The Manly Sea Eagles have released a statement following today’s alleged salary cap breach issued by the NRL.

The notice concerns preliminary findings of potential breaches of the salary cap over the last five years.

The statement by the Sea Eagles suggests there is a disagreement with several of the NRL’s findings and the club will be commencing a legal review.

The club will also be seeking an extension to the standard five day response time so they can do their due diligence on the issue.

Read the full statement below:

The Manly Sea Eagles were advised by the NRL today of their preliminary findings in relation to its ongoing salary cap investigation.

Sea Eagles CEO Lyall Gorman said today:

β€œWe were advised of the alleged breach by the NRL this morning and immediately convened our legal team to thoroughly review the breach notice and detailed files given to us by the NRL.

Based on our legal team’s preliminary review, there is disagreement with several of the NRL findings and consistent with our rights under the NRL rules and regulations have commenced a path of legal review and response.

As we have consistently stated, if there are historical compliance issues, we will work both internally and with the NRL to identify those issues and remedy them.

There is a significant amount of material to work through, based on the documentation handed to us today and the Club will be defending those matters through the appropriate channels.

Whilst the normal breach notice protocol is 5 days to respond, the Club will be seeking an extension to ensure we can deliver a robust response to the allegations.”


  1. E47 all our posts got removed , I think I said the magic word πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ wow
    As I said I understand the TPA’s by definition, but how do they work as far as governance is concerned

  2. If they’re found guilty the fair solution is simple:

    A. A fine of between $500k and $1mil, depending on the severity.
    B. Deregistration of any directors involved (if they’re still at the club)
    C. An equivalent reduction in their future cap. (as a percentage) to the amount they were over, and for the period they were over.
    Simple, and fair to all.

  3. Where are all the mud slingers who were around 12 months ago and indignantly stated that there was no chance that their club would ever cheat……the silence is deafening.
    Anyway, keen to see due process followed and await the β€œtruth” and outcome , whatever it may be.

      • Kev, I have to disagree.

        How can you say this will be swept under the rug when the reason it’s news is the NRL just hit them with a breach notice?

        I hate Manly as much as the next (normal) guy, and I have to admit there are some (not all) Manly supporters that deserve this, but if we can’t applaud the NRL when they are trying to discourage cheating, then the future looks bleak.

        • “if we can’t applaud the NRL when they are trying to discourage cheating”

          I’ll applaud the NRL the day they finally agree to do a comprehensive and impartial salary cap audit of the Roosters and the Broncos. While the NRL continue to turn a blind eye on these teams and only focus on the 8 remaining Sydney based clubs I will always shine a light on the the hypocrisy, inconsistency and injustice of this process.

        • The problem is that, once again, the NRL did not discover the problem on their own.

          I do agree, this won’t be swept under any rugs. I also don’t believe the match fixing was swept away. As much as i would have liked to see Manly cop it for that, it just seems the evidence wasn’t there. Don’t forget it was a police investigation not an NRL one.

        • @ mighty

          That’s because there is a difference “having a dug” and “having a debate” mighty. Or am I wrong Kev? mighty just seems to take everything literally these days. It’s playing havoc with my “silly season” to have a debate at the end of every punchline (the Hayne vs Burgess salary cap debate aside(. πŸ˜‰

  4. Cheats.
    Couldn’t run a chook raffle.
    Looks like 2 of their own gave them up too.
    Enjoy 2018 manly as the NRLs newest CHEATS.

    • “Cheats. Couldn’t run a chook raffle.”

      But Uncle Nick CAN run a chook raffle can’t he? Especially when he is always holding the winning ticket. Some people might call that clever while others would call that fraud. It all depends on which side the chicken wire you are standing I suppose.

      “Enjoy 2018 manly as the NRLs newest CHEATS.”

      Perhaps they are the newest but the Roosters the oldest cheats in the game.

        • No I just have more antipathy for the Roosters than for the Sea Eagles. Besides when you have an “angry eagle” perched on your shoulder (or blowing down the other end of a phone) it starts to sound like Long John Silver’s parrot which does strange things to your mind over time. Perhaps it IS a conditional response? Oh no, I’m starting to get a craving for chips! Aaaaaawk!! πŸ˜‰

        • Bahahahahahahaha That it? That’s your best shot? Don’t bring a pea shooter to a gun fight boooiyeee! When you have better material I’ll be here waiting.

          I will wear that on the chin in any case. There were stories circulated in the press to the contrary at the time which were not defended by the Bulldogs or Thurston who went quiet on the issue instead. This was a mistake IMO. At least I can apologise and admit when I am wrong. I doubt that you could you Steggles branded lemming.

  5. i knew there was more to this story when the rumor broke out a couple months ago. manly are scum! they deserve to be kicked from the comp.

    • Yes, there was when that Clown Bob Fulton went into obscurity!
      They do call him BOZO, you know!
      His new nickname will be BOTCHO
      He did Botch their Salary Cap.

      • “Incommunicado”

        You have to love the irony of that 🎩🎩🎩 or should I say πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“.

        I bet you had no idea that you were describing yourself when you wrote that hey Rooster boy?

        What’s that Reggie? I can’t hear you. You need to speak up or I will take your silence as proof that everything I ever said about you is true!

        That’s checkmate! πŸ”±

        Bon voyage! πŸ₯‚πŸΎ

    • Manly officials should utilise the Andrew Gee defence and just leave the country. Relocate them to Central Qld so there is a barrier between us and the crap in Brisbane. Nth Qld team for Origin

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