SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 13: Jared Waerea-Hargreaves of the Roosters thanks fans after winning the NRL Qualifying Final match between the Sydney Roosters and the South Sydney Rabbitohs at Sydney Cricket Ground on September 13, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Sydney prop Jared Waerea-Hargreaves is set to miss his side's home preliminary final after a trip on Rabbitoh James Roberts during the dying stages of the Roosters' 30-6 win over South Sydney on Friday night.

Waerea-Hargreaves has been charged with a grade one trip, which would usually constitute just a financial sanction.

However, given his record this season has been poor - he's been convicted three separate times - he isn't eligible for a fine, and will need to serve a week on the sidelines.

Weighting and his carry-over points mean he'll miss the preliminary final, although there's no danger of him missing the grand final should he fight the charge and lose.

Waerea-Hargreaves was charged with a high tackle in the final round of the season, but beat the case at the judiciary on Tuesday night which allowed him to face the Bunnies.


  1. Ahh, the entertainment continues. This is why I wanted Sam Burgess to play. Wanted to also see how he too could manufacture another ban for himself.

    That being said – other than that, I though that JWH played a very clean game.

    I don’t think you can defend giving him a suspension, given his reprieve to play that game in the first place. Trial by media according to Robinson. Ah, the video evidence is there, Trent. I don’t know why we only fine a player for a trip, to begin with.

  2. This guy JWH was definitely NOT meant to play Roosters Vs South game, but the corruption within NRL allowed this person to play. Now, that there was a backlash against NRL by fans, the NRL is now trying to save its face. Pathetic.

  3. There is something very disturbing with the apparent bias afforded the Sydney Roosters.
    Jared Warea Hargreaves along with Cordner and Tetevano being allowed to play last night and disadvantage that Souths were handed with the comical suspension of Sam Burgess has put a big question mark over the credibility of the MRC to the majority of astute NRL followers, unless you are a delusional rooster supporter.
    NRL Fans and media are waiting to see what excuse the MRC will come up with once again in support of Hargreaves as opposed to the common sense conclusion of whether he will cop either 1 or 2 weeks.
    Coincidently, but without innuendo, the Chairman of the MRC is Michael Buettner an ex North Sydney Bears player which is the Canterbury Cup feeder club for the roosters.
    Make up your own opinion on the relevance of that.
    How much more backlash does the NRL need from NRL fans to get the message to fix up the system or continue to lose fans to other codes.

  4. Surely he’s not guilty again. For the third time in a row he should get off & be ready to play again .
    He wasn’t using his head as a torpedo type weapon , he just tripped.
    He didn’t use a swinging arm to the back of Knights head, he was just swiping a wasp away from him. Lucky it didn’t sting him.
    He wasn’t putting his leg out to trip the attacking player. Hargreaves leg just had a cramp & he was stretching it out .
    It’s all clear & fine.

  5. Definitely innocent and the Roosters need to fight this ridiculous charge.

    The only person who made it crystral clear that the credibility of the MRC and the judiciary is incompetent to ALL League fans, was Sam Burgess when he escaped suspension for knocking out Matt Moylan.

  6. Lol.
    As if he will get suspended.
    He could have pulled out a chainsaw and taken Roberts leg off above the knee and the judiciary still would find him not guilty.

  7. The NRL are in preservation mode after the massive backlash toward the MRC last week.
    It is reflected by the numbers above of what fans think.
    I see only 1 supporting this serial offender and it’s a fool who is back with another nic having previously been barred 14 times by ZT.

  8. TwentyOne we are getting sick of your jealous comments against the Roosters…You need serious mental therapy treatment. Stop supporting Souths & join the Roosters would be a great start!

  9. Stop trying to defend him, he tripped him and that’s that. Just like Sam pulled his hair. But if Sam had a clean record he would of got a fine. Simple as that. Sam’s record got him in trouble, just like Jared’s record now will get him in trouble. Both minor incidents but their track records are evident. Mind you if he gets off then it smells of brown paper bag specialists.

  10. He will get off because Roberts was trying to milk a penalty, looks like the low acts Sam Burgess gets up to has rubbed off on all Souths players.

  11. Kev I hate Brisbane 2nd only to Souths but your constant bagging of the Sydney World Champions has me going for the Ponys tommorrow.

    Typical Big Mouth Parra fans are as cheeky as those once in 48 seasons premiers Souths fans. Must be part of the generics when people follow dud clubs.

  12. Maloney contested his less obvious tripping charge a few weeks ago and was unsuccessful but Maloney didnt front the judiciary as a rooster.

  13. Now we have Frankfurter back as roosterscrock after another barring.
    That makes 15.
    Bye the way, how about sticking to the topic instead of trying to divert to your usual irrelevant gibber.
    Leave the diversion myths to your coach Mr Potato Head.

  14. All fans ask for is consistency to allow for an even playing field.
    If the actions of the MRC the past week continue which result in the roosters having a massive lopsided advantage like the one last night then there is no future for the NRL.
    Their questionable salary cap management is already a big talking point amongst the NRL fraternity and to have bodies like the MRC and judiciary constantly make ridiculous decisions in their favor makes you wonder where it all ends for them.
    It might explain why their membership is amongst the lowest in the NRL only attracting those who only care about whatever it takes even if it means having no dignity in doing so.

  15. roostersrock your suggesting I join the roosters?
    Thanks for the invitation but I’ll stick with the 30,000 members of South Sydney for good reason plus would be against my religious principles.

  16. Even if it was a malicious premeditated action JWH still may get away with it, he is a roosters player and the rules that apply to other clubs do not apply to the rooster and for that matter broncos and storm, the corrupt NRL make sure that only players from those 3 teams get special treatment

  17. I believe the powers that be in the NRL led by uncle Nick and greenburgler and heavily influenced by the NSWRL faction are desperately trying to get the roosters over the line so they can take away the long standing record of back2back premierships of the Broncos. Only a full and complete investigation led by commissioner Toovey can halt this despicable plot.

  18. Keep it coming TwentyOne, seeing those r00rter fans squeal like stuck p!gs is hilarious. Zero Credibility keeps allowing that imbec!le back with a new email address, he’s 99% of the problem with this site.

    JWH will get a slap on the wrist, Gus Gould will be apoplectic that he was even charged. The only thing worse than ZT’s r00rters groupies is the constant pro-r00rters bias shown by the 9 commentary team, they are a effing joke.

  19. The most enjoyment I’m receiving is observing fools like Dafty with no team in the semis squirming about the success of the Roosters as they attempt to win two straight.

    While poor old Dafty’s Saints might go one better next season under Mary to grab their Woiden Spoon.

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