SUNSHINE COAST, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 13: Cody Walker of the Rabbitohs looks on during the round five NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the New Zealand Warriors at Sunshine Coast Stadium on April 13, 2019 in Sunshine Coast, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

Star Rabbitoh Cody Walker faces an uncertain future as contract negotiations stall.

Souths put a two-year extension to the five-eighth several weeks ago for 2021-2022 and want a decision as soon as possible, but talks have not yet progressed.

It is believed that Walker’s management have indicated that the current offer worth around $650,000 a season is way below what he was after, something closer top $850,000.

“We made an offer three weeks ago and we are waiting to hear back from his manager,” Rabbitohs general manager of football Shane Richardson told The Daily Telegraph.

“We haven’t got a deadline on it yet but we’d rather know sooner rather than later.”

With the club still deliberating over its captain for 2020, Reynolds would seemingly be ruled out given the stalling over his contract talks.

Richardson was confident that Walker’s decision would not impact him playing out the final year of his deal in 2020.

“He is part of our team next year and we don’t want him going anywhere else,” Richardson said.

“We also want him as a part of our team the year after. We just have to wait and see.”

Additionally, Richardson is set to meet with Jai Arrow’s agent David Riolo in the coming days as the Souths look to attain the wantaway star.

The Rabbitohs are reportedly desperate to get Arrow and plan to make him an offer once they get a green light from the NRL for salary cap help following Sam Burgess’ medically forced retirement.


  1. It would seem that Choc Mundine is giving all these indigenous players contract advice. They are asking 30% above market value.

  2. Walker is the Souths version of Mutchell, wants as much as he can get and lacks the common courtesy and respect to inform the hierarchy of contract negations. So the team can move on and buy a replacement.

    Walker greedy with the football is going like Mitchell now and go greedy with salarycap.

  3. They had better not get the green light from the NRL regarding Sam’s money.
    It is clear as day that his injury was a previous one and they should have his pay out on their salary cap.
    Fair or not doesn’t come into it.
    Those are the rules and should be adhered to not matter what club it is or who the player is.

  4. Mundine made more money then any nrl player plus he gave advice to sbw now you sbw has the biggest rugby league contract in the history of the game. For all the muppets on here who think Mundine doesn’t know contracts and business the proof is in the mans bank account

  5. Sometimes the advice needs to be accept what is on the table. Cody was playing great before Origin yet went missing afterwards.
    Choc knew how to make money by portraying himself as the villain ( everyone wanted to see him knocked out) so they paired to watch his fights. That is a smart businessman. He is a great guy away from the media. I know players have a short time to maximise their earnings but you also need to add the value to the team and Cody would be behind Reynolds as the go to player at the Rabbits. $650 is a good offer for his age and talent.

    If he is advising Latrell he may need to say stay at the Chooks if you don’t want to play at the Tigers or Titans and wait until 2021

  6. Not even worth $650K. Can’t tackle to save his life, was shown to be way out of his depth in SOO, a big fish in a little pond. Should be be thanking his lucky stars Souths offered him a contract extension

  7. So daffy all the best league judges reckoned Walker was the best 5/8 by miles till SOO where Fittler distroyed him , yeah you know better, hey lets all listen to daffy he knows, hopefully 21 is right and he has resigned, can’t wait for the usual idiot replies

  8. Ha ha penso, actions not words are all that matters and Walker was dropped after one game that’s how high an opinion they had of him, total garbage effort. He also went awol for Souffs in the semis too. BTW no one said he wouldn’t resign.

  9. Ok Kev. Watmough’s knee was wrecked while he was at Manly. He then signed at parra. Parra medically retired him and got full cap relief.
    At the same time snake and Matai’s claim got rejected.
    PS. Mundine had nothing to do with sbw’s contracts. Hahaha hahaha.

  10. eels , the pattern of that game made Walkers contribution difficult i thought at the time, Mitchell had a shocker which didn’t help, but taking him off was a bad mistake i believe by Fittler, when Walker came back on he nearly won us the game he should have stayed on the field, Fittler ruined his confidence big time doing that and then said some terrible things about Walker afterwards which made things worse, things like unforunatly Anasta is unavailable and have no one else to select, this took Walker a long time to recover from which he eventually was able to do, but I will never for give Fittler for what he did, never rated the guy as a coach and never will, he just got lucky NSW were in a position of player strength and QLD rebuilding after several retirements, Daly would have won had they kept him coach which they should have done.
    For the record i hope souths don’t pay him $850k a season, too much i believe, but if other clubs want to pay him that then good luck to him and i would not blame him for moving on, you only have so much time to make money in the NRL once retired it’s difficult.

  11. Overrated IMO $650k is at the higher end of what he is worth. $850k is way too much, hes a good half but not an elite player…….Sounds like Souths are pretty confident about getting Sammy’s money back, I guess they already got away with it for Inglis so why would it be any different SMH. Souths new recruitment stratagy will be paying overs for old/elite player then just retiring them.

  12. Am a fan of Cody, and I think 650k is the most I’d be giving him as well.. I reckon that’s about right… was on fire at the start of the season b4 unfortunately he failed @ SOO and never recovered..

  13. @penso
    you seem to have an excuse for everything
    poor cody, the NRL 1st grader got his feelings hurt by someone making a joke.
    they said terrible things ? what a load of bs from you

  14. Hey Angry. I too am ropeable about cody getting dropped. I had a bucket load of money on QLD and his dropping from the blues cost me a bounty.

  15. Lets face it, penso the Rooster junior has his Souths goggles on, penso I remember was exposed for disliking the Roosters because he was not graded by the Chooks for being a dud player, so he went and supported the Souths duds.

    Everyone on here knows Walker is a greedy player who only tries to do his own individuality on the field first, then if everything goes to the pack he tries to offload the footy to his outside backs when the scoring opportunity has evaporated. At best a 400-450k player. But if I were a club boss loking for a 5/8, he would not even be mentioned for a interview.

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