SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 16: Latrell Mitchell of the Roosters looks on during the round 14 NRL match between the Sydney Roosters and the Canterbury Bulldogs at the Sydney Cricket Ground on June 16, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

Speaking on the behalf of all rugby league fans, we can’t get enough of this sport. It is an indulgence like no other. We live it, we breathe it, we love rugby league.

But there are times when we must step back.

Off-seasons are hell for NRL fans. We miss the breathtaking tries, the bone-rattling hits, we miss celebrating our team’s win, and we miss watching our enemies lose. And it’s in this offseason where, due to a simple hunger for the sport, we must look off the field for stories, to keep our hunger at bay.

But when is enough, enough?

Latrell Mitchell is a rugby league superstar. At just 22 years old, he’s been part of two victorious Origin campaigns, he’s played for his country, he’s won back-to-back premierships. His highlight reel is ridiculous, and yet we still have a decade more to come.

But we won’t if pressure him. It’s easy to forget just how young Mitchell is. Not only is his trophy cabinet full, but Mitchell is a father. A man who simply wants to play the game he loves, and give his family everything he possibly can.

But at a young age, it’s easy to let head noise overcome you, and it’s hard to block out everything around you, when everything in the papers, everything on television, is about you.

Hence why Latrell disappeared to his home town of Taree this week. To escape from the pressure, from the head noise, to simply sit back and enjoy life before it all gets hectic again.

There’s no doubt every club would be looking at their salary cap to try and accommodate the young star. His talent is unprecedented, and the maturity he showed battling a host of racial slurs shows his leadership qualities. But he’s still just 22. It’s easy to say he drifts in and out of games, because he does, and he’s recognised that, but he’s still 22.

And with every story, every post, saying he’s going here, he’s going there, the head noise builds, the pressure builds, and if it continues to go this way, we could see Latrell, and a host of other stars, walk away from the game simply to escape the spotlight. And speaking on behalf of the game, we cannot afford to see our brightest stars leave the game so early.

Latrell has already said he’d consider walking away from the game at the age of 30.

“I’ll give myself eight years until I’m 30 and then see where I’m at. Cooper has got the mental capacity to keep going that long. I couldn’t do it,” Mitchell said in the lead up to this year’s NRL Grand Final.

Rugby league, we must take a step back. Wherever Mitchell does land for 2021, whether it’s in Bondi, Townsville, Redfern or somewhere else, he’ll fill the highlight reels just as he has done since debuting in 2016. Of course, we want to know where he’ll land, every fan wants him at their club, but the Indigenous All Star needs space.

If we keep pushing him, or any young star for that matter, there’s every chance we could lose them from this great game. The greatest game of all.


  1. There is no fear of him walking away because he wants as much money as he can get. Even if it is the Gold Goast Wooden Spooners.

    I beleive he will stay at the Roosters. Where he belongs. He has tested the market and was offered 800k.

  2. Will he leave the Roosters to join a minow club for the sake of 100-200k? Not in your life.

    As reported he will be playing at his very best next season in Roosters colours showing, them his new improved fully involved game has evolved to another level, where he will force the Roosters to offer him more coin to retain the man that contributed to that match winning try with a single super pass only he and Manu are capable of. Soufths fans weap and mourn…… Latrell Mitchell WILL be a Rooster next season and beyond.

  3. BenHudson November 10, 2019 at 12:01 am
    “The tide has turned, I have heard first hand Mitchell won’t be at Soufths, NQ nor Wests.
    Latrell Mitchell will be playing next season for the Roosters and will not sign with any other club this off season. ”

    Did you call Latrell or did Latrell call you?

  4. Bendover was only bad mouthing him yesterday and now he is back to calling him a legend.
    Mitchell is like Hayne. Can be the best but only when it suits him. When I say he is just like Hayne I am referring to his laziness. Mitchell is no where near Hayne when it comes to skill and natural talent.

