The Sydney Roosters have named their squad for this weekend's NRL Nines tournament.

Matt King will coach the team, while Drew Hutchison will serve as skipper.

The Roosters face the Panthers on Friday before a clash with Warriors on Saturday.

Roosters' NRL Nines Squad

Max Bailey
McKenzie Baker
Egan Butcher
Lindsay Collins
Nick Davis
Poasa Faamausili
Tom Freebairn
Drew Hutchison ©
Matthew Ikuvalu
Asu ‘AJ’ Kepaoa
Lachlan Lam
Freddy Lussick
Luca Moretti
Daniel Suluka-Fifita
Lupe Tivalu
Christian Tuipulotu
James Tuitahi



  1. Saw this team and thought Roosters care little about 9s with this squad, then realised WCC is on. Not a level playing field in regards to winning 9s prize money when Roosters can’t field their strongest squad because they’re First grade players are off playing St Helens. Has this always happened to the Premiers? I don’t ever remembering it occurring. Massive stitch up

  2. I was about to say they are supposed to have a certain amount of 1st grade players in the squad and how are they getting away with this.
    I forgot about the world club challenge.

  3. Sydney are the defending Nine’s Champions. This team still will cause boulovers gallore. Daniel Fifita is something special, Lam will impress here. Collins, Faamausili and co have been instructed I understand, to cause injury to as many Pink panthers as posible, in wake of their round 1 clash.

  4. MarkNugget…
    What’s a ‘boulover’? Your team had their bowels run over by Kikau a few times. Maybe that’s what you meant? What part of that looked special to you?
    Again, it was mostly just a Nuggets Canterbury Cup team. So you can’t take anything from that.

  5. I hope St.Helens take out as many Nuggets as possible, in the World Club Challenge game . On their way to Victory, would be even better! Ever thought of using some elbows / forearms to the jaw St.Helens? Ask JWH . He knows all about them.
    Maybe dive at their knees after they score a try? They know about that as well.

  6. ClownOfDivide is having a dummy spit 😂🤣😂

    EastOfParkes the Defending back to back Premiers and current World Club Champions the Sydney Roosters, are playing for a real Trophy, in the real 17 man game, called Rugby League, on the other side of the planet.
    Not this made up rubbish game called Nines, in which it undoubtably does not reflect Rugby League in the slightest way.

  7. Good Luck 🤡ofDivide for your Pink foot of the mountain girls who will need all the luck you guys can muster, after defeating our mostly North of Sydney Roosters 2nd grade squad.😂🤣😃🤣

  8. No dummy spit MarkWoodDump..
    Just replying to your rubbish about taking players out. Which one of your second graders tried after having another try scored against them.
    They looked so special, those players you talked up. On their way to getting run all over. I can see they’re going to cause some real upsets ! I think they were the only ones wearing dresses. Give them some pom-poms & let them cheer some actual teams on!
    Is doesn’t matter what the Penrith side does from here on. They’ve trampled your nines second rate team. The Nuggets should be running out as the crow eaters. On second thoughts , it’s you that should be eating crow.
    By the way… Plenty of time in that world club challenge to suffer some serious injuries. Wouldn’t it ironic if the NZ centre suffered an ACL injury. Then your club would have to look to buy two geriatric centres. 👳‍♂️👨‍🦳

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