what would she know about rugby league, she’s just a journo’, ‘what would a woman know about the sport, ‘she should stick to the news she has no place in Rugby league’. I scrolled through a few more of the sites that broke the news and what do you know the same stupid comments.

Honestly, I think that’s pathetic. Who are you to judge? Obviously, the Nine network hasn’t taken this decision lightly and opted for Molan because of her outstanding journalist work but also her knowledge of Rugby League.

What would a woman know about Rugby League they say well Molan has been around the game for a long time now I’m sure she knows a lot more than your average arm-chair critics, she’s worked exceptionally hard to get to where she is. How can someone say what would a woman know?

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Women’s sport is different to men’s, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less strategic or passionate and I feel the same goes for her hosting role or any role in sports media for that matter. Women’s sport is only getting more popular so it’s only fair we see more women’s faces on our TVs and more women’s voices on the radio and so on.

We should be applauding her for her efforts not putting her down its hard enough for women to make it into sports media with the whole organisation dominated by males. So, for her to host the footy show of all sports shows, hats off to her.

Paul Vautin lost his host role in October after 23 years and 11 Logies, so Molan has huge shoes to fill, I’m all for it and can’t wait to see how the revamped footy show will play out in 2018.

Beau Ryan and Darryl Brohman will also remain on the show after a lot of offseason talk about the lads not retaining their jobs. The show will now have a higher focus on football which is really what most fans want!

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Equality is about being who you are and proud of it, not being forced to live off the acts of others. I look forward to seeing Molan on the Footy Show in 2018 and beyond.


  1. Not a fan , she could learn a thing or two from the ladies on Fox , she comes across as an attention seeker “look at me” “look at me”
    Ch9 coverage of RL is biased , dated , and really a “club” for all the .

  2. The footy show has been dead for a number of years changing it with Molan at the forefront only turns more people away. Stupid nine network.

  3. In my opinion we can only live in hope that Ch 10 can get NRL coverage one day. They have a great history of bringing sports into the new age and making enjoyable for the viewer, I reference here V8 Supercars, ANZ Netball and Big Bash Cricket.

  4. I have no problem with women being involved in rugby league coverage, as MW47 said, the women on Fox do a great job. Erin Molan, however, offers very little incite into the game and too often plays the “dumb blond” card for my liking. I have not spoken to anyone, either male or female, who likes watching her on TV.

    I agree with madrooster too, I would like to see what Ch 10 would do with the coverage if they got it. Using cricket as an example, the channel 9 coverage is similar to that of league, the same old faces talking about the same old stuff. The coverage of the Big Bash, however, is a breath of fresh air.

  5. I for one would like to see a change of channels , 10 would be a nice change i reckon, but i like Molan , she is equally has good as any of the Fox ladies, but her being pregnant could disrupt the show.

    To be honest, i really liked to old footy show when Sterlo, Chief, Fatty and Mario were doing their stunts taking the piss out of commercials and themselves , they were the funnest shows and there comedy would leave all the current footy shows for dead, but they were the good old days, these days it’s to serious except Matty Johns show and the professor but their writers i believe originally were at Nine, especially Rochford who was Beau Ryans comedy writer who created the dtrain and so on.

    What do you reckon SSTID and everyone else the old footy show hard to beat?

    • penso, let’s be honest, the show has been on life support since Sterlo and Matty Johns jumped ship to FOX. Yvonne Sampson has Molan covered in every department, particularly when it comes to talking RL and FOX also snapped her up. The Footy Show became too invested in entertainment and less involved in the substance of the game. Jokes are fine but fans want to see more about the game and the players they support. Fatty tried hard and was at his best when part of a duo with Sterlo.

      I agree though that the older shows were better, when Matty Johns, Sterlo, Fenech and the Chief were involved. IMO the Footy Show has had it’s day and making Molan the host will not change that. It is a blatant attempt to engage with the female demographic who follow the game and I would much prefer to listen to players who have played the game and know what they are talking about or to commentators like Ray Warren who have been calling and following the game for 50 years and know the game intimately in all its shades of grey. Yvonne Sampson did a good job fronting the CH9 coverage until FOX played “show me the money” and CH9 hired a muppet like James Bracey who looks like a ventriloquists dummy and seems to have little idea about the game at all.

