during the round seven NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Canberra Raiders at Central Coast Stadium on April 21, 2018 in Gosford, Australia.

South Sydney Rabbitohs forward Sam Burgess could be suspended for the second time this season after a high-shot on Canberra Raiders halfback Aidan Sezer.

Burgess was only just returning from sitting two weeks on the sidelines after being charged with raising his elbow into Bulldog Josh Morris while being tackled.

The 59th-minute high shot on Sezer nearly sparked an all-in brawl, with both sides coming together in anger.

Burgess was placed on report and with two prior incidents already this year, another suspension seems likely.

Commentators of the match were of the opinion that the shot by Burgess was enough to warrant a send off but Burgess himself believed there wasn’t much in it.

Burgess told Fox Sports after the game: “I didn’t think there was anything in it.”


  1. He was falling in the tackle and first point of contact was the arm and due to the angle Sezer was on the arm then slid up to the head. On field penalty was sufficient for accidental contact to the head.

    • Had sezer been k’od would it have been a penalty? Rugby are good as they are always consistent. Nrl refs only resort to cards when someone gets badly injured. If they are truly worried about player welfare it has to be zero tolerance.

      • I agree ride2raid. I am just stating what I believe Souths defence at the judiciary will be.
        It is bloody ridiculous that a player gets 10 in the bin for a ruck infringement but doing serious damage to an opposition player only warrants a report.
        The NRL are so out of touch it is ridiculous. They harp on about player welfare but show a complete lack of it when players are hurt on the field. Case in point in last nights game between Cowboys and Titan’s. Asiata was down and badly hurt but the refs let the game play on and he almost got trampled on when the play went right past him.
        The NRL have a duty of care and to be honest they are failing it miserably.

  2. Burgess arm never gets more than 30 degrees from the side of his body . This compared to a coat hanger or swinging arm tackle that has to be around the 90 degrees from his body . There was no swinging motion of the arm going backwards past his body to cause intent in the tackle. Finally if Burgess is 185cm and as I stated his arm makes initial contact at 30 degrees from his body, Sezers shoulder/ head hits Sezer at say 130/140 cm high . Sezer was falling and Burgess had no intent or much of a target to tackle . If suspended it would be enough BS decision by the NRL and for the moron commentators call for a “ send off “ , need a good look at themselves.

  3. We should just skip the judiciary and give him 12 weeks on the sideline. The Channel 9 News’ Erin Molan said that he will get a lengthy stint on the sidelines, other commentators say the same. What happened to ‘innocent till proven guilty’?

    Let’s wait and see what happens then have a go at the decision one way or the other.

  4. It’s a body contact sport… unfortunately the soft smelly stuff happens…

    More over, can we sign J.Clarke for another couple of seasons, kind of player ever clubs needs and more importantly he’s playing very good footy.. he wouldn’t be on huge money and I believe is worth keeping, it would be a shame to see him in a different jersey.

    Interested to get other bunnies opinions.

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