SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 21: Sam Burgess shares a joke with team mates during a South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL training session at Redfern Oval on March 21, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Rabbitohs captain Sam Burgess has entered a not guilty plea after being charged by the Match Review Committee with a Grade One Shoulder Charge after our round seven clash with the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs.

Burgess will fight the charge, arising from an 8th minute incident with Bulldogs player Greg Eastwood, at judiciary – 6pm Tuesday night.

If he fights the charge and loses he will accrue 280 points and miss the following two matches. If he fights the charge and wins he will be free to play against the Broncos next week.

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    • If Sam played north or south of the border I would be a lot more confident he would get off, particularly if he was eligible to wear maroon in SOO. Souths have never had a good record of challenging charges at the judiciary. Hopefully the idea of a dip in ratings for the Friday game might just tip the balance in Sam’s favour but don’t hold your breath.

      • This is the second time you have alleged that players who represent QLD are given advantage at the judiciary, especially before origin. You specifically named Smith, Thurston, Slater, Inglis, Cronk, Gillett and Scott. Can you please recall an occurrence where either;
        A: These players have committed an act leading up to origin that should have resulted in a charge and didn’t.
        B: They were charged and unjustly found not guilty at the judiciary.

        Also Brisbane have a terrible record at the judiciary. Since 2000, out of over 20 challenges at the judiciary only Karmichael Hunt in 2000 and Hodges in 2015 have got a favourable result. If there are others that have been found not guilty, and have skipped my mind, I am happy to be corrected.

        Time to take off the tin hat.

        • Knocker, your only making a fool of yourself if you honestly believe there is equity in the dudicery, knocker I’ve always supported Qld and have always seen this bias, it’s fact your head in the sand makes all Qld supporters look foolish

        • Rather than talking in generalities can you provide examples of this supposed bias or provide evidence the contrary? Making assertions without evidence or examples, to adopt your phrasing, makes you look foolish.

        • tommyknocker I don’t want to argue with you mate, it isn’t meant to be personal yet you insist on taking my comments personally.

          I have lost count of the times key QLD origin players have either gotten off or not had a case to answer during origin for an offence others would have gitten suspended for.

          Next you will be saying the Greg Inglis blatant knock on in front of Harrigan to win the series wasn’t a knock on at all.

          I would LOVE to sit down with you one day and go over ALL the controversial origin calls and times refs were conned by QLD. Was Thursron’s slap of Beau Scott in front of the ref even penalised? What about the 2 man strip bi Inglis and Thurston on Hayne to score under the NSW posts and win origin?

          My attempt at parodying Wayne Bennett recently was meant to highlight his hypocrisy in talking about “cleaning up the game” by targeting head taps after a mistake (a practice I might point out started by QLD in origin!) while the Broncos commit foul play on and off the field (i.e. Roberts) and he just sticks his head in the sand!

          From where I sit THAT appears to be a common practice north of the border.

          Just face it, we are never going to see eye to eye on interstate issues, that’s just the way it is.

        • As for your request to provide examples…

          Just thought nrl about it for a second,WHO in their right mind records every instance of a player being charged and let off during origin just in case in 3-5 years time you will be asked to provide evidence? How does someone even begin to research (google) players that were “almost” suspended around origin but we’re let off?

          Also, tin foil hat? Mate I have never come at you like that or attempted to attack you personally on a public forum and belittle you. Come on Tommy you are better than that.

          Btw, one other observation… WHY is it that you ONLY question my comments that are negative or critical of the Broncos or QLD and yet others who say the same escape your censure?

          Or am I a special case? 😱

        • It goes both ways though doesn’t it? Remember when Hayne headbutted Slater and got off just before Origin? It isn’t bias based on State lines, it is bias based on stature in the game or time of the year. It has been seen time and time again players from both sides of the border get off around SOO time for things that would be suspended at other times of the year.

        • SSTID, Where did I take anything personally? You posted an assertion and I replied asking for you to provide examples that would support your argument. There is nothing personal in that. You have stated that you want this forum to be a serious platform to discuss NRL issues, and I am doing exactly that. Very rarely have I made a statement without the ability to back it up with examples or statistics. You are certainly entitled to throw out any old statement but without evidence they are only unsupported opinions. Eels47 provided a great example recalling a specific event that I had forgotten.

          I don’t expect you to recall every instance, but if it was as prevalent as suggested just one or two examples is not unreasonable.

          “Tin Foil Hat” is not a personal attack but just a common turn of phrase suggesting that you are seeing conspiracies that, IMO, do not exist. It is a very minor barb at best and hardly a personal attack. Surely you are not offended by that!

          I tend to question your posts because behind your anti-Brisbane bias, it appears that you take the game seriously and know a bit about the game. Many other posts are semi-literate and not worth the effort. I don’t have the time anymore to fill up every story with essays.