      Sorry penso, you probably asked the wrong person as I am no longer a fan. The angry eagle on the other hand has “The Footy Show” as his mastermind topic so you might want to ask him for his opinion instead. For mine, Erin Molan has as much chance of saving the Footy Show from disaster as the captain of the Titanic with a handful of silly putty or using paper mache. The holes are just too big to fill and there isn’t enough time.

  6. Male or female presenter doesn’t really worry me. I like her as much as I liked Micheal Slater being host, which was about 0/10.

    Can’t go past NRL 360 in my opinion

  7. It shouldn’t be about whether a woman can host or even be on a show about RL or any other sport for that matter. It all comes back to the individuals personality and style that will determine whether its a good thing or not.
    You only need to take a look at Yvonne Sampson and Tara Rushton on Fox – they may have less “credentials” than Erin Molan but their style and approach are a lot different and, more so with Tara Rushton, good to listen. They both have great insights into the respective games they commentate on, speak with authority and knowledge about the games and have a great rapport with their male counterparts.
    Erin Molan is nice enough, but seems to have moulded herself as the female Fatty style of host – knows the game but plays the fool too often to be taken seriously.
    Channel 9 overall are too old school – an old boys club. Their commentary and shows are rooted in 80’s and 90’s and never seem to provide any new innovations or styles to suit todays viewing audience – look at the lineups on both cricket and NRL, – old boys clubs, boring, repetitive and tiresome.
    Then head over to Ten for the big bash – not so serious, fun, entertaining and engaging. Mark Howard, Mark Waugh, Gilly, Symonds, Graeme Swann, Ponting, Fleming, Lisa Stathlekar and so on are all engaging personalities – compare that to boring Lawry, NIcholas, et al.
    Channel 7 sits somewhere in the middle but still boring.
    I’d rather watch Fox than Channel 9 any day of the week……

  8. I will go against the grain here & say that I don’t mind Erin Molan.

    She is fine by me & has grown up around football so all good here.

      • So Phoenix prefers blondes and you go hard wood over Yvonne Sampson but it is still no reason to be salty WoodChook. Phoenix is entitled to an opinion. YOU watch the Roosters play each week so there is no accounting for taste. My eyelids would need to be glued to my forehead to get me through such an ordeal. It’s only tolerable to watch the chooks when they are getting belted by the Rabbitohs (or any other team for that matter). Come on Foghorn Leghorn, no harm no fowl. 😉

      • Classic stuff WoodChook. Real tough indeed

        I actually haven’t watched the Footy Show in about 10 years, but thanks for name calling.

        I guess it is probably on past your bedtime.

        • Sorry Phoenix old chap for calling you an Idiot. If it’s been 10 years though since you watched the footy show, then how do you know she is all fine if you have not watched her on the show? Mate I think you might be telling me porky pies. Any how mate its 8 min past 9 and the nurses are coming to put me to bedy bies.

        • Damn it WoodChook! Don’t make me like you. It grates on me WoodChook. It grates on me! But Foghorn Leghorn was a good call you must grant me that. It sums you up perfectly. A Rooster with a sense of humour is a rare thing and it looks like you have had that bothersome “tick” removed at last. “I say fortunately it looks like you always carry a spare set of feathers”. 😉

  9. Yea footy shows dead 2 me now after 20years ,

    I don’t have a problem with women in the game.

    But I have a problem with some dumb blonde thinking she knows footy because she might know statistics on the game that meen f#$k all , if she Played the game people would probably accept it. BUT SHE HAS NO CLUE ON HOW 2 PLAY THE GAME. SHE CANT EVEN KICK A FOOTBALL, SHE’S UNKO .

    we all know Fatty was a idiot but he’s still a Legend off the game. And 2 lose his job 2 her Yea right. Has really pissed me off some people watched the footy show cause of Fatty an Daz .


  10. Poor Erin has also been a dreadful addition to the continuous call team on 2GB, because the show is now all about Erin! The Footy show will be no different.

