SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 08: Luke Keary of the Roosters passes the ball during the NRL Qualifying Final match between the Sydney Roosters and the Cronulla Sharks at Allianz Stadium on September 8, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Jason McCawley/Getty Images)

With under a week to go until the NRL kicks off, we lay down an extended preview for each club. Below is a look at the back to back premiers, the Roosters.

Ins: Kyle Flanagan (Sharks)

Outs: Latrell Mitchell (Rabbitohs), Cooper Cronk (retired), Zane Tetevano (Panthers), Bernard Lewis (unsigned)

2019 Season:

The tricolours created history in 2019 by defending their title with a brilliant win over the Raiders on the final day of the season.

James Tedesco rose to become the best player in the game, while Cooper Cronk delivered his second title across two seasons in Bondi.

Luke Keary has become one of the game’s elite playmakers and will take over the side moving forward. The Roosters forward pack also dominated all in front of them.

Simply put, they well and truly deserved their second straight Premiership trophy.

Predicted Best Player: Luke Keary

With the retirement of Cooper Cronk, Luke Keary becomes THE man in red, white and blue. Of course he has a fair supporting cast in Tedesco, Manu and co. but the superstar number six has it all in front of him in 2020.

After finally committing to the Blues, he’s at very short odds to make his Origin debut if his form continues in the early part of the upcoming season.

Although he no longer has the game’s premier number seven guiding the side, Keary has emerged to the point where he could very well become the “next” Cronk, as much as I hate those comparisons.

I’m very excited to see what the 28 year-old pivot can produce in 2020.

Predicted Top Scorer: Daniel Tupou

There were ridiculous rumours that Daniel Tupou was on the out in early 2019. He responded with a rep quality season and was arguably the best winger in the competition.

I would be shocked if Keary and young Flanagan haven’t spent the season kicking to their wings, with the 6 foot 5 aerial specialist possibly the game’s best target.

Tupou will score a mountain of tries despite losing his left-side centre partner. Truthfully it doesn’t overly matter who plays centre inside him as he’ll so many opportunities regardless.

Tupou is in my top three try scorers this year and I expect him to be pushing 20 for the season.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – APRIL 25: Daniel Tupou of the Roosters is tackled by Ben Hunt of the Dragons during the round 7 NRL match between the Sydney Roosters and the St George Illawarra Dragons at the Sydney Cricket Ground on April 25, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Recruitment Impact:

The Roosters have only recruited the one player in the form of rookie halfback Kyle Flanagan. It’s safe to say though it this recruitment decision is a very big and important one.

Young Flanno had a brilliant debut for the Chooks in the World Club Challenge, with multiple try assists.

He stood in well for the Sharks when called upon and despite a brainsnap that would cost the Sharks a game, Flanagan has a monster future ahead of him.

No one can step into the jersey of Cooper Cronk, as Queensland have seen, but young Flanagan looks the perfect partner for Luke Keary.

2020 Final Position: 5th

This is arguably the most controversial of all of the season previews as the majority of fans and pundits alike have the Roosters remaining in the top few, but I just can’t see it.

Cooper Cronk is a monster loss and it’s worth remembering that Latrell Mitchell literally won games off his own back in 2019. He is a massive loss and cannot be replaced.

That said the Roosters have been able to retain the large majority of their all conquering side and will be there or there-abouts again this season.

I fully expect the Roosters to pants me here and finish in the top two or three but money on the line I’m predicting a slight slip from the premiers.

They’ll still comfortably play finals footy and are right in the running for a third straight title but across the regular season Cronk and Mitchell are massive losses.

The forward pack won’t lose many battles, Tedesco and Manu are the two best players in their position, while Luke Keary is a top five player in the competition.

Those hoping for an immediate fall away from the Roosters won’t be too happy in 2020.


