November 1st. It all starts again. Every single player who is off contract at the end of the 2021 season suddenly becomes a target.

We're going to hear more rumours and news than we can handle over the next few weeks, especially from October 26th onwards.

Below are the top 10 VALUE players I'd be making a run for if I were in a position of power at an NRL club.

The below players are ones I believe can be talked into a move. I've left James Tedesco off as I believe he's now a Rooster for life. Bronson Xerri has been left off for obvious reason.

These aren't necessarily the biggest names, or else we'd just link Angus Crichton to everyone. We'll leave that to the mainstream NRL media. Instead we're going with the 10 players we believe represent real value.

So before you hit the comments, to surmise - these are players we believe may move, will be chased by multiple clubs and will provide value to new clubs come November 1st.

Honourable Mentions: Xavier Coates, Nathan Brown, Curtis Sironen, Scott Drinkwater, Tohu Harris, Hudson Young, Brent Naden.


10. Kyle Flanagan

I literally cannot believe the talk coming out of Bondi that they're looking to move Kyle Flanagan on. This kid is a genius and played well all season. His only fault was that he wasn't Cooper Cronk.

Yes, in his first NRL finals appearance Roosters fans expected Cooper Cronk. Can't write this stuff. Of course it's not that simple but young Flanno will have no problems finding a club in 2021 if required. A return to the Sharks was odds on until talk that the Dogs were interested for 2021. Expect the Tigers to come in also.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 02: Kyle Flanagan of the Roosters attempts to kick a goal during the NRL Qualifying Final match between the Penrith Panthers and the Sydney Roosters at Panthers Stadium on October 02, 2020 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)


  1. Capewell, Burton, and Crichton, will all re-sign. As for Flannagan, I am surprised the Roosters will let him go?

  2. Crichton has already stated that he wants to stay at Penrith. So he won’t be going anywhere.
    Less sure about Capewell & Burton?
    Penrith won’t release Burton for next season. Neither should they.
    If he decides to go the way of Wade Graham , he may become a great future lock at Penrith? Has the size, with a bit more bulk on him.
    Capewell, been good when he’s not been injured. Penrith has to find a place In the forwards for young rising star
    Lindsay Smith . So will they look to keep a non Penrith product in Capewell?
    A year ago, no one knew Crichton or Naden. Or wanted to buy them. Naden a Penrith junior , had been up to Newcastle & was unwanted by them.
    So I just hope he remembers Penrith gave him the chance to come back & opportunity to play first grade.

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