  5. BenHubcap Wombat
    1st you post above you believe he will stay at the sombreros and then follow it up with ” Latrell Mitchell WILL be a Rooster next season and beyond.”
    You’re obviously stressing and the paranoia with Souths having Latrell coming home has you coming out with contradictions and more stupidity than your usual gibberish.
    You need to go to your gambling den, the sombreros club and play your 5c pokie for as long as your $10 weekly pocket money your hubby gives lasts.
    If you’re lucky enough to win $20-$30 you can duck across the road to cash converters and reclaim your false teeth.

  6. Kev, very true bud.
    I will search then copy and paste all the bad mouthing and racist comments BenHubcap posted about Latrell and the about face has come about because she and her other wombats have misread a couple media articles and taken the 1% possibility of Latrell staying as confirmation he is.
    Like their club, the wheels are falling off and the highlight will be when they are stripped of their last 3 premierships.

  7. TWATty one….Latrell “coming home” to deadfern?? When was that sh**hole of a club called soufs EVER his home? ACP categorically stated today Easts will NOT release him if it’s to sign with the perpetual chokers- souf sideney. As for Ben H’s “racist” comments- how’s YOUR form with all the anti-Semitic crap YOU post? You are are a complete nonce…..sucked in, LM WON’T be at soufs next year. Those in the know suggest either the tigers or he’ll stay put at the back to back reigning premiers.

  8. The paranoia of the sombreros over Latrell going to Souths is hilarious and flattering to say the least.
    Latrell wants to go come to Souths and if the sombreros try to place conditions on him walking as long as its not Souths then the players association will step in 100%.
    Just shows the true colours of this disgusting club with no dignity.

  9. Kev the sook! Put on a replay of the 1986 3rd last grand final you watched when they last won somthing you NlTW1T. Kev the sook only watches grand finals when Parra are in them, The more recent ones are not worth looking at seen as though they got snashed.

    TwitOne, Get it in your thick melon that Mitchell will not be at the back to back preliminary final chokers in 2020 and beyond. Even fat.head Richardson knows Souths want NO part of Mitchell, they know and said publicly that he is better off at the Roosters.

    Like I said before Mitchell is clearing his head and is coming to his senses up at Taree. Common sense has him realizing 700k is good money and fair money for him at 22. The truth has hit home to him now that Mundine is a money grabbing liar and the Roosters have offered him 100k above his value to stay loyal at a club that he has grown into a young man from a teenager and is still maturing.

    Mitchell will never play for Souths. That is a fact.

  10. One more thing TwitOne, why would any good players waste their time thinking about signing with Soufths, when 70yr old Bennett, who will be lucky to stay one more season, has lost his touch years before Brisbane sacked him.

    Lets face it, he can not even get England to win a game anymore. Totally hopeless and will be worse for Soufths without the dirty Burgess brothers Sutton and a few others. Even the greedy Walker who can’t pass a footy wants out of the souless place.

    Soufths just purchase cheap rubbish players each year and let the hopeless cheap players go to fill those spots that were filled by cheap hopeless players the year before that year. Souths are the modern day version of a Transit Lounge.

  11. Back to the subject,

    why should fans give him space ?

    This guy has had every advantage, he has a club that wet nurses him, looks after him in every way and gives him 800k a season for playing (not working) the sport he loves. $800k is many times what other 22 yr olds earn, what other 22yr olds have to support their families on but that ain’t good enough for Mitchel. No matter what he does, he is far better set up than I ever was and he will be able to provide for his family far better and more easily than I ever could so don’t ask me to give him space – he doesn’t deserve it.

  12. Agree Rucky, Bennett lost his touch in 2015 when in the grand final against the Cows, he instructed his team to wind down the clock by kicking to the side lines for scrums instead of scoring more points.

    The following years between 2016-2018 his once powerful attribute…. defence, became non existent. The last straw came leading to his sacking, when Brisbane got belted by Saints 48-18 in an embarrassing home semi final.