  1. The Roosters have without a doubt been a great success story.
    A great club, they have been nothing short of brilliant winning 6 recent trophies
    Their coach is a master tactician
    Their players are the epitome of a team
    Well Done… you deserve to rest on your laurels however i dont think that will be happening from he greatest club of the modern era

  2. Butters, i dont think they have it in them to win a third straight.
    My Souths Sombreros have invested heavily paying overs for enough players and coaching staff to buy this years comp.

  3. Say what you like about the roosters but they do run a good organisation, in saying that they have been pretty lucky with injuries the last couple of seasons, they have a great team but lack depth. One major injury to teddy or keary would completely wreck the roosters season. Yes I’m aware most clubs would struggle if they lost a 5/8 or fullback for the season. The roosters problem is they have basic players as back up and no faith in their juniors hence the reason they are chasing josh Morris so hard

  4. Terddy123 the Roosters reserve grade was one game short of the grand final last season.

    The Roosters in recent seasons have by passed Mitchell at fullback for good reaseon. Manu is the back up fullback. 5/8 we have New Guinea internation Lam or Hutchinson and Radley is a ball playing lock who could slip easily into the pivot role.

    Like I said this team trains players throughout the off season in two different positions to cover for such events.

  5. I think 5th is about right.

    I don’t think you will see either of the Roosters or Storm in the GF this year and that can only be a good thing.

  6. I hope the super fan adamhoward is going to the game at Penrith this weekend. I’m really looking forward to meeting you

  7. Of course they bypassed Mitchell for fullback AdamOfDimWood. They’d already bought Tedesco from Wests. That’s a pretty good reason!
    Hutchinson, they bought during ‘ The Year Of Halves Purchasing ‘, last season.
    There is no reserve grade. If you mean the Canterbury Cup side ? They’re virtually all purchased from elsewhere, just like the first grade side. Just like this & last years first grade halfbacks .
    What an effort !

  8. Roosters 2020
    No MRC leg ups?
    No Cronk?
    No Latrell?
    No 2nd fullback with rule change?
    A whole season with 1 knock Keary surviving?
    Will be tough turning up on an even paying (sorry, meant paying) field.

  9. ClownOfPeriff like Terddy123 you can’t read. Would you like me to do a finger painting on some rock face so you can read the picture?

    I said our back up fullback is Manu. When Tedesco was in the Origin team or injured, Mitchell was overlooked because Manu was a better option.

    So your saying there is no reserve grade ClownOfPenriff. You are telling me that the Bulldogs donate a Cup for teams with players who are one grade away from First grade. Like I said….you are the ClownOfPenriff, no no, sorry clown. You are the ClownOfTheEntire Dividing Range.

  10. Terddy123 I told you before. I will meet you under the big cat scoreboard. Look for the old bloke with a metal walking stick with a big Roosters head handle.
    I’ll eat a viagraaaah and with my woody……

    The only Woody you will see is when I Turkey/Rooster slap your melon to the ground. Then kick your arse in the head. 💪🤣👍

  11. The back up halves you say. When they were missing halves against Newcastle last year. Those other players were so good in the halves, that they had another bought half ( Brock Lamb ) at halfback & Mitchell at 5/8th . How did that work out for them AdamRedFloppyShoesWood ?
    Did they then move to Lam? No, of course not. They went out buying more halves. Hutchinson, Flanagan etc.
    Radley was so crap at hooker when he first came into first grade, that they bought Verrills from Manly. As the back up hooker.
    So crap on all you like , about this player or that one. It’s the same Import Nuggets as always!!!
    There hasn’t been a reserve grade for years AdamDimWood. Get up to date.

  12. TwentyOne March 9, 2020 at 5:41 pm

    Like John Lennon sang… I’m just a jealous guy 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Welcome back back to back Champs..
    Your commitment and skill has given us so much joy

    Winners are grinders Jealous guy

  13. Wow used to come and comment here years ago and it was really good, its just embarrassing now.

    Rabbitohs and Roosters fans here you make other supporters look pretty bad.

  14. Might be time to “Hit The Road Jacks” and dont you come back….no more 🎶 no more 🎵 no more 🎶 no more, hit the road Jacks, and dont you come back no 🔊MORE!!!!!

