Roosters boss Nick Politis acknowledges his club will struggle to keep the crux of their grand final winning team with rival clubs circling.

Centres Joey Manu and Latrell Mitchell along with the likes of Siosiua Taukeiaho, Brett Morris, Nat Butcher and Mitchell Aubusson are all off-contract in 2020.

The other 15 NRL clubs are able to officially lodge offers for 2021 as of November 1.

It's being reported Manu is most likely to stay, which will be a big boost for the Tricolours.

Cooper Cronk's retirement and the likely exit of Zane Tetevano will free up much-needed salary cap space, along with Aubusson retiring when his one-year deal concludes after the 2020 season.

Politis admits he faces a battle to keep all of his players after next season.

"We obviously want to keep a winning team together, who wouldn't?" Politis told 

"But it is really hard with the salary cap.

"Every year we lose a couple. Next year Cooper goes and in our salary cap a few guys will be bumped up and deservedly so.

"For next year we're all but locked up but the year after we do have six or seven guys coming off-contract (in 2020).

"We don't want to lose anybody, but players will get big offers, and sometimes we're not able to match it."

Co-captain Jake Friend isn't going anywhere according to Politis even after rookie Sam Verrills' solid finish to the year in the No.9 jersey.

"He's getting married next year, he's got business opportunities around the area, ask anyone, Jake's the heart and soul of this club."

However, Mitchell's next contract has been heavily reported on in the media this past season though it seems he will re-sign with the Roosters in the coming months.

The increase in salaries for some players will mean others will be squeezed out.

"It's happened regularly, we've got players at plenty of clubs, they've gone elsewhere, they're doing well and earning more money, so good luck to them," Politis said.

"There's a whole team of Roosters players who have gone on and are doing well."

"Players only have a limited lifespan in football, you can't begrudge someone earning what they can while they can."


  1. It hasn’t been a problem for 7 years so why now all of a sudden?
    He even says it with a straight face.
    Sorry, not buying it and maybe the stripping of 3 premierships will confirm most peoples opinions.

  2. Everything you say is wrong Stephanie, how do you expect to be taken seriously now?

    All year you dribbled on that Souths would win the grandfinal, what happened?

  3. This forum will go rampant and all for the betterment of the NRL.
    What were you expecting Nick?
    Maybe Robbo thinks by giving his ring away its 10k off the salary cap.

  4. Schubert has tipped him off that they will be audited next year so they are clearing the decks and getting rid of the evidence.

  5. ManWar78 October 8, 2019 at 1:05 pm
    Schubert has tipped him off that they will be audited next year so they are clearing the decks and getting rid of the evidence.

    Same audits as all the other clubs!

  6. DaveWombat99, back2backWombat99 and kelbyWombat
    Politis – “He’s getting married next year, he’s got business opportunities around the area, ask anyone, Jake’s the heart and soul of this club.”
    Jake Friend with an iq of 37 has business intersts?
    Hope goes better than his prescription business 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. James Tedesco (vc) Origin Player
    Daniel Tupou Origin Player
    Latrell Mitchell Origin Player
    Joseph Manu International
    Brett Morris Origin Player
    Luke Keary Picked for Origin Player (injured)
    Cooper Cronk Origin Player
    Jared Waerea-Hargreaves International
    Sam Verrills OK 1 dud
    Isaac Liu International
    Boyd Cordner © Origin Captain
    Mitchell Aubusson OK another dud
    Victor Radley OK 1 more dud
    Angus Crichton Origin Player
    Zane Tetevano International
    Nat Butcher OK makes 4 duds
    Jake Friend Picked for Origin Player (injured)

    Thats 9 Origin players who between them have played with 2 selected but unavailable through injury.
    Then you have 4 other current Internationals in the team and leave only 4 duds in the 17.
    So how do you field all this talent under the cap Nick?
    What is the secret formula that makes it all above board or do you just take the wider NRL community for mugs and think you are immuned to anything shifty?
    You say the team is intact for next year other than Cronk going but have reportedly paid $500k for Flannagan from Cronulla to replace him. So he fits under your cap as well?
    Any chance of letting us all know how your TPA’s are structured?

  8. Replace Tekauahu for Tetevano to this list but Tekauahu another international.
    Then we have the remaining 12 to make up the list of 30.
    Whats sitting in there salary wise?

  9. Hey Nick, all this great talent and why isnt it reflected through memberships?
    What is it about the image of your roosters that despite 2 premierships have a declining membership?
    Just as well you have the pokies and wealthy individuals to keep things going unlike the Rabbitohs who rely on club membership to fund this great club. 30000 of us. Pokies? No thanks.
    On top of that, the Grand Final had the worst TV ratings in 10 years as reported throughout the media.
    The highest was 2014 where the ratings went through the roof when Souths won their 21st premiership.
    Just another fact which coincides with the 80/20 GF crowd and the dismal interest in rooster fan base and deteriorating membership.
    Its no secret the ref deciding 2019 GF will see a continued exodus of following for the Sydney Sombreros.
    It why I’m proud to be forever a South Sydney member and supporter.

  10. Lol
    Nice one Nick. Is it April fools?
    In all seriousness, Roosters have absolutely nothing to worry about. There’s plenty of cap space available.

