Ava Seumanufagai has departed the Cronulla Sharks in favour of the Leeds Rhinos, which can allow the Sharks to recall James Segeyaro back into their top 30 squad.

Seumanufagai has been announced as a new Leeds signing with immediate effect, although the Sharks are yet to officially announce the move.

It opens the door for Segeyaro to join Cronulla in the NRL, after he recently signed a $1 contract for their feeder club Newtown, in a bid to remain a chance to join the Sharks if they lost a player.

The Sharks have been operating at $353,000 under the cap this season, which was the reason why Segeyaro has had to wait on the wings for an open position.

Seumanufagai leaves the NRL after 118 games for the Tigers and Sharks.


  1. What a joke. Blatantly cheated the cap worse than Parra and on par with the Storm but we’re allowed to let a top quality hooker sign with their feeder club for $1 and then allowed to bring him back after a few weeks.
    The NRL gave them a slap on the wrist so it didn’t effect the deal they had that would make them financially viable. If that happened the NRL would have to keep bailing them out.
    Cheated before their premiership, cheated when they “won” their premiership and cheated after it.
    No wonder the NRL is a 2nd rate competition.

  2. Wow $1… wheres the market value rule they used for Israel Folau, who went on the become the top try scorer in super rugby history. The NRL is run by a bunch of monkeys.

  3. Disagree with the 2nd rate comp bit but other wise you are right.

    If you stand back and look at this, they used illegal drugs in a deliberate systematic program in an attempt to gain an advantage. That didn’t work but it didn’t stop their disgraced coach to illegally maintain influence over the club, then they set up a separate company to illegally cheat the cap.

    This is systematic long term cynical cheating of the system. Not only should they have been denied their one dirty premiership but they should have been kicked out of the competition completely. Instead they are hit with a feather duster. Back dated bans, suspended fines and nothing of any consequence. I don’t agree with Melbourne getting their premierships back but when you compare them to this shower of a club and how they have been treated, then Smithy has a valid claim and Melbourne deserve their titles back. Its about fairness and equal treatment and there is nothing fair in this comparison.

  4. Its just inconsistency and a lack of fairness. If you are going to level penalties for what ever then you damn well better do it fairly across the board. Cronulla have consistently gotten away with the worst of transgressions. When it comes to the sharks, its a whole new rule book. I am not a sharks hater but there is a massive gap in fairness here. you look at it over the years and time, after time, after time they have been given every advantage.

    The only decent punishment the NRL ever dished out to Cronulla was the banning of Shane Flanagan and even that was in the best long term intrests of the Cronulla club.

  5. I think the fact that they let Sege sign a $1 deal with Newtown was more due to the fact that no other NRL clubs were willing to offer him a contract, whereas Folau would have been offered more than a few on the free market.
    All in all, judging by the recent bad media Union is now copping due to Folau’s beliefs and the preaching of them, the NRL may have dodged another bad story bullet.

  6. The war is over Ronnie, you lost. Emphatically. Not only did the Sharks win a Premiership, but they did so in beating your beloved Storm, with your hero and idol Cam Smith steamrolled by Fifita for the Premiership winning try. The only way it could have been sweeter is if it was Gallen, but Fifita was almost as good. The Sharks Premiership was the most heavily audited Premiership in history and the NRL have deemed it legal, making it the safest Premiership in history, unlike the recent Storm titles which have not been audited. The Sharks own their home ground, have recently signed up a host of sponsors, have a financial windfall coming their way and aren’t going anywhere. But please continue writing about them Ronnie, no matter how futile it is, it brings a smile to all Sharks fans faces knowing that even fans of other clubs dedicate their spare time to reading and writing about the Sharks.

  7. Hahahaha “I’m not a sharks hater”…..but you’ve been writing about the Sharks for years, creating new email addresses and login names not just on this site but others as well, all so you can have a whinge about Gallen and the Sharks……..it’s both funny and sad at the same time

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