SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 10: Andrew Fifita of the Sharks watches on from the bench during the round 14 NRL match between the Cronulla Sharks and the Wests Tigers at Southern Cross Group Stadium on June 10, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Sharks prop Andrew Fifita has been issued an official warning from Cronulla CEO Barry Russell for his expletive attack on NRL reporter Phil Rothfield on the The Halfcast Podcast, as reported by The Daily Telegraph.

“Excuse my French, but (Rothfield) is a complete f***wit,” Fifita said on the podcast.

The controversial forward was called into an 8am meeting with Russell before training on Thursday morning and was told any future indiscretions would place him at risk of breaking the code of conduct.

The Sharks chief executive was also looking to meet with Fifita’s teammate Josh Dugan on Thursday morning, who also took aim at Rothfield on the podcast.

“I’ve also reminded Andrew of his obligations to seek prior consent from the club for all media in the future,’’ Russell told The Daily Teleraph.

“Given what’s happened, the likelihood of that happening, is remote. It’s an issue that we as a club find extremely disappointing.

“I’m in the process of issuing a formal apology from the club to News Limited and Phil Rothfield.’’

Rothfield has previously feuded with Fifta and Dugan in the press for an incident at the Cronulla RSL in February.



    • I don’t even know how Buzz can even lay claim to be journalist – but Fatfita is definitely correct.
      The only reason the club want to issue an apology is cos buzz is the only one that gives them a positive rap in the media and they need all the support they can get after recent times.

  1. Andrew is spot on!!
    Buzz and all other New Limited so called “reporters” are all agenda driven mouthpieces of crap that is News Limited in General. Just look at the paper and what is written about in general. All designed to keep you in box. They are information with-holders, not people sharing info with the world. Israel murders kids and journalist but not one article condeming or informing this country on genocide committed by Israel. All other nations, not a worry.. expose them, but Israel is out of reach! Why? mmm look it who runs the board. News Limited are not news at all, they are bulls#@t propaganda!! That goes with footy too. They are losing their control of the NRL, hence all of the negativity about our great game! I thank and congratulate Andrew and Josh for saying it was most see it. The Sharks issuing an apology for what amounts as freedom of speech is rubbish… The boys should tell them to shove it.

  2. Cronulla should just run a tight ship, never heard a word out of Dugan whilst a dragon, the club is ill-disciplined under Flannagan.

  3. Look everyone. Players are not entitled to voice abuse at anyone. Cronulla are acting on this with warnings as to avoid a showdown with the NRL. What the NRL need to do here is issue a fine for Fifita’s foul mouth antics bringing the game into disrepute. This is not a good look for a “Role Model” to influence our young ones.🎱

    • Ever heard of freedom of speech?
      Fining people for speaking their mind is absolute garbage! I am sick to death of this P.C crap!
      They were bagged out by Buzz, but they must accept it, but if they comment back they are dragged over the coals? What a complete and utter joke! Anyone supporting that is a joke also! Stop treating everyone like children!! It is getting bloody pathetic!

    • Well said chook. Journalists are paid to divide opinion…something that players know only too well. I myself don’t agree with almost anything that buzz says but he’s doing his job. Fafita and Dugan meanwhile are doing nothing to enhance their reputation. Great players but not great in thinking first. Their mantra should be “ silence is golden “. I advocate freeness of speech but if your mouth keeps getting you into trouble…surely you’d just stop talking !?!?!

  4. trust duggan to be involved, the sharks signed him on apparently top money . FiFita should wake up and thought he was turning the corner but the post try celebration was dumb . Hanging out with duggan is even dumber . Why the sharks signed him for 4 years ill never know , i dont reckon he will last and will cause the club trouble.
    ashame players like lewy arent playing next year cause i think he is agood influence.
    Bagging rothfield ,he is one of the clubs biggest supporters but writes and says some crap …but he is a journalist thts right and not the worst one .
    spends too much time with muppet hadley !
    Up Up .
    holmes to nth qld is getting louder

  5. These two clowns need to make the most of their last few seasons in rugby league. With their attitude and appearance they won’t be getting a job anywhere, post football.

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