SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 05: Zane Tetevano of the Roosters reacts after being placed on-report during the round 16 NRL match between the Wests Tigers and the Sydney Roosters at Bankwest Stadium on July 05, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Penrith Panthers have announced the signing of Zane Tetevano on a two-year deal.

The New Zealand international moves from the Sydney Roosters where he won back-to-back premierships.

“I love what I see here at the Panthers and I’m genuinely excited to be part of it,” Tetevano told the club website.

“There’s so much talent in this team and I think Ivan (Cleary) and the other coaches can help take my game to another level.”

“It’s my goal to keep improving every day, on and off the field, and to share my knowledge and experience with the younger guys.”

The 29-year-old has played 103 NRL games and made his Test debut for the Kiwis this year.

Panthers General Manager Rugby League Matt Cameron spoke very highly of the new signing,

“To sign a premiership winner and current New Zealand international is a significant coup for our club,” said Cameron.

“The decision to bring Zane to Panthers was made in consideration of both his playing ability and the other qualities he has to offer.”

“Our contacts at the Roosters couldn’t speak more highly of the contribution he made to their organisation over the last three years.”

“Their sincere endorsement gives us great confidence that Zane will have a similarly positive impact here at Panthers.”

Tetevano joins up with the Panthers for pre-season training next week.


  1. TheRopeableRooster December 5, 2019 at 2:51 pm
    “Another greedy player leaving the magnificent roosters. When are these guys gonna learn.”
    BennyHill, he wanted out like Latrell. Will be on the same money at Penrith.

  2. butters December 5, 2019 at 3:14 pm
    “Great that will free up another million to spend on the cap. Rooster maths”
    Actually its $450k but as you say the sombreros will probably say they have another mill to spend.

  3. Its true the Roosters had to let the Premiership winner and Test player go with huge regret. The money was spent on upgrading Taukeiaho. Which means Latrell who is already contracted for next season and wants to stay, will stay. Like I said two days ago. I have it on very good authority that Mitchell will be at the Roosters next season.

    Nick Politis warned that we would not be able to keep the full squad together because of salary cap restrictions. The 2018 premiership team has now lost 5 players
    1. Napa Canterbury
    2. Ferguson Parramatta
    3. Matterson Parramatta
    4. Tetevano Penrith
    5. Cronk retired

    Looks like the Roosters are effected by the cap to me.

  4. Good prop who really peaked at the Sydney Roosters. Unfortunately the dreaded salary cap has forced another premiership winner out of the club.

    Trent Robinson resurrected Tetevano’s career after he was spotted playing for Wyong. He has the Roosters highest regards and they in turn gave Penrith an excellent reference for Zane to leave and increase his annual income. He leaves with two premiership rings knowing he is a victim of the salary cap. All the best. Will always be remembered has a premiership winning Rooster.

  5. I think you’re being generous to Robinson there MMW. I think he Tetevano played a fair bit of FG at Newcastle in the Bennett years and he’d represented Cook Is, so it’s a bit of a stretch to say he was “spotted” playing for Wyong when he was already well known. More likely he was just languishing in reserve grade . Anyway, good on Robbo for getting a fair bit out of him and being good for his career.

  6. Mark.mywords get your facts right.
    Tetevano only played in 1 premiership and dropped in 2019.
    Dont you recall Robinson letting the whole world know he gave him his premiership ring?

  7. 38er you should do some research my friend.
    Tetevano played 29 games for Newcastle then was banned for violence against women. He was out of the NRL for 3 years, then did the rehabilitation required at the time to be able to enter the NRL after Trent Robinson spoted him playing for the Wyong Roos.

    Robo inspired him to return to the NRL in 2017 and Tetevano went on to play in two premiership winning teams. Robo also coached him to be a tier one Test player for NZ reaching that status this year 2019.

    Without Trent Robinson Zane Tetevano would have been a Wyong Roos player still today. Now he is a Premiership winning Test Match player who has doubled his money to 500k at Penrith.

    Like I said top player who was squeezed out due to the salary.cap.

  8. where’s that panther supporter on here always ragging on the broncos for lodge? i wonder if we’ll see this person denounce their own club after this signing lol.

  9. Didn’t Mark, Adam WoodChips say that Tetevano would never sign for Penrith, just a couple of months ago.
    Wrong as per usual!

  10. I recall a N1TWlT penrith fan named EastOfParkes the spaceman, who was rubbing his hands with glee, thinking he was going to be cheering when the greatest front rower this decade as… quoted from the 2019 Big League Annual… would be playing for Penrith, but as per usual I am correct once more that he would not sign with a club on par almost with Souths as the worst perfomed team since 1972.

    I certainly do not recall anything about me saying Tetevano would not take their easy money. After all the intensity hard training work to win premierships with the Roosters, he is going to love sitting back taking it easy counting his easy cash. Great retirement few years gift, for Tetevano from the Roosters, after they gave him a wonderful reference to Those chocolate soldiers. Hahaha.

  11. Throw out all the insults you like WoodStack. You were wrong as per usual. As you like to put it ‘Fact’ . Tetevano will never go & play for Penrith. Do I add in the Ha,Ha,Ha’s ,to be a goose or Chicken like you? I guess it was just another case of ‘Not counting all of your blow in chickens, before they hatch’?
    Looks like all of the players over there are not happy to play for less ( supposedly ), to stay at the club. That was another claim by you. There you go, Wrong Again!
    Looks like your chickens are getting weaker. There must be less corporate backers to pay the players outside of the cap over Bondi way, for 2020?
    You could just go & have another rant about how Mitchell is a traitor & all the rest.
    We will all have a good laugh, if Mitchell does sign at South’s. Or any where else.

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