Speculation regarding the future of Cronulla Sharks coach Shane Flanagan continues to increase as the NRL's investigation into the club's salary cap remain ongoing.

After finally delivering a premiership to the Shire after a 49-year drought, Flanagan could be on borrowed time at the Sharks, according to Fox Sports.

When all the salary cap drama is over and done with, there is a big chance the Sharks might have no other choice but to go in a different coaching direction.

Given all that the NRL has uncovered in relation to the payments made beyond the salary cap, Cronulla may have no alternative but to replace Flanagan has head coach.

Otherwise, why else with the Sharks not want to secure Flanagan's services given the success he has brought to the club?

One of the reasons could be Flanagan might have some explaining to do when it comes to him being interviewed by the NRL regarding the salary cap investigations.

There have been some rumours circulating the Sharks have been discreetly exploring other coaching options for the last few months.

Flanagan is contracted to the end of 2020, but he could even be replaced for the 2019 season given the outcome.

Current assistant coach John Morris is somewhat being considered for a trial period of 12 months as head coach while the club figures out what to do long-term.

The only thing which could save the club from heavy penalties is the fact CEO Barry Russell initially self-reported what was thought to be a minor indiscretion around an undeclared third party agreement.

It's believe since that point, the NRL have uncovered a lot of information which is pointing in the direction of Cronulla becoming the fifth club since 2002 to be sanctioned for salary cap breaches.

The 2016 premiership is understood not to be under threat of being stripped, however a hefty fine of up to $1 million dollars wouldn't help the already dire financial status at the club.

The Sharks only used 95% of their cap in 2018 due to cash flow issues, and now former board member Craig Airey, who loaned the club $1 million, has stepped away from the board of directors.

Currently given the information already uncovered and more to come, things could be heading in a very ugly direction for the club from the Shire.

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