during the 2017 Rugby League World Cup match between the New Zealand Kiwis and Tonga at Waikato Stadium on November 11, 2017 in Hamilton, New Zealand.

South Sydney have expressed interest in signing Warriors’ captain Roger Tuivasa-Sheck from next season, despite declaring Alex Johnston as the club’s new custodian.

Returning captain Greg Inglis is set to be shunted to the centres in 2018, reducing the impact on his recovering knee, handing Alex Johnston his long-awaited number one jersey.

But that hasn’t stopped the Rabbitohs from showing interest in Kiwi fullback, a signing that would certainly create one of the game’s best backlines.

A fit and firing Greg Inglis alongside Dane Gagai in the centres, ‘RTS’ at the back, Alex Johnston on the wing and Cody Walker and Adam Reynolds in the halves would be incredibly dynamic.

It’s no secret that Tuivasa-Sheck has failed to live up to the hype since departing the Sydney Roosters at the end of the 2015 season. While we saw glimpses of the old RTS last year, it’s hard to imagine him recapturing his best while at a club known for its consistent inconsistency.

And he knows it.

Roger is never going to win a premiership in New Zealand, it’s a sad truth. The team had the entire Kiwi spine at their disposal in 2017, yet they failed to make it out of the bottom four last season.

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While Inglis offered strength and size in the fullback role, Tuivasa-Sheck offers pace and footwork, invaluable traits when returning the football up the field or chasing Reynold’s chip.

The All Blacks also remain a more than legitimate option for the fullback’s signature, Sheck stating playing for the international Rugby Union outfit was a dream of his growing up.

The looming retirement of Robbie Farah and John Sutton along with the departure of Angus Crichton frees up the cash for the move, the only question is – what if Alex Johnston performs?

Chasing RTS is an obvious signal of Anthony Seibold’s doubt in his makeshift fullback, despite the winger-turned-custodian scoring 22 tries in 22 games last season.

Whether the interest translates into anything more than that is a question for a future time, though if Seibold does pull off the marquee signing, it’ll immediately announce South Sydney as a team to watch in 2019.

But let’s see how 2018 pans out first.


  1. It still remains to be seen if RTS is interested in signing with South Sydney and if in his heart he is preparedto be a Rabbitoh To Souths.

      • I feel your pain mate.Souths went through hard times as well. Like Souths, the Warriors need to change from the top down if their culture and attitude is to change, which is where the problem lies. Talent has never been a problem.

  2. So this would move Johnston back to the wing. Whilst I argued for him at fullback on the GI article, I also said he is a better winger I believe, so this would be a win-win-win for Rabbitohs with RTS at 1, Johnston on the wing and GI in the centres.

  3. Inglis ,Gagai , TVS ! Throw in a season with minimal injury’s , a forward pack who can limit there mistakes and Souths are unbeatable, yes I said it , there pack is massive , and if they control the ball no one can handle them forwards

  4. Well we should have plenty in the kitty once Sutton Farah and Angus move on.
    That 1 mill just there plus cap increase theres no reason money should be a problem.
    What a dead set awesome backline and our forwards moving up field.
    If it happens scary to say the least.
    And if rumours are correct in Latrell and Angus swap ..Wow!

      • If Tom and George fire up this year the 3 Burgess boys and the rest of Souths forward pack will blow the Eels pack off the field in 2018. I think you are sounding a little nervous mate. Wishful thinking perhaps? 😉

        • not nervous in the slightest, I am confident without being arrogant, that the eels achievements in 2018 will match or exceed the levels of 2017.
          A champion pack will overcome a pack of champions most days – hard work and commitment will drive that momentum.
          The experience gained in 2017 will spur them on and, a fearless prediction, the King Gutho will be crowned Dally M player of the year and JH will rise above all the hype, performing at 2014 levels and dispatching all critics to the boundary. Moses will step up another level and Corey may end up at the GC.

        • A champion pack? Not the Eels surely? The only forward that the Eels have that has the “potential” to be a gun is Kane Evans. It depends on where they play him and how much work and effort he is prepared to put in. The Eels pack will be flat out holding their own in the middle of the field. They will not dominate the middle third but rather their job will be to hold their own and give their backs as much possession as possible. I don’t think the Eels will be top 4 in 2018 (although they should finish ahead of Souths unless Souths can remain injury free and everything falls into place). Souths do have the potential to be a top 4 team but the odds are stacked against them.

          If I am honest, the Eels are not a team I fear Souths facing in 2018. I think you may be in for a shock as everyone has already written the Rabbits off and that is never wise.

  5. I still see him going to union to play for the blues and all blacks to stay in NZ, but I’d argue that if he did go Souths I do believe he’d go back to his absolute best.

    1. RTS
    2. Johnston
    3. Inglis
    4. Gagai
    5. Graham

    Pretty good backline 👌

  6. It should be a bargain buy for Souths – he has done bugger all since he went to the Warriors – really hasn’t lived up to his ear-marked early potential.

  7. Hope he joins souths or goes to super rugby and eventually the All blacks. His career is wasted at the warriors!

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