    • 100% mate , I used to love listening to 2GB , but you can’t beat Grand stand , Matt Elliot and Andrew , plus bobcat are awesome

  11. 1. super league / super greed wrecked the game
    2. does anyone know the rules today
    3. woman dont belong in rugby league the worlds gone mad
    4. many players are tattooed look at me look at me 3 generations of idiots we have raised bring back the 1950/60″”s
    5. the games gone soft bring back the biff


  12. Fatty was luckier than I Erin Molan will be known as the host when they sacked the Footy Show! I cant believe the backlash, I didn’t think anyone watched it, that show has been dead for Channel 9!.Thank god for Fox and NRL 360 and Matty Johns Show.

  13. I think Joel Caine should have got the job, well spoken, knows the game, Erin Molan sorry to say is your typical blonde bimbo!

    Ok as a sidekick with news but 1-2 hours of her, no thanks, Yvonne Sampson and the Fox girls have it all over her, the only reason she got the job was to go up against Yvonne.

    Sorry to say but Matty Johns is an idiot, would rather Fatty anyday, Johns’s Stupic teethy grin and “Gentleman this” and “Gentleman that” is bloody annoying.

    Best NRL news and views show is NRL 360 by a country mile, even if Ben Ikin now looks like “Brains” from the Thunderbirds.

    • I agree with your call on Joel Caine as host instead of Erin Molan. I’ll have $10 each way on that (and remember always gamble responsibly).

  14. I don’t mind Erin, it’s just the format to me. No real league news – just comedy routines. Channel Nine is slowly killing league.

  15. I love how the journo couldn’t resist but throw in the phrase ‘Equality’.

    As a means to justify ramming agendas down our throat.

    No longer has it become about all things being equal, just another means for one gender or belief to have a power play over another.

    I do agree women have a place in League, but stick with the women who have actively played the game. Like Yvonne Sampson.

    People sooner accept change the less it’s rammed down our throats like Erin Molan has been.

    • Yes, Yvonne Sampson has a clue about the game and has some credibility (having played the game) so she has some idea what she is talking about. She does well anchoring for FOX but CH9 were dills to let her walk thinking a muppet like James Bracey could do the job. He gets fed all his dialogue from his ear piece. Joel Cain would do a better job but he isn’t prepared to gamble his position with Sportsbet. Bahahahahahahahahaha

  16. The world has gone mad. Rex Mossop would do a backflip in his grave if he could know what has happened to the toughest game of all. Dainty men marrying each other butch girls doing the same. Women running a football show. Women competition to start in the near future, Woman going to fight North Korea if a war breaks out. Rainbow homo warriors have taken over Australia. In this new world of Sodom and Gomorah where it is suppose to be normal for every body to rear end each other including men doing that to women it has now changed the way Australia thinks and acts by voting same sex marriage in.. Equal opportunity for all in every thing just doesn’t work. In a few years time we will have men cheer leaders. Beau Ryan keeps his job because he likes to show of his naked body at every opportunity. I will not be watching the deadest flop of a rainbow warrior show any longer.

    • You forgot to say they even have a monkey in the White House. Who would have thought that the US would have an Ape as president before they elected a woman? It’s like something from The Planet of the Apes, “Damn them! Damn them all to…” well you get the picture.

      Wow! Had I written that there would already be a line the length of the Great Wall of China lambasting me in the most severe words imaginable.

      Be careful WoodChook we live in a world that has gone mad. Where it is more important to be politically correct than to be correct and the minority have a louder voice than the majority (most of whom fall silent or go along to avoid being singled out and vilified). In the eyes of the world you have just committed a “thoughtcrime” and the Thought Police will soon be knocking on your door.

      It will be interesting to see if you get nailed to the wall for this, if it was a post of mine I sure would be. Which only goes to show the absolute hypocrisy of so many on this site that examine every word of mine under a microscope while ignoring the same words spoken by others.

      I don’t agree in persecuting anyone for their beliefs but neither then should others be persecuted just because they do not agree with the choices or lifestyles of others. It seems justice and equality is a one way street and “Love is Love” only if you agree with the vocal minority. Even the rainbow has been hijacked for the sake of political propaganda. We have more in common than you may think and there are many here that feel likewise. Now I will probably cop more flack for my supporting comments than you will for the words that opened the door. Such is life!

