Corey Horsburgh has been floated as the potential breakout star of the 2023 season on this week's Zero Tackle Knock On podcast.

The Queensland State of Origin debutant has been in fine form, playing big minutes through the middle third for the Canberra Raiders and is reportedly set to sign a mega contract upgrade for the next four years.

Co-host Dan Nichols said on the podcast that no player has turned his image in the game around quite like Horsburgh.


"This is a bloke who prior to this season, and I say this with the greatest respect, was a mean footballer," Nichols said.

"Now you look at Corey Horsburgh, 'big red', he is a superstar. Lock forward, tearaway middle forward who debuted for Queensland and he is talking about a $2.4 million extension. We are talking huge money, and money that if you said this time last year he would be on, I would have called you crazy.

"I don't think anyone has ever turned their status around in the game as quickly as he has."

Other names to be floated included Patrick Carrigan, who has had an incredible last 12 months, centres Bradman Best and Herbie Farnworth, and New Zealand Warriors' hooker Wayde Egan were also offered as suggestions.

"I would say if we are talking about someone who has broken out and become an absolute superstar of the game this year, it's Patrick Carrigan. Last year, leading into Origin, people were questioning whether he should have been selected or not, but he has taken that form and become one of the premier middles in the game," co-host Terry Mortimer said on Carrigan.

"I would also look at guys like Bradman Best, Herbie Farnworth. I could also throw in a case for Wayde Egan, but if you're asking me who the breakout star is, it's Patrick Carrigan."

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