AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - FEBRUARY 04: Zane Musgrove of the Rabbitohs scores a try during the 2017 Auckland Nines match between the Raiders and the Rabbitohs at Eden Park on February 4, 2017 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images)

Wests Tigers recruit Zane Musgrove has been charged for an alleged indecent assault during a night out at the Coogee Bay Hotel last month.

The 22-year old and a friend were also charged with act of indecency, and aggravated indecent assault – offender in company.

Musgrove visited Maroubra Police Station during the week and has been granted conditional bail to appear at Waverley Local Court on January 23.

The Wests Tigers released a statement on the issue on their club website.

Wests Tigers have been made aware of an alleged incident involving player Zane Musgrove,” the statement reads.

“The club has alerted the NRL Integrity Unit of the matter.

Wests Tigers takes its position in the community very seriously and will work with the NRL Integrity Unit and NSW Police on the allegations.

“The club will make no further comment on the matter until the investigation is complete.”


  1. The last time I saw you that jolly “Angry Eagle” you had just eaten 3 tr0lls the night before. Remember to save room for Christmas dinner!

  2. The positive off season stories just keep coming. Im keeping a tally to see if NRL can reach 50 players being charged before season kick off it will be close

    • As tommyknocker posted recently about Broncos players doing appearances for charity at a children’s hospital, there are positive stories out there as well IF the journo’s are interested. Unfortunately, these as not “click bait” so only the trash gets brought to the surface and the game gets dragged down into the mud.

  3. Extend the season out to 52 weeks. Players live at the training facility with visits allowed from wives/family members Tuesday afternoon and alcohol/drug test them once a week. I know totally ridiculous solution and said as a joke but they all appear to have too much time on their hands during the off season. Not said with humour is some more community work assisting Sports Teachers at schools or helping out serving meals in aged care facilities. It is just a few bad apples but whether they like it or not they are high profile role models. If they don’t like it go back to playing A grade park football.

  4. The NRLs old friend Al K Hol rears its ugly head again. While drugs assist from time to time it’s booze that appears to be at the root of most of these issues. It’s well and truely time to cut ties with alcohol sponsorship and get serious about tackling the drinking culture that is painting the game with a grubby irresponsible image. While alcohol remains in the mix the league is bound to promote drinking and the players and officials can’t be bought under control and there is ample evidence that a good number can’t control themselves.

  5. Well if Liam Coleman has been charged, and if he faces court, and is convicted, I hope that he is re-leased.

  6. After the allegations have been tested in court, and the same applies to Dylan Walker, and Zane Musgrove, all should be stripped of their contracts. That said Walker, and Musgrove, are repeat offenders, who should be given a life time ban, Liam Coleman isn’t.

  7. If Musgrove & Coleman have done the wrong thing? They deserve what’s coming to them.
    Musgrove is hardly a Tigers player. He hasn’t even played a game there.
    The theme here is, they come from South’s! Same as the other maggot Walker.
    Looks like South’s had good reasons , knowledge as to why to get rid of all of them.

    • Have you ever thought why they came from Souths? It’s because Souths found out they had off-field problems and would not respond to help. You need to take a long look at the clubs that signed them knowing about their behaviour.

      If we could somehow remove AngryEagle47 from this site we could save the world, thumbs (not thumps) up to that.

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