  15. Spot on Mole52….ClownOfDivide is so jealous that when he writes in a huff and a puff he as per usual get Facts muddled up.

    Mitchell was trialed and failed by the Sydney club as a fullback and 5/8th but was a massive flop.

    Lam played a great game in one of the Roosters biggest days on Anzac day and passed with flying colours. Played four games but broke his wrist and missed the games when Keary and Cronk was out injured. Ready for his big chance this year barring injury. And another born and bred Local Junior like Crichton and Billy Smith.

    Hutchinson wanted back to Australia after playing in England and played 4 games quite well

    Get over your childish jealousy ClownOfDivide and grow up. Roosters are a champion club.

    On the news tonight Verrills was asked if he would look for another club with Friebd back. Verrills answered with…..why? He is happy to play 2nd fiddle, and he said who doesn’t want to play for the Roosters. Even Mitchell bawled his eyes out when the Roosters gave him his marching orders, with a year left on his contract. Verrills wont pkay mind games like big head Mitchell did.

  16. ClownOfDivide…..I quote another young Rooster debutant in Sam Verrills…….

    “Who dosen’t want to play for the Roosters”

    In simple terms for nit.wits such as pink panthers like yourself or fellow pansies TwentyOne & penis0 or terrds like Terddy123 and chalky.

    Every NRL pkayer wants in at the Sydney Roosters.

  17. Adamhoward
    March 9, 2020 at 8:17 pm
    “Might be time to “Hit The Road Jacks” and dont you come back….no more”

    I believe that was playing on the jukebox when Robbo went to Taree to beg Latrell to stay a sombrero.

  18. That song was playing in the grand final of 2018 when Munster got sin binned for the 2nd time with 5 minutes to go.

    I have it on good authority it was playing on the radio in the back ground as Nick and Robo gave Fatrell his marching orders when he attempted to come back to training for the Sydney Roosters

  19. That must have been after Nick had finished holding his breath & stamping his feet , when Mitchell wouldn’t re-sign.

  20. jacks March 9, 2020 at 7:46 pm
    Wow used to come and comment here years ago and it was really good, its just embarrassing now.

    Unfortunately 21 cannot live with the fact that the his south Sydney Sombreros can buy everyone and everything with 3 billionaire, Nana Glenn cheating, sweeping under the carpet owners and still not win a comp
    Quite simply he is consumed by jealousy
    Unfortunately he can’t dim the joy this team has given us over the last ten years..
    those experiences are with us forever
    They are not NSW cup victories in a comp with 4 teams that no one has seen or remembers

    We are the bona fide back to back Champs
    Winners are grinders

  21. Latrell will struggle, he is overweight, looking more like his chubby brother and old man every day.. He is very, very unfit for a fullback. He won’t play the whole game, at fullback anyway.

  22. As TwentyOne reminded me ,Lam is actually a South’s junior. The same as Crichton & Billy Smith.
    AdamOfDimWood, you just get so lost in your world of imagination.
    Did you mean to write ‘trialled’ You really are as silly as a bag of beans.
    What’s the point of your little stories about Hutchison & Verrills? They were bought. Just like Cronk , Keary, Flanagan & all the rest. Your little flowery stories don’t change a thing.
    By the way. I know it’s hard to remember all of the players bought by the Import Nuggets . The name is Hutchison , not Hutchinson.
    Again, little stories AdamOfDimWood. They trusted Lam so much. That they went out & bought Hutchison, Flanagan ( to be the first grade halfback ). No make believe is changing anything.
    ‘Lam passed with flying colours’. Let’s go & buy more players to put in front of him! 😂

  23. You fool ClownOfPenriff beleive that ninkinpoop TwentyOne at your own peril. He will tell you anything, he like you are drunk on Rooster jealousy.

