The NRL is set to make several rule changes for the ‘dead rubber’ clashes in Round 20, as reported by The Daily Telegraph. 

These changes will see a different use of the bunker and a reduced number of scrums. Referees will also signal six again for ten metre infringements instead of a penalty.

Forwards will need to be nominated on a team sheet to be allowed to pack down in scrums.

Whenever the ball is kicked into touch, scrums will be scrapped and a play ball restart will occur.

The way the bunker operates will also change, with tries no longer being referred to the bunker.

Instead, the bunker will review the try in the background to reduce game stoppages.

If the bunker finds the on-field decision wrong, the bunker will advise the referee to change the decision before an attempt has been made.

On-field try decisions may still be referred.

Rule changes will be in place for the Brisbane vs Cowboys game on Thursday night and the Warriors vs Manly game on Sunday.


  1. I’d take it a step further and make it so you actually have to play in “your” position.
    Prop/Front Row, Hooker, Secondrowers and Lock as nominated for scrums. Utility replacement excepted.

    Craps me off having backs in scrums and props at five eight/centre.

  2. Still can’t see why a scrum cant be packed over the ball on the mark, then ref blows whistle for hookers to strike for ball!..both packs just hold the weight without pushing to avoid injury and illegal feeding has been eliminated by half backs or even referees that has been suggested…contest for possession..SIMPLE!

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