        • Knocker, bet you said that in one breath, seriously you are sooo soft , like a choc creme caramel egg that’s sitting in the console of your Renault , bet you drive a Renault

        • “you want this forum to be a serious platform to discuss NRL issues”

          And fun too tommyknocker surely? Tell me you didn’t crack a smile over my “interview” with Wayne? He was hard to track down and he doesn’t say much! πŸ˜‰

          I will miss your essays though mate and our talks discussing rule changes and changes in the game. We each provide balance both to the Light and Dark side of the force (and I will let you guess which is which). πŸ˜‰

          Btw, no tin foil hat here mate, my reception is fine as it is (NBN FTTH), and my “bias” is based on inconsistencies or loop holes in the system that benefit teams when there should be no advantage or favour to any team irrespective of the NRL’s desire to grow the game nationally. The Broncos have a mortgage on Friday night games and a prime time TV slot to boost their commercial marketability. This also ensures the Broncos have, generally speaking, a set turn around period between games and are not subject to as many short turn arounds between games as other clubs. Surely you can’t think that this is evidence of an equitable system? Neither can the advantages we have discussed ad nauseam regarding TPA’s.

          I also am not a great fan of Wayne Bennet, beyond his arrogance and his snide and cynical attitude he is also the ONLY coach that keeps courting media attention by wanting to give his opinion on anything and everything to do with the game more than all other coaches combined! Why is he the spokes person for the game or for the coaching fraternity? Perhaps it is his privilege as Papa Smurf? πŸ˜‰

        • The whole equity issue is a hard one. In a perfect system all teams would be equal, however IMO a vast majority of the problems facing some teams are of their own making. Sadly TV deals keep the game alive and without the massive influx of funds from TV deals some Sydney Clubs would die. These clubs, rather than fixing their problems are year in year out relying on the golden goose that is TV to keep them afloat.

          This is a question I have asked before. Would you be happy for the NRL to remove a percentage of funding from Souths, a club that is fine financially, and provide it to Wests, Titans or Newcastle. As a Brisbane supporter I would have no problem with Brisbane getting less funding than struggling clubs on certain conditions.

          Rightly or wrongly Brisbane draw a massive TV audience and understandably the very people who invest in the game and keep it afloat want to put their star performer in the best time slots. Clubs cannot keep putting their hands out and then complain about the schedule. Brisbane have no input into the schedule and infact each year they request more Sunday afternoon games which is routinely denied.

          Lastly I know you don’t like Bennett, and as I have previously stated, I understand this. But when you have coached almost 800 games, more than any Rugby League coach in history, more than double of Bellamy the next most experienced coach, your opinion is going to be sought. Is it Bennett courting the media or is it the media hanging of his every word? Probably a bit of both.

          Oh and ST47, take note, this is how you discuss league topics. When you have something intelligent to say, feel free to contribute. Until then let the adults talk.

        • Friday night equity isn’t a “hard one” but I guess when you have 6 fingers on one hand ,8 on the other then counting may be difficult,

        • @tommyknocker

          Yes, but you didn’t answer my question… “Tell me you didn’t crack a smile over my β€œinterview” with Wayne? He was hard to track down and he doesn’t say much!”

          Poor Wayne struggled so much it took me an age to gaffer tape him to that chair, he kept asking me to take the spot light out of his eyes. He must be light sensitive! πŸ˜‰

        • And I was just trying to make him feel comfortable, I thought he was used to being in the spotlight! πŸ™‚

  1. Going on the cases so far this year he should be charged, this was more blatant than the one Jason Taumalolo was charged with and he plays for the Cowboys which is north of the border so that blows your theory out of the water.

    • Is it SOO week? JT would have gotten off it was. Wait and see what happens when SOO rolls around. I agree there should be consistency but the shoulder charge ruling has gotten soft. Separation now no longer counts and attacking players can run into stationary targets and raise forearms and elbows into defenders so it is all a bit of a mess IMO.

      • The shoulder charge is alive and well as long as you are attacking . If you defend with the same action your pinged .

      • “I agree there should be consistency”, and if there is Burgess will get 2 weeks, given the Taumalolo incident.

        “but the shoulder charge ruling has gotten soft.” Agreed

        “JT would have gotten off”. Maybe, but because of his size. I’d imagine if a smaller player braced themselves against the impact of a big forward it would be viewed as just that, bracing, as opposed to an act of aggression (deliberately trying to hurt a player).

    • “Going on the cases so far this year”

      Btw scopra, I don’t question that there has to be consistency and if this is no different to previous cases this year then fair enough BUT the game is getting soft! The same people that cry about this nothing incident applaud Matai’s hit on Tyrrell and Taufua’s similar hit on the weekend.

      Personally I loved Kane Evans huge shot on Sam Kasiano (I would think if people were honest most on here would have). Sam had no problem with it just as Eastwood had no problem with Burgess’ “defensive reaction” to Eastwood’s charge.

      The players are a pretty good barometer of what is and is not acceptable in the game. After all THEY are the one’s putting their bodies into n the line not us.