  24. As I’ve said many times to TwentyOne and all his fellow village idiots….. Give me a list of your clubs achievements over the past 3 years….
    That gets rid of the idiots for a while…

  25. I hate this Sydney Roosters team.
    No matter how much more than everyone else that us Souths Sombrero Hombreros pay for players the Roosters still manage to get their teams playing so well
    They have provided us Souths Sombreros with nothing but envy of their winning ways. Lucky we have now bought Latrell from them for $1.5 Million per year and he can give us their secrets
    The semi final thrashing they gave us last year is still fresh in my mind.. that was so embarrassing for our Billionaire owners

    Souths Sombrero Hombreros
    Dirty shonky Richo and Russ and JPack

  26. I couldn’t give a fig about the Import Nuggets. I never have a go at any of the players there. There are a lot of good players there & very good coaching. That’s what money buys you.
    Just don’t go trying to make anyone else believe that it’s any more than that.
    World Champions, is still stretching it. Winner of the NRL/ Super League challenge game, is all it is.

  27. Hey Jacks – nothing has changed. Here you have one lone Souths supporter (misguided) taking the fight up to one lone Roosters supporter (under multiple names). The only thing that is different is that the multi named Roosters supporter comments on every item published on this site and somehow turns it into a Souths bashing exercise. Very sad.

  28. EastOfDivide March 10, 2020 at 10:45 am
    “I couldn’t give a fig about the Import Nuggets. I never have a go at any of the players there. There are a lot of good players there & very good coaching. That’s what money buys you.”

    But according to the wombats on here Fittler, SBW, Tedesco, Cronk, Artie B, Coote, Keary, Maloney to name a few were all nothing before they were poached by the stain and is where they were coached to become stars. Amazing.

  29. Chalky….the article IS ABOUT the Roosters, so I guess passionate Rooster supporters would have a licence to comment on it.
    What’s funny is the penriff and soufs gronks commenting (read here- bashing), Easts over an article that has nothing to do with their teams.
    I tend to agree with TheMole52….all these whiney little bitches are just jealous of East’s success over the past 10-20 years.

    Go the mighty Chooks for the hatrick in 2020 😄😄😄

  30. In case you have been in a cocoon for a few decades ClownOfDivide…World CLUB Champions, is Winner of the NRL/ Super League game. With the winner as the number one Rugby League team in the World.

    There can be no dispute about that FACT. Please ClownOfPenriff its time to keep your hand off it mate. Throw your Penthouse and Mayfair away pal. It has made you silly

  31. TwentyBumm the JealousOne.
    Beetson, Maloney, Tedesco never won a premiership until they played for the Roosters. Beetson never captain Australia until he played for the Roosters. Keary, Tedesco and Maloney never played for Australia until they played for the Roosters. Cronk, Keary, Beetson, Tedesco never won back premierships until they played for the Roosters. Just to reply to a few who the Roosters turned into better players than they were previously. I rest my case with pure Facts……

  32. AH
    Your are spot on buddy… however “Jealous guy 21” will never be able to see past his obsession and disappointment to post anything g of any sense

  33. GreatNorthy..
    That was very interesting. Can you tell your AdamOfDimWoodNugget mate to not put all of his crap after all other articles then? That would be most appreciated.

  34. I was in general commenting on your supporters carry on about your team.
    Even if you give them a bit of a compliment, you Nuggets have a go at that? What can you expect from a bunch of gooses, who continuously have a go at a great former player of the Nuggets . Who helped them win two premierships. How dare he leave !
    As for the supposed World Club Challenge?
    It’s such a pitifully small representation of countries in the world. It is still no more worthy of the winner of it calling themselves World Champions, than the winner of the NFL or AFL. AdamOfDimWood, can’t understand that?

  35. GNR, tell the Roosters supporters not to bring Souths into stories that are not about Souths, then I will agree with you.

  36. In case you have been in a cocoon for a few decades ClownOfDivide…World CLUB Champions, is Winner of the NRL/ Super League game. With the winner as the number one Rugby League club team in the World.

    Back to Back winners with the best club team on the planet………is………..
    The Sydney 🐓 Roosters!

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