Tom Trbojevic has turned to a curious training method in a bid to keep his hamstrings strong and healthy.

Trbojevic has undertaken a high-intensity sprint program that sees him go through a varying number burst efforts at around 90% intensity to keep his power game at the elite level.

Earlier this year Trbojevic went down to Melbourne to meet David Opar, who is regarded as an elite hamstring expert to help get his body right.

The theory behind the extra sprint work seems simple enough but flies in the face of common thinking from sports scientists and doctors. Essentially the more sprints you do the better off you'll be.

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Trbojevic wasn't hitting the high speeds for his body to be well-enough prepared and therefore it would break down. So now, Trbojevic has a set number of sprint efforts he must make.

If he doesn't reach that number he makes up for it at training.

New South Wales Blues doctor Nathan Gibbs told the Sydney Morning Herald the method was unlike anything he had head of before.

“David and his team in Melbourne have a lot of experience with hammy tears, and apart from strength work, they know the best strengthening work for high-speed running is in fact high-speed running,” Gibbs said.

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“I know that sounds so basic. But this high-intensity sprint training is what has really turned him around. We’ve introduced it since the Corso incident, which was well publicised, and [Manly physio] James Rahme has really got it up and running.

"The best thing is this program has not only got Tommy back playing and free of injury, it’s also got him playing bloody well.”

Trbojevic told the Herald earlier in the week that his hamstrings have been in great condition since undertaking the program.

“Ruben basically helps me with my routines before a game,” Trbojevic said.

“We’ve done it all year, just working on my warm-up exercises and stretches. It’s all about getting me activated.

“I’ll also do plenty of breathing. It calms me down. I still get very nervous before a game, I always do, especially the big ones.”