BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 30: Darius Boyd of the Broncos and Anthony Milford (middle) celebrate a try during the round 24 NRL match between the Brisbane Broncos and Parramatta Eels at Suncorp Stadium on August 30, 2019 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Jono Searle/Getty Images)

The Wests Tigers could make an immediate splash in the player transfer market with reports the club are looking to poach a Broncos star.

With the recent medical retirement of Ben Matulino and the departures of Esan Marsters and Ryan Matterson, the joint venture has suddenly become flush with cash in their salary cap and are targeting a number of players to revamp their roster.

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that the biggest name on their list is Anthony Milford.

Despite being contracted until the end of 2020, including a player option for the 2021 season, the Wests Tigers view Milford as a potential long-term replacement for veteran Benji Marshall or the piece to finally fill their fullback spot since the departure of James Tedesco two years ago.

Milford is believed to be on around $1 million a season at the Broncos with many pundits believing he hasn’t consistently been value for the Broncos.

With Brisbane managing a tight salary cap and looking for ways to retain future superstar David Fifita, releasing Milford is certainly an option.


  1. Would the Tigers have to match the figure of around $1 Million per season? That Milford is currently being paid. It wouldn’t seem like a good value buy. About half of that may be better value.

  2. EOD, I would suspect that the underperforming Milford would be picked up at a big discount by the Tigers but the Broncos would have to pay Milford the balance of his current salary.
    I believe that balance would not affect the Broncos cap.

  3. You may be correct screaming. Especially if a good part of Milford’s current contract is paid by the corporate sector .
    Although, they didn’t really want to let Bird go , when it would come to them still having to pay part of his contract money.

  4. we need him at manly to cover for Turbs.
    Good to see our recruitment let Api go, he was useless.
    we need to go after Hastings
    Is Chucky Fainu out of jail yet ?

  5. Seeing as there is no blog for Australia’s loss to Tonga I will put it here.
    The first person to go is DCE.
    most overrated half in the game. Has failed the last 2 years for QLD and failed for Australia tonight.
    Moses would have got us there if he had been picked.
    He is the current Dally M halfback of the year and is better in every aspect of the game.
    Better ball runner, better passing game better kicking game and by far a smarter player.
    The 2nd to be kicked is Mal for picking the loser QLD halves.
    Jobs for the boys = an embarrassing loss to a tier 2 nation.

  6. DCE deserves stick for his performance but it’s disrespectful to say Moses is better than him. That makes you sound insane mate. I don’t want to defend DCE but after you brought up Moses i have to. Firstly DCE has only put the number 7 for QLD in game 3 of last year when the series was done and also this year were he didn’t even play that bad. He had a sick game 1, didn’t show up for game 2 but who did for QLD and then in game 3 was really good and set up the Papalli equaliser. And man oh man, you must be a Parramatta fan to be bringing up Moses because pleaseeeeeee. The dude is a deadset flat track bully. Only showed up when opposition were weak and not trying but when it gets tough and in the big games, he goes absolutely missing. Has happened for most of his career, he has become a meme for it and it showed most of the times this year in club season. Imagine if he got selected for any kind of rep level, he would absolutely buckle. And please don’t bring up world cup 9s lmao, that was literally the most one sided competition. DCE has had a bad post season, very bad and lethargic. I know he was playing most of the season with that ankle injury so continuing it into post season with no recovery must be really getting into him. If he played the full season he would be our best player, he carried us in the finals even though we got robbed in week 2. He was in not only my eyes but a lot of eyes the best halfback this year, the dally m system doesn’t really reward the right players for their position awards. Because Moses was one of the only shining lights for Parramatta he got most of the points for the Eels, but for DCE he has a lot of starpower in the team so the dally m points are more evenly distributed so he doesn’t really get the recognition he deserves. There’s more examples of that with the likes Joey Manu and even Sivo. Anyways, DCE has been bad for Australia these last two weeks but is the only genuine number 7 for Australia as Moses is a big game buckler, Cleary has been plummeting and well other than that i don’t see any other candidates. And can I tell you, there were a lot more players tonight that were as bad as DCE. Cordner, Latrell, Munster, Cotric etc. I didn’t see anyone except maybe Papalli, Haas and Jake Trbo actually trying.