    The rot has continued with his new club Souths, struggling all season with defence climaxing in another Bennett coaching poor semi defence display against Sydney Roosters 30-6. Now Bennett is getting belted by NZ with his English team. 24-8.

    I think Souths should sack him and I think England Super League authorities need to do the same after this latest poor campaign this season.

    This is why good players like Mitchell, Fafita, Ramien, Matterson, Oates, and so on are not interested in going to Soufths. They are to busy buying dudz like Goodwin, Mundine and a heap of other flops.

  13. I think the ESL are about to do just that. The English RL websites are running a poll for who should be the next England coach and Bennett isn’t winning.

  14. Look how desperate TWITONE has lowered his dribble standards by befriending a goose like Kev…..

    And I quote…….

    November 10, 2019 at 10:29 am
    “Kev, very true bud.”

    Still waiting TwitOne.

  15. According to the West Tigers, it appears the Latrell has signed for the West Tigers. It also appears that he buckles under pressure.

  16. timmah November 9, 2019 at 9:12 am
    “I earn in between the figures you quote above, and have a sizeable family to support.”
    Have to agree timtammy that’s peanuts nowadays.
    Doesn’t hubby work as well to help with the budget that you juggle weekly sitting at the kitchen table every Sunday night?
    I presume on that salary you don’t rent in Sydney.
    Maybe try hitting the 5c pokies with Hubcap and rooster_BackonMybackinOxfordSt at the sombreros gambling den club opposite cash converters.

  17. Is that the best retort you can come up with TWATty one….5c pokies? Given that LM has signed with the tiges and NOT at his “spiritual home” as you and shadowskid marks kept assuring us he would – LMAO 😂🤣😂😂 Gotta say I’m actually not that upset to see Trell go….We will lose nothing in speed and size with young Billy Smith filling the left centre spot Latrell has vacated….and with Keary, Cordner and Toups we will have a just as lethal – left side attack as we have had the last 3 years. It’s gonna be the trifecta for EASTS in 2020.
    Go the Mighty Chooks

  18. And after all the above they have misread a couple of biased sombrero media reports and they are back to singing Latrell’s praises and licking his butt.
    Can you believe these 2 faced , lightweight backstabbing, spineless Wombats?

  19. The roosters have become that desperate they are now telling Latrell they are prepared to release him for 2020 providing he doesn’t go to Souths?
    1. This will be viewed by many as blackmail and no doubt will be looked at legally.
    2. The NRL Players Assoc will step in and support Latrell’s decision.
    3. If they don’t allow him to walk Latrell can agree to stay for 2020 but the sombreros know will affect the already deteriorated culture of the team.
    4. With Latrell there under sufferance the sombreros could have freed up his $800k for better use.

  20. Look at TwentyOne with Egg all over his face making up excuses after bragging that Miitchell was Soufths bound heading to his spiritual home…Bwahahahahaha …what an lD10T. You clown, Redfern like Ayres Rock has got nothing to do with his Spiritual Home. That belongs to wherever his Anscestry is, certainly not Redfern you goose. I would say somwhere around Taree way.

    So I see you mention three of my comments and claim they are. In which way are the following comments derogatory.
    Explain how…please.
    1 growing up in a poor environment
    2 Abororiginals who are not his relations in the middle of Australia refuse to climb mountains (The Rock)
    3 that Mitchell who craves a massive pay packet will not be signed by Souths because he is out of their price range and because he is a talent and Souths will never get him because they buy duds at bargain basement prices.

    The other comments are from Fellow Rooster fans that replyed to your garbage comments, that were derogatory.

  21. The other comments are from Fellow Rooster fans that replyed to your garbage comments, that were derogatory.

    TwitOne you play the derogatory comment game in every post. You as a half female half male need to take your medication, if you desire to be one or the other.

  22. TwitOne has copy and pasted so called derogatory comments from others. Which puts him in the same category as Israel Folua. ZT this person TwentyOne is worthy of being banned for life.

