Every diehard rugby league fan knows that NRL pre-seasons are always the worst.

On the positive note, it gives us a chance to salivate at the prospect of new recruits at different clubs.

Here I rank what I believe to be the Top 5 signings of season 2019.


5. Leeson Ah Mau

Moving over to the NZ Warriors to stay in touch with his family, Ah Mau has largely been an unheralded figure for the Dragons in the last few seasons. For St George, Ah Mau was typically coming off the bench and utilised in a power role by Mary McGregor. Now playing potentially 55 mins a game as starting prop, with a terrific offload in his arsenal, I'm expecting Leeson to be the forward leader of the Warriors pack and potentially become one of the premier props in the league.

TOOWOOMBA, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 25: Leeson Ah Mau of the Dragons takes on the defence during the round three NRL match between the Gold Coast Titans and the St George Illawarra Dragons at Clive Berghofer Stadium on March 25, 2018 in Toowoomba, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)


  1. So the best back in the game last year with the most running metres out of everyone in the NRL doesn’t make your top 5 list.
    Surely Fergo is in the top 3 if not number 1.

  2. Spot on assessment. On the back of the ace forward pack of the Sharks Shaun Johnson will carve it up. The loss of Holmes could well turn to gold and losing a fullback for a top gun play maker, allowing Moylan to go to the back, is a pretty decent trade off in the end, Top 8 finish for sure and probably top 4 with the depth they have.

  3. Ah Mau was a solid player for the Dragons, but he wouldn’t make my list.
    Think Klemmer would be on top of the list. Will only get better with age.

  4. Sorry just got out of the doctors being treated for a broken rib when I nearly died laughing at your post. Top 4 hahaha, and where’s this ace forward pack you speak off? And you reckon I dribble. Johnson is a myth and Moylan at fullback just means more try’s of the opposition. You didn’t think that through did you.

  5. We’ll remind you of that when Johnson spends half the season on the sidelines with Dugan and the rest of the time dancing about achieving nothing aside from terrible defensive reads. Trust me princess, Norman knows he’s on his last chance and will produce a far better season than an all style, no substance show pony like Johnson.

  6. Here we go again. I suppose you’re going to talk up the merged venture with the embarrassingly useless half back and dud coach? April cheers and September tears. Why do you put yourself through this torment every year? I mean why would someone, with even your obviously limited intelligence, even bother? The script never changes for the mergers so don’t worry about making predictions for others. You’ve been dead wrong on Cronulla for at least the past 3 seasons that we know of and this year looks like being another strike for the oracle ……

  7. Dud coach? Sorry where’s your coach. And overrated halfbacks? Might want to check in your own locker rooms first. Haha, limited intelligence indeed. Looking forward to another season of proving you wrong before your stain of a club gets shipped off to Perth. Enjoy the shire while it lasts (not that there’s much to enjoy)

  8. Not brave, pretty simple prediction actually. As if Dugan and Johnson won’t spend half the year injured. Don’t need to be psychic to figure that out. Great recruiting as usual gummies.

  9. Crichton a better signing than Klemmer, Johnson #1, no mention of Ramien or Fergo, the latter whom was the seasons top metre eater and Dally M winger of the year. Yeah I think whoever wrote this gibberish deadset has brain damage

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