GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - MAY 07: Izaia Perese poses during the Australian Wallabies headshot session on May 7, 2018 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

Queensland winger Izaia Perese has destroyed the hearts of many Union fans after making a stunning code-swap to the NRL, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald.

Perese was touted as one of the most exciting prospects for the Wallabies just last year, after his performance for a Wallabies’ touring squad prompted coach Michael Cheika to say that he was “killing it”.

Now, it is understood that he will leave the NRC and his future as a Wallaby to join the Brisbane Broncos through a training replacement contract, spending 2019 with feeder club Redcliffe Dolphins but likely to commence a full-time deal in 2020.

Perese was identified by Cheika as a bonafide star on the rise, so his departure will be a great blow for the coach and for Australia’s World Cup plans as a whole.

He’s killing it,” Cheika said of Perese last year.

“He’s in a very competitive position. I think he’s a guy who can defend in the midfield as well.


  1. Went to the same school as the likes of Sua, Croft and Ponga. Also played league growing up and made a few rep teams, he’ll be a gun centre/winger.

      • so one player leaves union to come to league and all of a sudden it’s dead? Atleast the code doesn’t have players who currently have been charged with assault, over a PS4 and one who bit a lady in the .. 😂😂😂 You can talk bad all you want about union, but league isn’t perfect either dumbooooo

        • Unfortunately WTN I have to agree. League has far too bad a public image to get on a morale high horse over union. Then there’s the likes of Folau, Burgess, Marshall (and potentially Crichton after 2021) who have left league for union. Hate the sport, but they’ve got a good setup at the moment.

        • Don’t forget to add Roosters legend SBW, who left TWICE 😂 I love both sports, but this clown bags rugby like it’s in shambles like League atm, but then again we can’t really help that he does have special needs ..

  2. Will replace Corey Oates next year, when he leaves to either follow Bennett or play Second Row for another team. Good signing tho

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