  23. club Broosters are showing their true “ culture” by trying to put restrictions on Latrell’s rights to negotiate with any club he wants. What a club 😂

  24. That’s right Alex.
    As Robinson says, it’s the roosters way.
    They wonder why fans avoid membership at this low moral , no soul organization.

  25. BenHubcap you are going round in circles.
    First you tell everyone he’s staying put for a year and now your telling everyone he’s going to the tigers.

    Pick 1 and stick with it at least you will only get 1 wrong.
    That goes for your other sombrero wombats on here as well.

  26. Just read my comments don’t asume I am every Rooster Supporter here under a different login like you. I have never said he is going to the Tigers. Show me where I said that.

    I have but one login on this site, however you just agreed with Alex who we all know is really Twitone. Therefore you just agreed with yourself.

  27. Just because you dim witted, three toothed soufs supporters want latrell to sign SOOOO desperately with your crap lousy, back to back CHOKING, joke of a football club….doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. He is going to tigers OR staying with the REIGNING PREMIERS….FACT….have a cry, build a bridge, and get the F over it, ya bunch of whinging little cream puffs.

  28. News flash: a little bird phoned me today and stated that apparently a secret meeting with latrell mitchell is on for monday morning apparently at an unknown location stay tuned…

  29. The Roosters Have Mitchell signed until the final game of 2020. If for example a club wants him that is not Soufths, then Sydney will release him early. But if the Soufth “Running Hare’s” change their mind he will have to play out the year with Sydney back2back World Champions for 12 months because the Roosters have that power signed in a contract. It is a saftey net that Sydney have to help destroy Soufths top eight high hopes. They are extremely high hopes because in reality next season Souths will finish in the bottom 5.

  30. You watch the Tigers will sign Mitchell and then the Roosters will sign Lomax because the Dragons powers to be are stupid enough to let such a talented player go.
    I keep hearing about the big spend up for 2021 but what about 2020 or are the club just writing next season off???

  31. Have to agree with Hubcap that the sombreros are out to destroy Souths so they rid themselves of the eastern suburbs shadow bridesmaids tag.
    BTW Rupert Murdoch tried on behalf of the sombreros and boy, wasn’t that a big miscalculation.
    Sorry to have to spoil your dream hubcap but will take a lot more than Latrell not coming.

  32. Yeah watch how fast the vermin would crumble if rusty pulled his money out of the club. It was only him and Holmes A Court’s $$$$ that saved them when the NRL kicked off. Suffice to say, without two of their pommy thugs next year, I predict soufs to finish in the bottom 5.

  33. For what it’s worth.
    I think he has lost the trust of the Chooks, both management and that of the players.
    Where to from here for Latrell ? Nowhere at Bondi Junction.
    I think there’s no way back. Mundine has ‘poisoned’ him. Greed is an incredible thing,
    If they (Easts) keep him on it will ‘infect’ the whole team which will kill the momentum Robbo has created.
    The Team will nurture and rally around a new keen kid more than a player that has doubtful commitment.
    Even the $550k Mitchell will be on in 2020, is overs.
    Chookies should sell him off now, investing good money and time on someone who wants to win Premierships….

  34. I think the top brass at the chooks have put him in the too hard basket.
    They have bent over backwards for him ever since he arrived in ist grade. This is about money.
    He fell out with his last manager Steve Deacon because he didnt think he got him enough money for his current contract.
    His new manager Wayne Rushton promised him A seven figure deal and the offer came back 800k. Now he is not happy with him.
    He head has got big and i think the chooks are now asking is he worth the trouble.
    When his father was interviewed after the G F by Danny Weilder from the SMH did he think Lattrell would stay he said
    I hope so i love this place. He went on to rap Nick the coach and the club for how well they have looked after him.
    The chooks are at the end of their rope and now they look like cutting it.