      • Just as I thought… 24 hours later and NOT ONE word of reproach or outrage from “the usual suspects” for your words WoodChook. It proves what I have always suspected, it is not WHAT I am saying that “others” CHOSE to take offence to but the fact that it is ME that is saying it. So hypocritical, so inconsistent, so pathetic of the “Politically Correct Police” who have lost forever their moral high ground in these matters. If I had posted the above there would have been pitchforks and burning torches for as far as the eye can see. I guess they were “groupies” after all who just craved the attention. Sad isn’t it WoodChook.

        Again WoodChook, it took guts to speak out and say what many others feel but are intimidated into silence. People should really investigate what the “Safe Schools” program is REALLY about. It is anything BUT safe for KIDS! It is exactly the kind of rubbish that is corrupting and perverting kids minds and leading to the social decay in society of a generation that is lacking in empathy, compassion, tolerance, respect and any concept of delayed gratification or hard work. This is reflected in the “grab for cash” by young players that haven’t played more than 12 months in first grade but already think that the game owes them something. This mob will make sure that there is nothing left for “Generation Next”, the game of Rugby League included.

        • @ZT: Really, ZT? This unprovoked hate-filled garbage is ok with you? Here i thought it was a RL-based website.- how silly of me,.

        • “….lacking in empathy, compassion, tolerance, respect” – your words and a perfect description of YOUR own unrelated, unprovoked, uncalled-for, unnecessary, completed off-topic, utterly stupid responses. You really need to find an alternative website to air your ugly bigoted anti-social frustrations.

          C’mon, ZT! This place need not CONTINUE to become a vehicle for utterly mindless bigotry. This article called for NONE of these imbecilic responses.

        • And here come the PC police (complete with newly created profile to look like they are not alone in their opinions).

          Speaking of alternate websites, Readers Digest are always looking for new subscribers. I’m sure they would be interesting in hearing just WHY the “safe schools” program is a good idea.

          Fair enough, let’s stick to RL and think happy thoughts. But I take note NOTHING was posted until I made a comment. Very inconsistent. Just like pinata drppping the “C” bomb! You do like to pick and choose and I am the ONLY one on the list it seems. I’m still yet to see a relevant post (unsolicited) from you on this site however.

        • Danielle, have you ever bothered to listen to Erin on the radio ? She is very open about her poor eating habits , persistently untidy, brags about how messy she is , her unlady like application , and she plays on her intel ! She everything above !
          Tell me something, you always wait to post instead of engaging whilst everyone is here ? Your very sneaky with this and I don’t like it , if you have something to say debate do it whilst we are all here , welcome back

    • To late lads , I had a debate with Holmsey the other day and he threw in “equity “ shows that they have polluted the youth already , now I’m happy the ladies are into the League but I can’t have my intel insulted by Molan , her behaviour on the radio sums her up ,(as stated above plays the intelligent blonde) and her colleagues dance around it like the “in” chic back at high school!
      The problem with the footy show is it’s the same repetitive faces getting high on there egos , I disagree , Gould is a fool , Rabbs well maybe it’s cause he’s surrounded by fools , Johns I can’t tell if he’s off his face half the time , Fittler BIAS + , I do like fatty cause he’s never tried being something he’s not , and Molan will I go cross eyed when I look at her because her eyes are in her forehead, hate the show they killed it back in 97

      • Gould, like Bennett, is too full of himself and both egos cannot take a back seat to the game itself. They each believe deep down that the game will fall apart without them. It won’t.

        Rabs gets caught up in all the rubbish that Gould, Fittler and Johns go on with and Sterlo is usually the only other voice of common sense although he does play along. In the past I have found the exchanges between Ray Warren and Phil Gould funny which is why I lampoon them here but they do go too far at times and these detours into their private life are too often over indulged.

        I agree the show has been dead for some time now. Time to turn off the liufe support and let it go. Molan won’t be able to change the inevitable and when it fails will only be used as the scapegoat but it will not be her fault. There needs to be a completely new name and format or focus on improving the Sunday show and let the midweek timeslot go.

      • Oh the Sunday footy show , forget the laxatives , this is the worst garbage , Freddy’s pass off 😂😂😂😂😂 seriously how pathetic, again same guests , same clubs same same same , they need unbiased opinion , I really enjoy Matty Johns and the professor,360 is also a good fix and the ladies with League life again has set the bar ch9 need to lose RL to regain there respect for it , they have milked this cow dry

      • @ Zero Tackle

        I reported the following comment by mistake (Fat Thumbs).