  11. Ok .All the players are locked up for next year. 2 lesser lights gone mid season 2 more just gone = 400k.
    Tetavano no contract offered maybe also gone 300k =700k.
    Cronk gone 1 mill=1.7 mill. Increase in the cap next year 200k = !.9 mill. Out of that Mitchell gets 100k upgrade for the last year of his current and then pay Flannagan.
    On him 500k for a player with 8 nrl games under his belt pull the other one.
    Aubusson Morris and Hall gone next year another 850k. Looks like they have enough to extend and upgrade who they like.

  12. Twentyone Wealthy individuals? Souths have Crowe and Packer. Packer could buy and sell Nick 10 times over.
    As for Pokies? No thanks. What do you think has funded the Juniors for the last 60 years. Souths Juniors at Kingsford.

  13. Yea that’s because ordinary people now are starting to realise that Roosters is a cheat club. I would not be surprised that There are people who are now investigating Roosters behind the scene. This Cheat Nic knows that if they do not let go of some players they will be caught out and loose all their titles from 2018 and 2019.

    By the way, it is now Tuesday, and no one from NRL wants to touch the absolute Disgraceful act of deception that took place, that is, the act of 6-more tackles. Just shows the level of corruption there.

  14. Alex how do you expect us to take anything seriously? You can’t even spell the word LOSE. Must be a few screws LOOSE in your head.

    The only other dweeb on here that spells lose like that is Stephanie, have you started using your 6th account now Steph?

  15. “unlike the Rabbitohs who rely on club membership to fund this great club.”

    Hahahaha Souths rely on packer and a dirty kiwi to fund the stain of a club, Crowe is the only reason the stain is still around. GOOD TEAMS DONT FOLD

  16. @Back2back19 … only a true jac.kas.s indulges in immature posts like yours. Grow up dude – you are not a 2-years old anymore.

  17. Back2Back3peat20 Souths with no Leagues Club are free loaders and 6000 members have walked away from the Rabbits supporters fund raising membership. Even Crowe a few years ago wanted out of Souths as they drain his money and he was getting sick of it. Still will happen though. Just a matter of time.

  18. Dave I think there was 2 South dans that thought Souths made the grandfinal, there was literally 2 of them sitting in front of me Sunday wearing south jerseys. I made sure they had a rough night.

  19. Back2backWOMBAT stop telling porkies.
    There were no souths jumpers in the free ticket section you and your free ticket family were sitting in.

  20. Must have worked out a cheap night the 6 of you taking the free shuttle from spring st , bags packed with cordial and shaped crackers.

  21. Back2backWOMBAT was it a good night with you, your hubby, your 30 year old daughter and her 3 grandchildren?
    Did you all go last year as well?

  22. Back2backWombat19 did your step great grandkids enjoy watching their dads playing?
    Your step granddaughter would have been very proud as well.

  23. We are No. 1, all others are 2nd or less…. soufs fall into the “less” category…….despite all the millions crowe and packer pour into the cap cheating vermin…they still can’t beat the class of The mighty Roosters. You can whine and bleat all you like twenty….cold hard fact is Easts are CHAMPIONS. So go have a cry into your wee little pillow and let that sink in over summertime. Hahahahaha

  24. Hey TwentyOne…
    This is what Dave99 ( alias Back2Front, WoodRot & all his other alter egos )wrote . Under the ‘Broncos look to Sezer for 2020’ story.
    October 6, 2019 at 6:13 pm
    EastOfParkes Penrith Spaceman. Your xats are to busy letting players go because they realise their local juniors are duds. They are freeing up cash to become like Sourhs and go on an import buting spree.

    Anyway I’m at the grand final on the 49m line to witness the World Champion Sydney Roister Premiers win back to back. Enj ou y your tv telecast with that hopeless fool Johns calling all the wrong insight views.
    Wonderful stuff , isn’t it? You can see him dribbling as he wrote it!
    Even calling his team the Roister Premiers. 👍

  25. Your the only one on an ‘ import buting spree ‘ WoodRotDave.
    Again, ‘Enj ou y’ your day you ‘Roister Boy’! Ha,ha,ha!!!

  26. EastOfDivide Ricky Stuart nailed it when he referred to them as “WOMBATS ”
    It’s obvious they can dish it out but dont like receiving it.
    All these WOMBATS are crying because no one respects their win.
    Will be remembered as the THEFT GRAND FINAL by all.
    No question the Raiders were robbed by the team most looked at in the NRL as the cap ror.ters.

  27. Back2back19 October 9, 2019 at 6:11 am
    “4 unanswered comments it must be the time of the month again for the big rig Stephanie.”
    BackslapWombat19 I don’t post expecting feedback comments from WOMBATS.
    My contributions are for those on here who exchange common sense and factual posts unlike yourself where you have to create a new nic every few weeks after being barred.

  28. DaveWOMBAT99 “Anyway I’m at the grand final on the 49m line”
    Yes WOMBAT we know. The camera zoomed into the free ticket section and there you were sitting with your free ticket family next to Back2WOMBAT19 and his free ticket 30 year old daughter and her 3 grandchildren cheering on their 3 dads.
    You have to stop bragging about your direct ties to the roosters.

  29. timmahWOMBAT is it correct in assuming you are related to BackWOMBAT19? So you are the 30 year old daughter who has the 3 grandchildren. OK now we all see how it all fits in.

  30. Cronk to continue as coach next year and Robinson as assistant coach as in past 2 years.
    There’s one of the TPA in followed up.

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