PENRITH, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 15: Trent Merrin of the Panthers runs with the ball during the round six NRL match between the Penrith Panthers and the Gold Coast Titans on April 15, 2018 in Penrith, Australia. (Photo by Mark Evans/Getty Images)

Penrith forward Trent Merrin has walked out on the Panthers to join English Super League side Leeds on a four-year deal.

The 29-year-old declared earlier this week he would see out the remaining two years of his deal at the Panthers.

But the former Kangaroos forward retracted his commitment to the club and will now link up with former Souths assistant coach David Furner at the Rhinos.

Last week Panthers General Manager of Football Phil Gould took to Twitter to declare Merrin was staying at the club.

However, the 204-game NRL veteran is now expected to depart for the UK next week.


  1. “Trent Merrin walks out on Panthers for Leeds Rhinos”… gets to the airport and calls his Leeds coach and says he has changed his mind AGAIN. Turns around and heads back to break the news to Gus and Ivan Cleary. Rinse and repeat…

    Come on Trent, make up your mind and stick to it!

    • First he was linked to Souths when Bennett was appointed as the next coach there. It looks as though players are already indicating that they don’t want to play under the ancient of ancient coach who has run out of ideas. Souths with Bennett in charge and with the limited salary cap space available will struggle to sign any significant players.🐇🥄

      • I can’t see how anyone would want to play for him… everything he touches either turns to gold or dust.

      • Get your hand off it woodchook it will send you blind, Merrin was never going to Souths, if anything probably EASTS who can afford just about anyone they want.

  2. All that may be missed is a bit of experience. He was pretty useless in most games in 2018.
    Think they will now thank him for freeing up some cap space .

  3. Hang on…earlier this week the honerable Gus and Ivan Cleary stated that, despite constant rumors linking Merrin to Leeds, Merrin is going nowhere and will play out the next 2 years in Penrith…here we are less than 1 week away and he has gone…or was he pushed?…How do Gus and Cleary look at themselves in the mirror or sleep at night?…

  4. Hang on…earlier this week the honorable Gus and Ivan Cleary stated that, despite constant rumors linking Merrin to Leeds, Merrin is going nowhere and will play out the next 2 years in Penrith…here we are less than 1 week away and he has gone…or was he pushed?…How do Gus and Cleary look at themselves in the mirror or sleep at night?…

  5. I’m trying to work out who has more loyalty, NRL players or ex-girlfriends… reports like this make the decision a whole lot easier. Go get that money Trent! Hope you enjoy being blacklisted from Austraila!

  6. He can’t be going unless he has been released. I think Gus is tell porkies again. Penrith credibility, zero at the moment.

  7. Trent was a good clubman but he’s just doesn’t have it anymore. It’s a good thing the panthers care for there players pockets Merrin will be on top dollar in England for the next four years just as Peachey is earning the best money of he’s life and chw now at the bulldogs plus Latu got good money to leave early and Cartwright

  8. How many people can the Panthers release mid-contract? The meaningless of contracts is going to quickly become a joke at Penrith.

    • I think you have it around the wrong way. Penrith will release players who don’t want to be there & request a release.
      Maybe they should take a look at other clubs like the Knights? Where they made such players as Cogger play out the last year of their contracts. Not letting them go early as they may have wished .

      • But is there any proof boys or is this just a mud throwing exercise like with “snake”, T’eo and JT?

        So pedro it sounds like you aren’t overly keen to have the Hayne Plane land at Kogarah/Wollongong?

        • No mate’ If you keep having allegations of the same nature pitched at you – then you need to wake the F – up and manage your personal life better. Guilty or not, i dont want him at Saints.

  9. Really good move for him. It’ll allow him to be a real star in a leagye that’s growing increasingly professional and competitive. All but puts that ridiculous Taupau story to bed at last. It works well for both Leeds and Penrith

  10. Gus ‘Porky Pie’ Gould strikes again! Soon as he confirmed Merrin was staying and the Panthers happy to have him, something was wrong. Big chunk of salary cap now available – either to pay Cleary(s) what was promised, or make a poach on another club’s player. Klemmer? Hayne? Burgess? Contract mean nothing – I see something brewing at Penrith.

  11. I have a feeling Merrin may have asked for a 2 year extension to match Leeds 4 year contract and was turned down. I wish him well as his leadership in conducting the Panthers winning song will be missed.

  12. This clears the way for Klemmer to Knights
    Napa to Bulldogs
    Taupau to Roosters
    Who cares to Manly
    Manu Ma,u to Penrith

    • Hopefully Bennet to Rabbitohs and Siebold to Broncos also occurs within this absolute mess called “preseason”

      • Are the Broncos tired of paying Papa Smurf $1 mill a season then “Slammin Sam”? 😉

        I doubt that there will be any change now mate. Not with the Broncos unwilling to pay out the remainder of Grandpa Simpson’s contract so that Homer can take his place.

        “Perhaps” Souths “might” have been willing to split the bill for the Broncos double order of “lemon and beef jerky” but they certainly won’t foot the whole bill to give up THEIR “2018 Coach of the Year” for an obsolete geriatric stick insect. Hardly a fair trade now is it mate? Especially with diminishing hopes of getting TPJ, Oates, Fifita and Haas as “compensation”.

        You DO realise that the Rabbitohs had Haas about to put pen to paper before the old geezer schmoozed Haas into coming to Red Hill at the 11th hour? Quite ironic when you think about it.

        • As a Broncos fan, I’m more than happy that Bennet’s shortsightedness actually bennifited one of his teams for once!

    • So when is Cook re-signing and well will it be announced? Nail your colours to the mast now if you want to claim bragging rights later. This is one I would be happy for you to say “I told you so”.

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