Braydon Trindall

The sharks have re-signed promising young halfback Braydon Trindall.

Trindal has been signed for a further two seasons.

The playmaker is relatively unknown in the rugby league community.

At only the age of 19, he is one of the best young prospects coming through the lower grades.

Trindall was awarded the Man of the Match in the SG ball grand final match for steering his team to win the premiership.

Shane Flanagan did speak very highly of the young star, telling the club’s website, “He’s an exciting halfback, a very instinctive offensive player and he had a fantastic Jersey Flegg season last year.”

The signing could mean that Matt Moylan will be the player to move to fullback, leaving Kyle Flanagan and Chad Townsend to combine in the halves.

This would mean that Trindall would be the backup if either were to be injured.

This signing means that the Sharks have arguably the best depth in the halves position.


  1. Now I’ve heard a lot about Trindall and Xerri from the sharks, don’t get me wrong both are very talented and have long careers ahead of them. But one player I rate for them coming up that doesn’t seem to get as much attention is Xerris centre partner Mulitalo. I believe he’s a smoky to get into the 17 next year, watch out sharks fans he’s a gun.

  2. I wonder if he would be related to Darrell ”Tricky” Trindall” who played for the Rabbitohs and the Bulldogs way back.

  3. He was all but signed by the dogs on real good money then he dumped manager without telling him and thought It was ok…. you can’t let one person do all the work and then give another the cream and think it’s ok 😂😂😂😂 players clubs and managers have gone mad !!! Bringin trade window fine clubs deregister mangers and suspend players who go outside rules and bring some order back to game

  4. Yer young talented Cronulla players great … problem is as a sharks fan they leave as they don’t have opportunity…. my beloved sharkies is like the Australian cricket team few years ago someone has to retire to get a shop …. of flanno has a failing ( yea I know there is a few ) he doesn’t let the youth shine ….. he buys players for now

  5. Well flanno might be out the door with his son soon, so hope Johnny morris gives the younger guys a run if he takes over the top grade. Also I would not want s. Johnson at sharks. not for only 12mnths anyway. Whats the point? Perfect chance to promote a junior.

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