In the 33 seasons of the Brisbane Broncos, 2020 has to be the worst by far.

Languishing at 15th on the ladder, the proud club has once again been dealt a major blow. Not even 24 hours after falling 46-8 against Melbourne, the announcement came that boom back-rower David Fifita Jr had signed a mega-deal with "little brother" Gold Coast.

It's a betrayal of which had never been seen at Red Hill. In reality, Fifita becomes the first bonafide superstar to leave the club since Israel Folau fled to the AFL a decade ago.

The good news for Brisbane is that they will have money to spend - they had tabled a $750,000 offer for Fifita, and are prepared to bite the bullet on Jack Bird, saving a likely $400,000 of his $900,000 contract.

Throw in a host of departures and the impending retirement of Issac Luke, and Brisbane are looking at around $1.75 million in cap room.

So just who should Brisbane target ahead of next season? Here are 10 players I can see going to the club.


10. Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow

The latest exciting speedster to be developed in Townsville, Tabuai-Fidow has only played five first grade matches to this point, however, has greatly impressed. Unfortunately, his chances of being the Cowboys long-term fullback are restricted by the presence of Valentine Holmes. If Tabuai-Fidow wants a shot at the 1 jumper, Brisbane seems like a great option - and they have the money to entice him.

2020 NRL Nines - Day 2
PERTH, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 15: Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow of the Cowboys scores a try during Day 2 of the 2020 NRL Nines at HBF Stadium on February 15, 2020 in Perth, Australia. (Photo by Will Russell/Getty Images)




  1. Titans rejects, seriously what drugs are you on Rhys? The ones Procter is supplying to his Kiwi team mates?
    Macca will be back, Foran will need to take a massive pay cut, Welch would help.
    But even if the broncos had the roosters roster, if the board, coach and coaching staff can’t get the plan across to the players.
    Seibold may be smart, may even be a great teacher, but a coach he isn’t yet.

  2. In all honesty, not one of those listed would help. Problem for me is the board and focus on the ‘kids coming through’. The decision to let guys like McCullough, Maguire (who I dislike), Niko, Kahu and others go is really biting them in the….

    Seibold I believe is good (not great) coach, just not for this young team at the moment as the game plans are to complex for the young players who are more attack minded

    Seibold’s other; and bigger problem; are the remaining senior players like Milford and Darius aren’t even trying. Croft isn’t doing well but at least he is trying.

    Broncos defense is aweful and they need Darius at the back or not at all and yes they have injuries, but every team does, so these poor excuses are just a reflection of the overall roster

    Broncos need to drop Pangai Jr, Darius, Milford, Isako all for various reasons but who do they replace them with???

  3. So many terrible ideas in here. Cooley is an average back up level back they already have plenty of backs. Smith Friend and McCullogh all aren’t happening. Can’t see Guerra coming either. Welch makes no sense considering they have Lodge Haas Ofahungue Fleger and other younger and better props. I think Foran would present to much risk and cost to much.

    The names that interested me where Ash Taylor and Kevin Proctor. Taylor returning home, having to prove himself to the coaching staff and board members that let him leave but being supported by close family and playing with people he’s come up through the age groups with. Obviously not worth the million dollars price tag but you could also try use a swap deal like Milford or Bird. Secondly Proctor I think would add get leadership and experience and him and Alex Glenn could be a nice duo.

    I’d suggest swapping Milford or Bird for Ash Taylor. Letting Corey Oates leave.
    Sign Kevin Proctor. Giving Adam Blair a cheap 1 year deal. Plus go get Edrick Lee to replace Oates. Then finally bring in a new coach either Kevvy Walters or someone else. Siebs isn’t good enough.

    1. Boyd (Niu in the future)
    2. Lee
    3. Staggs
    4. Niu
    5. Coates/Issako
    6. Deardon
    7. Taylor
    8. Ofahungue
    9. Turpin
    10. Haas
    11. Glenn
    12. Proctor
    13. Carrigan

    14. Milford/Bird
    15. Lodge
    16. Pangai Jr
    17. Blair

    Loads of experience in the forwards now wit Proctor and Glenn helping protect the halves. In the middle I’ve gone with Ofa and Haas to lay a solid platform. In the backs Boyd brings the communication, Lee starts your sets off well and Issako or Coates also can get early metres. Off the Bench loads of impact. Lodge and Blair have that no nonsense approach and Pangai provides heaps of size.
    Depending on who the titans want from Bird or Milford the odd man out can have the 14 jersey with Paix as back up behind them.

  4. Rhys, Herbie Farnworth has re-signed for 2 more years.

    On your players I make the following comments:-

    HAMISO Yes but the Cows won’t let him go!
    COPLEY NO constantly injured & will probably retire after this year anyway: Josh Hoffman is by far a better option.
    FORAN NO NO NO NO NO NO & if you need a reason: too many injuries
    PROCTOR MAYBE on a cheap deal but he will want too much money; better than TEO
    TAYLOR again NO NO NO NO NO NO. He has been average for the Titans and was paid too much money initially. Dearden & Paix are already better halves than him & Croft!!
    WELCH YES but only if the money is right
    McCULLOGH NO NO NO NO NO NO too many injuries & now has a major hamstring problem. Will have to have 2 shoulder recons before next season before he can play. Broncos need to pay out his option & get rid of him for good: too slow now & will only get slower
    GUERRA MAYBE I like him but is now too old. Would be a better option than TEO if the money is right.
    FRIEND NO getting on & won’t leave the Roosters: Rhys, since when did the Broncos become a dumping ground for retirees???
    SMITH Won’t happen. He would have been a great buy 3-5 years ago. Is still the best player in the game but I can’t see him leaving Storm given he still has a year to go on his contract there.

    Apart from 2 or 3 above, I would re-sign Rhys Kennedy, buy Daniel Alvaro (Broncos junior) Josh Hoffman (Former Broncos Player of the year), Adam Elliot from Dogs along with John Asiata Alex Johnson & Tristan Sailor & get rid of Jack Bird, Jamil Hopoate, Jordan Kahu, Richie Kennar, Issac Luke, Andrew McCullough & Ilikena Vudogo. Maybe keep Sean O’Sullivan as a backup half if you can get rid of Croft.

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