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The Newcastle Knights have launched a brave bid to sign England Test five-eighth George Williams, as reported by

Rated one of the better playmakers across Britain, Williams played in last year’s World Cup, and at 23, already has seven Test caps to his name.

With Brock Lamb and Jack Cogger both departing the Knights, the club is on the search for a world class five-eighth to partner with Mitchell Pearce and believe they have found their man in Williams.

Williams is still under contract with Wigan for 2019 but the club is believed to be prepared to release him – because Adrian Lam, the club’s new head coach, may bring in his own son.

Lachlan Lam is a Papua New Guinea international and is  also starring for the Sydney Roosters in the lower grades.

Wigan will still want a transfer fee and that could prove a stumbling block to the deal being processed.


  1. He’s a great half, watched him his whole career and is very, very talented. Has a few areas to improve upon, but hopefully will be a good player in the NRL.

  2. Didn’t know there was confirmation of lamb leaving yet…
    If they are looking to replace Connor Watson already that just shows how bad a coach brown is

    • i agree. i dont know what to think of the knights spending spree. i think it is a bit all over the shop, and they’re not letting the team settle and work towards perfecting their combinations…sure, their team is not quite ready but they have only been going for back recently and i don think it is the way to go for them

      • I think their going for backs is to increase their depth in that area.
        In terms of them going for forwards, there aren’t that many really good ones on the market at the moment, but every time something is said about Taupou or Klemmer leaving their respective clubs, the Knights are always mentioned. I think they are just waiting to see if any of these type of big boys become available. It would be silly for them to spend money now on a mediocre forward, only to have a great hard running forward to become available and then not have the funds to chase them.

        • The thing is, there is always big name forward which is what they desperately need on he market or would become available if the price was right…
          Knights have way too many backs that are all thinking they will be playing 1st grade..
          Like last year. Should of thrown money at James graham..
          Or even Woods this year..
          Shannon Boyd, there has been plenty that they need, except he is happy to sign lillyman and hieghton, who both at there prime wee only solid first graders…
          Knights have some good young forwards that need to learn, James Eagan would of been worth every cent they through at him at knights…
          I can’t get over not giving Watson 5/8 and just leave him there, it’s crazy he is a good player…
          There are only a couple of real top forwards out there who I believe are all on reasonably long contracts, so it’s a long wait for them (taupa,klemmer, fifita, Sturgess, lolo.)

        • The problem is those players don’t want to come to the knights. Woods came out and said just as much. Boyd wouldn’t take the trip up to see the facilities which just shows he was trying to use the Knights as a bargaining chip. The same as Graham. Too many times the Knights have paid overs to players that don’t really want to come up to the Knights and don’t put in the effort once they are there.
          I like Watson but he has shown some issues with being a full time 5/8. Some of his passes and decisions have been found wanting and I think he needs more time to get that position nailed. I would say the Knights don’t have the luxury of being able to give him the time to do that, which is why they have been rumored to be going after George Williams.

        • I dunno, I think money talks, and if they threw enough at say james graham, there is no way he isn’t putting in 100% every week.. but just my opinion..
          Surely Watson has shown enough to be given some time.. knights knew he hadn’t had a full season at 5/8th and really have never really given him the confidence that the position was his to loose and give him a fair run..thy have Pearce for the stash head and controlled game, surely what Watson can create knights can handle a few bad calls or what not as he develops..
          I would think it’s better to pay overs some times, rather then to players like heighton and lillyman who only ever where coming for 1 year as a last ditch hoorah and pay cheque as no one else really wanted them… anyways, just what I think, but reckon they have players like Ponga, Ramien. Watson and co to be finals team, just don’t have the cattle up front to provide to let those guys show there best..

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