Gold Coast Titans front-rower Morgan Boyle will join the Manly Sea Eagles in a mid-season switch, as reported by the Gold Coast Bulletin.

The 22-year old knocked back offers from a host of rival clubs to sign a two-year extension with Gold Coast until 2020, and his deal with Manly will go one further season beyond that.

Boyle enjoyed a breakout 2017 season but was hampered by a shoulder injury last year to only play seven first-grade games, eventually requiring surgery.

The promising youngster was supposed to in the ISC derby between Burleigh and Tweed this Sunday but has pulled out to travel to Manly.

Boyle told the Gold Coast Bulletin last month that he was a little underdone after missing a part of the pre-season.

The Titans now have two vacancies to fill on their top 30 roster.


  1. Great to see the silvertails trying to keep up with the Joneses, or should I say the three Transit lounge clubs in souffffths, Newcastle and Parra. That player Morgan a front rower should fix Manly’s much needed centre problems.😂😁😆🤣😆😂😆🤣😁😆😂🤣🤣😆🤣

    Whats happened to the GRUB Walker❔❓❔❓. Are Manly going to sack him this week❔❓❔❓ Must be the name Walker, two Walkers won at souffffths and the other was at soufffffths both GRUBS🤣😆😁😁🤣

  2. Solid signing and is a big dude. Needed another prop, now get in Gideon mosby and Tim Lafai and maybe even bevan French to fill the backs spots left.
    Tell you what it’s going to be hard to hold onto our reserve hooker fainu, guy is going to be a gun, and teams like knights, eels, panthers, warriors who need a hooker will be throwing some cash at this young guy very soon

  3. Manly can keep Fainu as he would only be a back up for Mahoney at Parra.

    As well as a goat track for a stadium, Manly now have a big boil.

  4. Manly will wait for the court outcome and if guilty will likely sack him…..unlike the Roosters who waited until Blake Ferguson and Zane Tetevano were found guilty of indecent assault and domestic violence charges respectively, then offer these convicted criminals contracts to join the Roosters. Don’t dare lecture other clubs on upholding moral standards when you wilfully employ criminals

  5. Go away you twat. Put your dribble elsewhere, no one can have a half a topic about footy anymore because people like you and wood worm and co

  6. That’s funny coming from you boohoobobfulton.
    When Parra were down and Manly were up you and your lot were constantly throwing barbs and insults.
    Now it’s the other way around and you are crying like a little girl.
    Go eat a cup of concrete and harden up Nancy!

  7. Don’t you hate when you go to insult someone and you stuff up, who eates cups of anything???
    Not smart are you.
    No actually I used to like to have banter and talk actual football, you know that thing you live stream from your basement!!!! But between you and wood boy that’s all gone.
    But I guess when your as smart as an ant with it’s head cut in quarters you just turn to name calling and big noting

  8. Hahaha Kev thinks parra are up. Won a couple of $hitty games against very sub standard opposition and he reckons eels will be premiers. Admire your optimism mate. But theres a long long way to go yet.

  9. But back to footy.
    I think you’ll keep Fainu, and I rate him, he looks good, so you’ll lose Api. I can’t see you holding both, unless, and it’s possible, but unless Fainu can play a bit of lock, but even that doesn’t really fit with Jake Turbo being able to do the 80.
    The way I see it, you’ve got your core half a dozen or so still on contract beyond 2019, and that alone ties up some pretty serious cap, Des will want to stengthen your forward pack, and probably big time (beyond Jake Turbo, Taupau, AFB) and that’s where the cap will be spent from all those freed up players, so you’ll still have (a largely) rookie attack, unless (and I’m just being honest) you continue to back ending deals.

  10. Yes eelsalmighty Unfortunately I think manly paid overs for cherry. He is just not delivering on his price tag and that’s hurting the team and our salary cap. The trbojevics however deserve all they can get. We will also free up cash after walker gets the flick this year. He has also underperformed in his time at manly. Probably due to Barretts mismanagement of the team and playing him at 5/8 for a large chunk of time

  11. I like the sound of that Kev. Loto land should be renamed The Giat Track. What numbskull decided to build a grandstand behind the goal posts. AHAHAHAHAH

  12. How are your juniors going duckman? Did you get to sleep at the SCG with Robbie and the gang 😂 in your onesies 😂😂😂
    Get ready to merge with the bunnies we will take control be called Eastern Bunnies and still refered as the Rabbitohs, haha haha who cares about the “Souths” name WE ARE RABBITHOS

  13. Duck a quick look at Memberships numbers
    Manly 11.500 ( approx)
    Easts 14,500 ( approx)
    Manly has there OWN home ground and juniors
    The criteria requirements has them ahead of you already as does Souths, for fear of embarrassing you I won’t publish Souths membership numbers or junior numbers. You can bark everyday but the last laugh will be on you and I’m looking forward to it.

  14. I’m guessing he takes Wintersteins spot in the squad. should help with depth and size in the front row.
    we still need a center and a utility back. Garrick looks ok, Elliott is struggling big time at the back, Parker is trying his best but hes not 1st grade talent, Taufua bumbles along without doing much, Suli will take some more time, might be better in a season or two and Walker is gone.
    this may be unpopuplar, but Takairangi is off contract soon…would be good cover and probably wouldn’t break the bank. can pass and kick and could cover a few positions if needed.

    Hope Tommy Turbos rehab is coming along! get him some calves blood STAT!

  15. WRONG dude.
    ALLEGATIONS of assaulting his former girlfriend could torpedo Zane Tetevano’s hopes of resurrecting his NRL career with Manly next season.
    The Sea Eagles announced on Wednesday that they had signed the former Knights prop to a one-year deal, but first he will need to convince NRL officials that he is eligible for registration.
    The guy was not with the roosters. Get your facts right before mouthing off.

  16. MANLY Sea Eagles winger Jorge Taufua has been cleared to play in tonight’s NRL season opener against the Brisbane broncos.
    A last minute court hearing successfully changed his bail conditions to allow the winger to take to the field at Suncorp Stadium.
    Taufua was banned from entering any licensed venues in Queensland after he was charged with spitting at a police officer in Surfers Paradise last year.
    Suncorp Stadium is a licensed venue and Taufua would technically have been in breach of his bail just by being there.
    Also Watmough, Brett Stewart, etc.

  17. Yes he would be replacing Winterstein and this is a good trade.
    But yep we need backs,
    I mentioned above there are some players out there. Gideon mosby from cowboys on top of the list for mine. Bevan French would add that spark to our backline. I know he’s not reliable and doesn’t do the hard yards but sometimes you need those players who can do special things and take the bad with it. Was talknif lafai or Aitken being interested…

  18. He’s definetely a talent just throwing him in after an acl in a team down at the moment may not be great long term for him, we only have 27 players atm anyways so need to sign or upgrade a few shortly

  19. What are you talking about Eastern Chook wanna be. We have a home ground and have had one for a century. We have been playing on the ground in the Moore Park precinct since 1911. The Sydney Sports Ground was transformed into the Football Stadium in 1988 and now it is in the process of being transformed once again to house our mighty professional team of champions. The Roosters and Soufffths should merge. We will be known as the Sydney Roosters dropping the South and the Green. We will keep the Rooster emblem because Roosters fight and Rabbits run away.💪🐔👍 If soufffths cant agree to those strict conditions then they might be better off up at the Central Coast or Perth.

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