        January 17, 2018 at 7:52 am

        Sorry MW47

  17. The show will continue to be dead weight as long as the format of 95% unfunny dribble and 5% actual footy talk continues. As for Erin, I don’t really have an opinion of her as I haven’t watched the footy show for best part of a decade. Anyone can read stats off a piece of paper, I guess she will be found out soon enough if she actually has any knowledge of the game or not.

    • Nailed it in your first sentence. Unfortunately they have sacrificed quality and relevance for the sake of “entertainment”. It is like tuning in to watch the News and getting a vaudeville variety show. More often than not it is flat out embarrassing.

  18. Its not just the footy show its 9 sport in general.Packer would be throwing glasses at the wall if he was still around.The footy show has been dead for years.The same goes for the 9 football call.Johns and Fittler were great players but seriously the dribble they go on with.Rabs is just to past it and half the time god knows what his talking about.I really rate Gould as a coach and a football head but sometimes he just needs to take a breath.Sad thing is on a friday night you can have 3 of the best football brains sharing the same microphone and it turns to dribble and school yard humour.Johns was one the greatest.Fittler not far behind.Gould if not the best close to the best coach of all time and im not even going to go onto Gould as a player.For young ones out there who wouldnt remember Gould he did ok.Think i watch him play every position except wing and fullback and always tough and skillfull and always knowing what the opposition was doin alot the time before they did…

  19. It is the same every week but still watch most of it.
    Erin has had a few enhancements ,she used to be thin in that department.
    Not suited to this show.
    Beau is not that funny ,he needs to go.
    Think the big marn is great.
    Most of the news they have on the show is old news.

  20. The dumbest decision made here was for Erin to take this job. She could easily have her own shown in a format in which she basically acts as an interview conductor for a panel of league experts, current and former players etc. Pretty much channel 9s answer to NRL 360. Erin is a very good reporter and interviewer, she would be able to incite excellent discussion without being bias or even having to give her opinion.
    If she is going to do this under the umbrella of the footy show, there will be too much baggage for the show to take off. The few remaining people who actually like the footy show won’t want to watch it, plus people who stopped watching the footy show because it got boring will have no reason to believe that the producers know how to turn it around.
    I believe Erin Molan has been given a poisoned chalice, which is a shame because I do believe she would do very well with her own show

    • Your taking the piss right ! Have you listened to her dribble on the radio ? Seriously? She has no class no style! She is garbage ,

    • “Erin Molan has been given a poisoned chalice”

      Perfectly, and intelligently, put tigeryekent. Erin Molan has been setup for failure. In it’s current format there is no chance of success for the Footy Show and those who are loyal to Fatty will stay away in protest.

      A lot of what tigeryekent says makes sense though MW47. Forget the difference of opinion you both have over Erin Molan but focus instead on the dire need to RADICALLY overhaul and revamp the structure and content of the show.

      We need a modern version of Controversy Corner and with someone just as opinionated, argumentative and cantankerous as “the Moose” Rex Mossop. Is anyone else thinking Phil Gould? The show needs to have real disagreements and less pussy footing around issues. More players (both past and present) appearing as guests and less clichés and regurgitated formulaic contrived nonsense! Tommy Raudonikis and Geoff Toovey are also ideal candidates. Sterlo is a must and Matty Johns would add balance (but BOTH are tied up by FOX). There needs to be disagreements and arguments and PASSION!

      Where is the passion Rabbits? Rabbits, they have sucked all the passion out of the game and turned it into a politically correct football that everyone gets to hold. It grates me Rabbits! It grates me!

      • c’mon – more of gus gould on tv – seriously its gotta be a gee-up, his ego and sense of self-righteousness is not what we need more of.
        something who thinks outside of his own sphere of importance to the game, someone who has the interests of the game at heart and not his own self-driven ideologies, someone who is not a dinosaur and keeps referring to “in my day” – would be a better choice.
        Can’t think of an ideal choice – but maybe Vossy or Crash Craddock would be a good one to consider initially. Mark Levy maybe – I haven’t got the answer.
        Certainly no more of Johns, Fittler, Fatty, Hadley, Rothfield, or Warren Smith for mine.

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