Despite only playing in one grand final himself, NRL veteran Benji Marshall has passed on some key advice for his teammates ahead of the big fixture against the Penrith Panthers this Sunday.

Marshall's key message was to enjoy the week and what it brings.

“I think we’ve only got four guys who have played in a grand final before and myself, so there’s a lot of young guys who have to experience what its like, and might be feeling a little nervous or a little bit of pressure,” Marshall told SEN Breakfast.

“For me you need to simplify the week as much as you can.

“Some people try and do more (but) I just try to make it easier and I tell the boys, ‘Just enjoy the week, make sure you don’t play the game too early, you don’t want to be drained emotionally by the time you get to the game’.

“Just the little things, I suppose when you’ve been there before you can help add to the boys.

“When you get to training you’ve got to do the hard yards and switch on obviously, but as soon as you get away from it you’ve got to be able to relax and enjoy yourself and not try to play the game too early in the week.”

At 36, one more year at the Rabbitohs is uncertain for Marshall. It's clear that age is not on his side but his form has simply been remarkable for someone his age.

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Whether this is Benji's last game in the red and green is anyone's guess, however, his inclusion within the Rabbitohs side this year as a player and leader has had an incredible impact on the playing group.

It begs the question with a competition filled with so much youth these days whether other coaches and clubs in the NRL will start including players to have a similar role.

“You don’t want to say ‘this is going to be my last game ever’ because then what you do is you start to feel like ‘this is my last game ever, I better put more into it, or I better try and do more than I usually do’,” Marshall continued.

“But with our team we’re really focused on process driven stuff this week and I don’t need to be more than I need to do.

“So I don’t need those thoughts in my head going into the game.”