Sydney Roosters coach Trent Robinson slammed the NRL bunker over controversial calls in Friday night's game, where Dominic Young was sent from the field and Victor Radley was sent to the sin bin.

Finishing the match with 11 men on the field, winger Dominic Young was sent from the field in the first half on a high shot on Blake Taaffe - and is now facing a suspension of two to three matches.

While Robinson agreed that he should have been sent to the sin bin, the Roosters coach believes it was a "bit over the top" to be given his marching orders and spend the rest of the match in the dressing sheds.

"(He) hit him high and it's not good for Blake. You don't want to see that," Robinson said after the game.

"It hit him in the jaw, but it wasn't a swinging arm. It was open-handed. It was lower than shoulder height.

"If that's the standard, that's fine. But that's a new one for me. I feel like that's lower than what's been sent off before.

"It's definitely a sin bin. Blake's got concussed from that … But we've had guys stay on the field, not even go for 10.

"That was a bit over the top. If they come out and say, 'Rightio that's the new (rule)', there'll be a lot more send-offs in our game."

With the bad calls continuing, Victor Radley departed the field late in the game for a hip-drop tackle on Stephen Crichton despite the centre being tackled by Connor Watson.

Not only did the tackle fail to meet the indicators of a hip-drop tackle, but Watson tackled Crichton down to the ground rather than Victor Radley.

The Match Review Committee (MRC) did not charge Radley for the incident.

"The (sin bin) one was ridiculous," Robinson said.

"Connor is the one that tackles (Stephen Crichton) from behind and twists his ankle, and then (Victor) falls on that ankle.

"How they got there, to that decision, that's incredible. That was below par."

Bulldogs coach Cameron Ciraldo agreed with Robinson post-match.

"Accidents happen. And we've been on the other end of them a few times," Ciraldo said.

"So I've got sympathy for a bloke who gets sent to the sin bin for hip drops."