As the year's first Team List Tuesday dawns upon us, Round 1 every year brings forth shock selections, stars benched, and like every season - a host of rookies.

While many look at the young crop for the SuperCoach potential, the majority of us watch in anticipation to see what the next generation can deliver.

There's been some amazing rookies over the past few seasons, with the likes of Stephen Crichton and Harry Grant going from virtual unknowns to making the Origin squads in 2020. Every player on this list is yet to make their NRL debut, but you'll know their names soon enough.


1. Joseph Suaalii

Chances are you may be sick and tired of hearing this 17-year-old's name already, but brace yourself, because there's another fifteen years of Joseph Suaalii ahead. The kid is so talented, the NRL is considering giving the Roosters an allowance to play the former Rabbitoh months before his 18th birthday.

Did someone say another chapter in the Book of Feuds?



  1. Can anyone say “Trbojevic” ? All but everybody calls these boys Trbojevich. It is “vic” not “vich”

  2. Correct pronunciation would sound like Tr (roll the R)-boy-ev-its, unless they have an accent on the c, like ć (tj) or č (ch).

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