  35. The bottom line is, he won’t go to that vermin with no club, no ground, an ageing coach and no prospect of any success….. Souffs

  36. Good to c chickens fans upset @ losing a champ of a player…. loved it..
    PS don’t care where he ends up as long as he leaves Uncle Nicky…. AGAIN, loved it….

  37. @ 1eye, I think you’re mistaken … most Easts fans want him to go.. anyone that Mundine involves himself with is poison..

  38. chookDung November 11, 2019 at 9:44 am
    “@ 1eye, I think you’re mistaken … most Easts fans want him to go.. anyone that Mundine involves himself with is poison..”
    What fans, all 500 of them? 😪😪😪😪
    So tell us more about him having signed with the tigers.
    Will be at Souths 2020.
    Copy and paste this please and you along with HubCap can be the 1st to announce it with pride on ZT.

  39. BenHubcap November 10, 2019 at 12:37 am
    ” If Mitchell listens to Mundine he will become a traitor by taking big mouth Mundines advise to sign with the biggest bidder.”
    So we are back to full circle bagging him again after a sniff he might stay in 2020 and no longer happening.
    Bout time you got off sniffing the Bex.

  40. George piggins offered all the club he would put together a march to save their clubs from merging i bet today they had of listened to george back then… shadow…

  41. Twentyone I read your link…. The last paragraph which is below, reads Soufths are not interested……simply because Soufths are cheap and purchase nobodies.

    “The Roosters have made clear that he’s free to go despite being contracted for next season, yet potential suitors the Bulldogs, Rabbitohs and Panthers have said they’re not interested. Newcastle has flagged interest but may not have the money.”

    Bwahahahahaha, looks like Mundine and his manager are like Soufths fans, complete fools.

    The bottom line is clear Mitchell is only a 700k player. Roosters wanted to keep him and pay overs of an extra 100k, but the people in his head have him over priced at 1 million, any club that pays 1m are insane. Further more Minichello the great Roosters fullback knows 100% Mitchell will never succeed in the NRL as a fullback or a 5/8.

  42. As an Easts fan i would not care where he goes even to Souths as long as he goes.
    And its not because he is greedy (he is) or he is immature (he is) or he has a big head (he has)
    Its because if they dont let him go the club has a distraction heading their way.
    We saw what pre season distractions did to the Dragons and Panthers this year.
    If he stays there will be players who think he is right and others who think he is not.
    Throw Mitchell in between these groups and there is potential for real trouble. I think Easts know this and will kick in money for another club to take him.
    There is now a rift between Mitchell the Boss and the coach. If he stays it could be a frosty pre season. Let him go even if its to Souths.

  43. Hubcap get it through your denial head that its not about the sombreros deciding.
    They never were in the hunt which means no choice.
    Hes coming home to souths

  44. Roosters have the contract. They can keep him one more season or they can release him. But they promised Rooster fans that they will not release him to Soufths next season, no matter what.

    Get it through your melon Twentyone, Mitchell will not be at soufths next season. Guaranteed.

  45. Latrell has played his last game for the tooth decaying rednecks and it spells the end of any indigenous talent ever going there again after their treatment of him in the media.
    Should hold their heads in shame.

  46. The Fox and Latrell will be at the Rabbitohs in 2020.
    The desperate jealous roosters will be advised not to stop Latrell going.
    Their only option will be not to release him from his contract and make him sit out the season.
    Dont think they will want to deal with the fan outcry if they do that.
    Confirms why they are an obnoxious bunch and a stain in the NRL.

  47. Wake up Twentyone. Mitchell has said with his own words that he intends to play out his contract in 2020. If for some strange reason that even Soufths officials do not know anything about including Richardson and he does sign with Souths for 2021, Mitchell like Crichton will finish his contract before changing clubs. The Roosters and Mitchell have both agreed on that point.

