It's November 1st! It's officially NRL's silly season!

When the clock ticked over into the new month, literally tens of millions of dollars of NRL talent became off contract for 2025.

This means that the NRL vultures are circling as these superstars become fair game.

Player agents mobiles will be ringing off the hook today as struggling sides, and sides looking for the final piece alike, try to get their grubby hands on prize assets from all round the competition.

Narrowing it down to just ten was very difficult.

The below are the top ten players I believe would be in demand as of right now.

Not necessarily the best. For instance Shaun Johnson is coming off a 10/10 season. There's also no chance he leaves the Warriors.

Taken into account are players ages, their expected salary, their role, talent and potential availability.

With that said, below are the top 10, in demand and off-contract stars right now:


10. Terrell May

24 year-old Terrell May is going to be one of the most sought after players from today onward.

He's young, a physical monster, has shown he loves digging in, has Finals experience under his belt, and comes at a very reasonable price.

I could name six or seven clubs who are screaming out for a massive middle presence, with money to spend.

May could honestly make the short trip to Cronulla and become their number one prop. Look at the Dragons, Canberra, the Dolphins and the Cowboys to be talks if the Roosters can't get it done ASAP.