    • What is “a straight up shoulder charge” anyway? And what is the difference from a concussive impact trauma point of view between that and Steve Matai’s LEGAL tackle on David Tyrrell? One is OK (which far greater risk of injury) and the other is not. Even Eastwood said it was nothing. I am so tired of the game being turned into Oztag.

    • “he’ll get two weeks”

      No, no he won’t!

      NEWS FLASH: “Sam Burgess free to play after being found not guilty”

  2. I’ll be interested to see how he fights the charge. By definition it’s an off the ball shoulder charge but you never know with the judiciary.

  3. All of the Burgess brothers have always played dirty. Sam will get some time off because he’s been done for being dirty so many times before. Unfortunately for Souths it seems that is the sort of culture they are allowing. They always have forearms leaning on faces etc. in tackles and it’s unsportsmanlike.

    Sam will get some time for shoulder charging a player off the ball, and he deserves it.

    • I “wonder” who this “new” “Dragons” profile could be? Especially since their “I have never ousted before but..” first post is a scathing broadside to Souths supporters. You used to be a bit more subtle then that.

      Your posts seem to have disappeared lately… Bahahahaha

        • eels47, I keep throwing out baits for my little mate kettles but his red pen has ran out by the look of it. If I was sacked school teacher on centrelink benefits I would have plenty of time on my farm to correct the errors of others instead of having an original thought of my own. As it is I am employed and sneaking in posts where time permits. FTS and rushing typing on a small screen iPhone 5 with Fat Thumbs is just an accident waiting to happen. As Groucho Marx says; “I can’t type and spell at the same time.” πŸ˜‰

        • Contrary to false assertions by others who are usually short on credibility I only have (or have ever had) ONE profile on ZT. I have a friend who has posted on my behalf once while I was “otherwise detained” but they speak for themselves and not for me. Herr Goebbels ministry of propaganda need to check their facts before asserting something as fact.

      • Yes, it hasn’t escaped my notice that you & your special friend report all my posts so they magically disappear…no doubt much to your infantile amusement.

        If I wanted to trash your team, I’d use my only username – the ONLY username I’ve ever had. Unlike you & your mate.

        How many new posters who have disagreed with you have you both accused of being me now? Must be over 20. Yet, again: you are WRONG!

        Counting down until you both report me for responding negatively to you. Typically takes the pair of you about a minute.

        • As for MY “false assertions,” Reg: let’s look at yours.
          1. That poster is not me, nor have ANY of the many others been.
          2. You have stated at least a dozen times that I was “sacked.” I still work as a teacher, genius, & have never been sacked from any job.
          3. Centrelink??? Pretty hard to get when u WORK. What inspired that “assertion”?

        • Who are you talking to?
          You never make sense, constantly bringing up your private life on a Rugby League forum,
          Maybe you need to start with yourself before you begin to slander and critisice others
          Maybe you need to learn about Rugby League

    • Wake up to yourself dragon whatever , what a stupid thing to say, Souths are the least penalised team in the comp

  4. I’ve stated this before and I will again
    Taufua bell ringer on the weekend had everyone salivating, yet what is the difference between this “shoulder” and Sams?
    The height, as I said before the solar plexus is a vital area for human function, breathing and Jorge came close to removing one without the use of a scalpel, seriously the “shoulder charge” argument is flawed and will continue to be until the ban is lifted

  5. I have not had any internet access over the long weekend, so I am coming to the party a little late on this one, but here are my thoughts.

    It was a shoulder charge, simple as that. As for the argument of Sam simply bracing himself, that doesn’t wash with me. He braced himself, yes, but then he leaned into the “tackle”. He clearly showed intent. I don’t believe he had time to move out of the way though, as has also been suggested, but I have seen plenty of instances where the defender has simply stood there ground without needing to turn their shoulder.

    As for the comparison to Taufua, that is comparing apples to oranges. Taufua bent his back and attempted to complete a text book tackle. The force of the hit meant that he didn’t wrap his arms around the ball runner, but the attempt was there. That is how kids are taught to tackle, or at least were before the wrestle was introduced. Burgess made no such attempt at a tackle, but instead a clear shoulder charge.

    The argument here is not about the shoulder charge rule and whether or not we agree with it, it is about whether Burgess’ hit was a shoulder charge or not, and it was.

    • Not disagreeing but E47 my point is both techniques in “today’s game” are dangerous, I asked my son who is a big lad what he’d prefer (tackling wise) and he replied I’d rather be in the end if Sammy style shoulder than a Jorge/Matai/ the Beaver axe to the ribs any day

    • Love to argue the point with you eels47 but NEW FLASH!! Sam got off!! Bahahahahahaha

      I think the “intent” was to keep rating at it’s highest for the prime time Friday night game with the two clubs that have the highest support base/membership! Plenty of “intent” in THAT decision IMO. πŸ˜‰

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