    But if Mitchell recieves an outragous million dollar offer from the Tigers, which is a clear 200k overs for such a contract and in many officials minds is 300k over his real value. Then the Roosters will release him of his contract, they in fact will release him to all the teams but not Souths. Get it in your melon Twentyone, the Roosters own the contract and are in total control. Mitchell is signed to the Roosters in 2020 and his not avaliable to play anywhere but the Roosters. Unless they grant him a release. I repeat. Unless Sydney grant him a release. Guaranteed 100% Mitchell will not be at Soufths in 2020.

  48. Further more Twentyone If Mitchell opts to sit out a season then that will be to Mitchells financial loss. Not the Roosters. We have Billy Smith and if Mitchell breaks his contract by not playing then the Roosters are not obligated to pay him. And we know Mundine has brain washed Mitchell to get as much money as you can. So he will not be sitting out a season. That is in your imagination. So is playing for Soufths in your imagination. I wonder if Mitchell is still big noting himself driving around in Mundine’s 300k Merc.

  49. TwentyOne November 11, 2019 at 8:53 pm

    “Latrell has played his last game for the tooth decaying rednecks and it spells the end of any indigenous talent ever going there again after their treatment of him in the media.
    Should hold their heads in shame”

    Get your facts right TWlT0NE, The Roosters offered Mitchell the most money for a centre on Earth. He treated them with disrespect. Mitchell is now hanging his head in shame for being exposed as greedy and being manipulated by Mundine.

    The Sydney Roosters have a proud heritage and many great Aboriginals are apart of our great clubs history.

  50. Cant be bothered correcting your falseties but if Latrell sits out the season it will be on full salary for starters. Wont happen anyway.
    Bottom line is the sombreros are in shock and you are waking up every day thinking its all a bad dream Latrell gone.
    No more Latrell Mitchell at the sombreros.
    Will never wear the french colors again.

  51. Here’s a hot story….
    Rusty could be relocating some of the Souffs “home” games to NZ, hence the black and white bunny. Gearing up for a while, apparently.
    Makes sense, no home ground in the ‘heartland’ anymore.

  52. From the same source that told me Mundine was 100% signing with Souths 1 week before announced if you recall.
    1. Fafita will sign with Souths once Bennett gets back and we are financially set for the amount his manager given us.
    2. Latrell to Souths and although Richardson has concerns will be up to Bennett after meets with him.

  53. Latrell finished at the rednecks has the Wombats on here struggling to cope if you go by all the irrational and panic undertones in their posts.
    As potato head Robinson says, “it’s the roosters way”

  54. chookstir November 11, 2019 at 11:07 pm
    “Here’s a hot story….
    Rusty could be relocating some of the Souffs “home” games to NZ”

    That’s great news, makes sense another 3 games in NZ will increase membership by 5000 to over 40,000 with Latrell signing as well given Souths have the 2nd highest fan base in NZ after the Warriors. NZ fans have been asking for more Souths games for quite a while.
    BTW, hows your membership and grass roots juniors program going?

  55. You are incorrect Twentyone, Mitchell if he signs with Souths can only be for the season 2021 and beyond. Season 2020 Mitchell is signed for 550k per season. If Latrell refused to not fullfill his contract next season by sitting out the year. Then he does so at his own expense. The Sydney Premiers do not make payment to players if they break a contract.

    You need to wise up Twentyone. Why are you desperate for Souths to poach contracted imports? Last season your Souths team Poached/purchased two Brisbane imports still under contract in Roberts and Su’A. It will not happen against powerful clubs like the World Champion Sydney Roosters. However they have stated that if Mitchell signs a contract with any other club that they will release him. They do not have to but they will, however they retain the right not to reease him if Souths sign him.
    Therefore he will not be in Souths coloursin 2020.

    Wests look like the only foolish club who will offer the Million he is asking. Which is in my opinion around 300-350 more, than his potential is worthy of. Wests are still haunted by is one off brilliant game last season that happend to be against them. A million for one man of the match game during 2019 in a season is insane.

  56. So you think it’s in the roosters best interest to have him turn up for 2020 and end up at North Sydney for 1 year?
    Wake up.