  7. Vijay R, I agree with some of your arguments, but generally wouldn’t go as far.
    I agree Moses can still go missing, and he needs to find a way/s of regaining control when we’re down on the score board. DCE is better at that (probably because he’s vastly more experienced at it – just kidding), but he is better at that.
    Moses was better than DCE on most fronts this season, and deserved to be the Dally M HB.
    Agreed with how the Dally M can/often does create annomolies, but not with your DCE missed out because of other star players arguement. For example, how could Sivo miss out on the top 3 even for winger of the year, playing for Parra with so little other talent in the side (paraphrasing your arguement, not agreeing we don’t have the talent), when he played every game, got top try scorer for the season etc? I’d argue we spread the points around too.
    I agree DCE was amongst a large number of (Aussie) players that were flat, even bad in tonight’s game. The Tongan team had passion, and we looked as though we were just going through the motion. Well done to the Tongan team by the way.
    All that said, I think DCE is effectively the caretaker 7, until someone steps up, and if he doesn’t improve, it may not be a case of someone else having to step up as much, because he’s lowering the bar.

  8. A lot more “articulate”, not to mention accurate.
    We beat the Broncos 58 – 0 (the biggest margin in finals history), so thank you for bringing that up, but I’m assuming your were trying to refer to the 54 – 0 game last season, and I don’t thank you for bringing that up.

  9. Useless scrawny Man crush of Johns, Cam Murray is of little value in a test team when you have powerhouse runners like Taukeiaho, Tomalomo, Fifita, Manly’s big number 8 etc.etc. It is no coincidence Soufths overrated player Murray makes the Test team and Australia lose.

    Look lets give praise to Tonga. They are the new World Champions (unofficially) but they have defeated the two teams that played in the World Cup Final over the past week and a bit. To ga gave it to Australia, their defence was tough and solid keeping Australia scoreless in the 2nd half.

    This result is just fantastic for International Rugby League. I hope in the next World Cup Tonga is one of the teams that qualifies for the final.
    Last World Cup they got ripped off against England in the game to qualify for a finals birth. I love my Aussie team but gee I would love to see Tonga become World Champions and create some footy history.

  10. Sorry screamingeagle, I just wanted to add more defence for our Chez haha. Anyways, Eelsalmighty, you are hundred percent correct in the fact DCE does have to improve with an Australian Jersey. You can’t be wearing the number 7 for your nation and throwing a bludge of a performance like that bar the fact it’s post season and you’ve got niggling injuries and whatnot.

  11. I just want to say, thanks Vijay and almighty for brighting up my off season.
    Off topic well done springboks

  12. BenHudson you by far are the biggest squeezer, I love my Aussie team but want Tonga to be world champions. Good one true blue

  13. Put simply isdonisgood, this Tongan team has put international football back on the map.

    Rugby league needs to expand and England is doung great stuff with prompting the game, with a Canada team next season playing in the Super League, along with a French team and hopfully a USA team within 5yrs.

    Australia is trying hard by allowing a NZ team in the NRL whilst a New Guinea team has won the Queensland comp and next season they will also have a Fiji team in that same comp.

    Australia for the past 50 years has dominated the World stage and it just gets so boring winning for 50 years with a odd loss to NZ who has won a World Cup a few years ago.

    For the growth of Rugby League at International level I for one am thrilled to see a new powerfull team on the block who is really shaping up to our Champion Aussie team.

    Rugby league needs powerful nations otherwise the game may as well be like AFL who have nobody to test their best against because nobody on the planet plays the dumb game.

    You may be a young bloke who has only followed League for 20years or so, and may not understand fully. Do you remember when England last won the World Cup? If not then Tonga creating history for old blokes like me will be a thrill. They may never get a better oportunity ever again.

