After a horrific season in charge of the Wests Tigers that saw him released before the expiry of his contract, Tim Sheens was not sighted at the end-of-season awards night.

This comes after the Tigers' only premiership coach had multiple run-ins with the club's management over the course of the year, which saw him subsequently released and Benji Marshall take over the reins 12 months earlier than initially planned.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, club officials stated they wanted Sheens to attend to give him a final farewell just like they did to the departing players such as Luke Brooks and Tommy Talau. And despite Sheens not turning up, they are hoping to meet with him for one final lunch next week.

When reached out to by the publication, Tim Sheens declined to comment.

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A close friend of Tim Sheens and an assistant coach under him for the club's 2005 Grand Final run, Royce Simmons didn't blame him for not showing up on the awards evening, insisting he wasn't impressed by the way he was treated by the Tigers.

“That doesn't come as a surprise to me at all, not one bit, and why would you go?” Royce Simmons told The Sydney Morning Herald.

“If you weren't wanted at the club, how could you go to their presentation night?

“They sacked him. And I can only imagine how frustrated Tim is. Wayne Bennett was given a new job at the Dolphins, Tim started back at the Tigers, both men are fantastic coaches and fantastic people.

“But from the outside looking in, Wayne seemed to get the players he wanted, the staff he wanted, everything he wanted he got, and he had an outstanding season.

“Tim, on the other hand, he had people replaced that he didn't want replaced, he had people added to his staff he didn't organise himself. You have to wonder who was in the wrong?

“It's sad to see. He wasn't given the opportunity to do what he wanted to do.

“You bring a coach back who has won a premiership, and is in the top bracket of coaches of all time, you look to his expertise, then you don't use it. It doesn't make any sense to me.”


  1. To put it succinctly; Wayne got the full, unconditional support of a board that listened to him and helped him as best it could – Tim got none of these things.

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