  57. Thats up to Mitchell, if he signs with Wests hes gone if he signs with Soufths then the Roosters are not in the business in building up Soufths dud team. Which means he stays and fullfills his contract. If Soufths give the Roosters large chunk of juniors they stole in the 1950’s back, then we may be able to negotiate.

  58. BenHudson November 13, 2019 at 5:56 am
    “Thats up to Mitchell, if he signs with Wests hes gone if he signs with Soufths then the Roosters are not in the business in building up Soufths dud team”

    Thats not how it will pan out but the point you make confirms the sombreros as paranoid and obsessed with South Sydney as their historical superior as confirmed by the fan and membership numbers every year.

  59. Its ok for the sombreros to build their team up on the back of poaching the NRL’s elite at their prime but look at their behaviour and lack of dignity when the shoe is on the other foot.
    The attitude that only the rosters are allowed to do that and the hide of another club doing it to them is elitist and arrogance at its best.
    Well guess what, get used to Latrell wearing the cardinal and red next year onwards.
    Throw in David Fafita as well.

  60. Looks like TWlT0NE is rattled. CardinalPell and red Bwahahaha.

    Get in in your thick melon, Mitchell wi not be playing for Soufths next year. Guaranteed 100%

    Bwahahahahahaha, ya sook TW1T

  61. TWATty one…latrell is NOT going to soufs (no matter how badly you want him to). Your desperately wishing him to go to your skid mark of a club is NOT going to make it happen. Just calm down and accept that he is going to Leichhardt or staying with us in 2020…end of story.
    As for David Fifita….mwhahahaha – watch this space. 10/1 he will be a Rooster in 2021, if not sooner.
    ….but you just go on dreamin’ bucko…..maybe, just maybe, the vermin will win another comp sometime in the next 48 YEARS. 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  62. Latrell has played his last game for the cap sombreros.
    Has thrown all his sombrero gear into the garbage bin and wiped his hands of it.
    Goodbye soy lattes.

  63. Ok timtammy here’s one I can guarantee.
    Fafita will sign with Souths for 5 years.
    You can be the 1st to congratulate me on my insider knowledge just like your hubby bennyhubcap did when I told him Mundine a done deal 1 week before announced.

  64. BTW Latrell Mitchell will no longer be running out wearing the the french copied coloured clown suit with the petrified turkey emblem.
    His career at the cap sombreros is finished.
    Sayonara suckers.

  65. BenHudson
    November 11, 2019 at 10:45 pm
    “The Sydney Roosters have a proud heritage and many great Aboriginals are apart of our great clubs history”


  66. .TWATyone..May I be the first to offer my condolences on the signing of another mundine 😂🤣😂🤣. Good luck with that

  67. BennyHill November 14, 2019 at 5:43 am
    “Six words for the
    CL🤡WN, TWlT0NE……..
    Arthur Henry Beetson
    An Immortal Rooster”

    Yes, Latrell should be reminded of the sombrero indigenous heritage which was in 1978.
    BTW apart from the cap sombreros, the majority of rugby league fans will always view Arthur Beetson as a Balmain boy who was another poached at his prime.
    Despite being made an immortal by the sombreros, Arthur walked away from them to play with the Eels.

  68. ….kinda like Inglis, Gagai and now mundine jnr, amongst others – ALL poached from different clubs by soufs ….your club does EXACTLY what every other team in the comp does. Don’t try and make out soufs are not just another business being run under the guise of a football club….Crowe’s and Holmes a Court’s millions ensured that’s EXACTLY what soufs are…and now you reckon they are trying to poach Latrell Mitchell (who has been a Rooster since he was 16). Classic case of the pot calling the kettle black – you absolute NONCE twatty one. BTW- pretty sure “most league fans” would remember the great Artie Beetson as a Rooster….the same as they’ll always remember Latrell as a Rooster who won 2 premierships in the MIGHTY Red, White and Blue.

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