  14. Talking more about international footy how bad is the sacked Bronco coach Bennett going. Two loses back to back for England and a hat trick of loses if you throw in his choking club side Soufths.

    Ryan Hall dislocated his knee for the Poms so I hope somehow the Sydney back to back World Champion Sydney Roosters can off load the injury prone old timer to the Gold Coast or better still to Soufths or even Penrirh.

    Also looks like Latrell Mitchell has either got burn out or to many things on his mind. He better not let Mundine get inside his head or he will be off to the scud missile place to do some buttox sniffing bowing down to the sun.

  15. Good to see the players playing for Tonga are so passionate , when they play for them.
    How many of them have actually ever been to Tonga I wonder? Fifita was raised in Blacktown & most likely born there. . He also turns out in the Koori knock out tournament . Jennings is a Penrith junior . Has he played any league in Tonga ?
    Is there much Rugby League played in Tonga? You’d have to think that nearly all the players playing for Tonga, were born in Australia or N.Z.
    Played all their Rugby League since birth between those two countries. All their knowledge & coaching about the game gained in Australia , N.Z. All their pay for playing league , gained from the NRL.
    It all sounds very Tongan.

  16. Sorry, I must apologise to the one or two players for Tonga. Who are now playing in the English Super League!

  17. Apologies BenHudson didn’t realise you are an old cobber 👍 I do take your points on board just not happy with Roos losing regardless. I’m sick of Australians awww of these islanders success and fascination of their ancestors war dances before the game and the fact every friggen time an article has to be written about how it was the most passionate ever seen 😴

  18. Yes Back2Back2Back, Andrew Johns creamed his dacks when Scrawny Murray played his 20 mins missing 2 tackles and making 2 errors and having four runs with the ball for a putney amount of metres gained. Waste of a bench forward in a sad hopeless debut.

    Looked like a reserve grade player for Mascot playing amongst the Worlds best players, and performed like a reserve grade Mascot player. But hey….. at least Johns got to hear his clear pronounciation. Which influenced him to predict he will be Australias captain soon, not for his playing ability but for the way he talks. Johns is a deadset Goose. Any wonder why the Roosters sacked him a couple of years ago as a halves coach.

  19. Such a hater mate. Murray is a great player and dally m winner. Sorry I forgot you know more because you support the roosters. Balloon 🎈.

  20. The other player who’s performances on the big stage are starting to worry me is Cameron Munster. He used to set the field alight when he came on and almost won matches on his own but lately he has seemed only a pale shadow of himseslf.

    Look at this year’s Origin & Finals series – competent maybe but outstanding No. He was poor against Tonga and only so so against NZ. Some of the fire in his eyes seems to have gone.

  21. And would you say the timing of Munster’s decline at rep level has coincided with DCE’s return/emergence?
    Coincidence, maybe, but he hasn’t been/looked as “free” as he used to.

  22. Don’t think its Cheery as he was as bad in the Storm’s finals games where he had Smithy alongside. I think he has a problem and its distracting him.

  23. I know the halves for Australia weren’t great. But to me it was the old story of the forwards being dominated not allowing the halves to play. Klemmer was not great, Murray could not handle the size of the opposition and Mitchell had hands like feet. Our wingers were also monstered coming out of trouble. The first tonga try was completely Cooks fault. he was too busy crying to the ref about the play the ball and as a result was caught badly out of position.

  24. Munster has to be the odd man out, with Moses breaking the shackles this year and Keary cementing his form, one if not both halves will go, right now Munster has less consistency. DCE can manage a game with the right game plan, pass it to Latrell and hope is not a game plan, the kid couldn’t last in the blues team, and now with the talk around it seems he is only interested in the mighty dollar.
    So in the strongest lineup Australia can play would have Latrell out, Turbo in, Munster out for Keary, and Murray gone for a real ball player, if not hunt then hopefully a reinvented Michael Morgan next year.

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