Tim Sheens' loyal lieutenant and ex-Tigers recruitment manager, Warren McDonnell, has spoken on his departure from the club.

Earlier this week, it was confirmed that Warren McDonnell had departed the club after three decades with the club across two stints. 

McDonnell was not only behind the signing of Benji Marshall and Scott Prince in the past but also helped bring Englishman John Bateman and young fullback Jahream Bula into the club.

A close ally to Tim Sheens, his position as recruitment manager has been clouded since the arrival of Scott Fulton. After doing the same job at the Manly Sea Eagles, Fulton recently joined the club as a recruitment manager.

It was reported via News Corp that his departure was due to the Tigers being split over the decision to offer Luke Brooks a new contract, a rumour that Tigers' club officials deny.

McDonnell spoke to News Corp regarding his departure from the club and his relationship with Scott Fulton.

“Scott and I are entirely different people,” McDonnell told News Corp.

“We work in different ways and deal with people differently. It was never going to work but I take great pride in what we have achieved at the Tigers.

“The club has never been in better shape. We have recruited some quality players and we have some great kids coming through.

“The club is set up for long term success and I take great pride in the role I played in that.”


  1. “The club has never been in better shape”
    “The club is set up for long-term success”

    I can see how Mr McDonnell would like to feel he was leaving on an upswing, rather than walking away from a wreck, but he is deluding himself if he believes either of those two statements.

    In 2004 Wests Tigers won the World Sevens and in 2005 won the GF. That was probably the high-water-mark for the (JV) club. I doubt that the club has since been “in better shape”.

    As for predictions about future success; well, anyone can make those sorts of statements – even in the complete absence of arguments or rationale to justify them.

    Welcome aboard, Scott.

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