SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 10: Valentine Holmes leaves the beach after a photo session during a Cronulla Sharks NRL media opportunity at North Cronulla Surf Club on September 10, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Valentine Holmes is set to turn his back on his NFL dream, and will reportedly sign with the Cowboys on a deal worth around $1million a season.

According to The Courier-Mail, Holmes has already decided to join the Cowboys for 2020, and only an “eleventh-hour change of heart” would see Holmes remain in New York to continue chasing an NFL contract.

The move for Holmes means North Queensland is now an unlikely destination for Latrell Mitchell, who met with the Cowboys on Monday night.

Mitchell is seeking $1million a season, like Holmes, but the Cowboys couldn’t afford to sign the pair as well as keeping Michael Morgan and Jason Taumalolo on their current contracts.

Former Cowboys captain Jonathan Thurston would be happy to have either player at the club, but says North Queensland needs to sort out their roster soon, to allow the new additions to understand the game plan.

“It’s a very complex situation,” Thurston told The Courier-Mail.

“If Valentine’s NFL dream keeps going then Latrell would be a handy addition for the Cowboys.

“If Latrell makes the decision to join the Cowboys, then I don’t know where that leaves Val. If Latrell decides to move on to the Tigers, that leaves the door open for Val.

“They would both be new to the structures of the Cowboys and getting to learn those.

“While they are very smart footballers and would pick it up quickly, you need to spend some time with them to get to know those defensive and offensive structures.

“They’re both great footballers and can win a game on their own. To have either of them at the club would be a handy addition. To have both of them really puts the Cowboys in premiership contention.”


  1. “Ah well, such is life”
    Looks like Mitchell can play fullback for the undermanned Tigers, where he can enjoy a 9th to 12th finish for his early get away September holidays. Every year.


  2. kudos to the Cowboys using Mitchell as a ply to snare Holmes once and for all. I don’t think he will make much of a difference though. The Cowboys really need some work, and probably a new coach

  3. I’d be happy to be proven wrong,
    but I think It’s a big gamble to sign Holmes. A bit overpriced IMO.
    With his blistering pace he can score a length of the field try if someone puts him into space and he’s a great finisher, but he’s not much of a kick returner and totally yet to prove himself as a fullback.
    He will be rusty after a year off too.

  4. BenHudson November 20, 2019 at 10:41 am
    “Ah well, such is life”
    BennyHill dont you mean “Ah well, got that one wrong as well”

    So now Wombat you are left with the Tigers as your only hope Latrell not going to the Rabbitohs????
    The only certainty you can remind yourself of every day is that Latrell Mitchell will never again wear the cirque du soleil clown suit colours of the french copied sombreros with that petrified turkey emblem on his jersey.

  5. Got that one spot Ninkinpoop 21, we all know Mitchell was going so it is no surprise but you had him sign and delivered for the transit chokers Soufths….Bwahahahaha

  6. Never going to happen, especially after the Rabbits turned Mitchells dad onto addictive sustances when he spent a small amount of time as a reserve grader at the toxic transit loungeroom club.

    Ninkinpoop21…. you can only dream.
    But in reality Roosters 30-6 i a semi over Soufths is good viewing. What the replay and cheer up mate.

  7. Not to be out done tearing Latrell apart for exposing the roosters as cry babies, they now turn their attention to family members as cowards behind keyboards do.
    Can’t wait to see Latrell hold the rabbitoh emblem on his jersey and point it towards Wobbo and honest Nick round 3 2020 after each of his 4 tries.

  8. Now that the last of any indigenous connection to the roosters is gone I cant see any future indigenous signings after their treatment of Latrell.
    Should hold their heads in shame.

  9. What are you talking about Twentyone, half the Aboriginies these days are so white you would think they are from England. Greg Bird is a classic example. But in saying that I do see Souths have had a few recently. Thats why they get beat in the semis when they qualify. Those black fellas go walkabout. Walker the half white bloke is a classic example and has failed every time in the big games

  10. The Roosters will miss Mitchells X factor and his departure along with Cronk has taken a large slice of weaponary away from the back to back champoins. Sydney will be lucky to make the top four next season.

    Rabbit17 and your counterpart Souths buddy TwentyOne. I did read an article recently about Latrell Mitchells dad in his early days as a Souths player. There was mention of speed use and how he was introduced to it by fellow Souths players.

  11. What is rascist about calling white people white and black people black ISDONANID10T?????

    It is my experience that black people do not like to be described as coloured because they are not.

    You need to grow up mate.

    As for Mark saying Walker goes missing (walk-about) during big games, well its true. Walker has not guided Soufths to a grand final and Fittler sacked him in his one off Origin.

    Its not racist to tell it how it is. Wheather they are black, white or any colour in between.

  12. The wombat coward rednecks on here are now ganging up on Latrell’s family.
    Wow, talk about being cut up.
    Well done Latrell, these are the racist rednecks you are moving on from.

  13. BennyHill would you like to remind us why they call Jake Friend “The Chemist” at the roosters before you point the finger at Latrell’s family?

  14. BenHudson
    November 20, 2019 at 5:36 pm

    “As for Mark saying Walker goes missing (walk-about) during big games, well its true. Walker has not guided Soufths to a grand final and Fittler sacked him in his one off Origin.”

    That’s right he sacked him as well as Crighton and Latrell but even funnier no rep Radley was still there as superstar Cameron Murray’s personal assistant.

  15. Cody Walker can say he was part of an origin series winning team whereas No Rep Radley never will whilst Cameron Murray is available.
    Like comparing a Bentley to a tuk tuk.

  16. BenHudson
    November 20, 2019 at 5:50 pm
    “Here is a video of Matt Mitchell on Soufths toxic enviornment and how he came out defeating his demons”

    I believe this video was produced around the time Jake Friend was caught with stolen prescription pads and in possession of prescription drugs illegally.
    Is this correct BennyHill.?

  17. Nothing to do with attacking Mitchells family Ninkinpoop21 but every thing to do with why Mitchell will avoid Soufths at all cost. After what that slezzy pusher of an addictive speed club did to his dad.

    That why Roberts returned to Soufths, remember he said he has more speed than Oxford St.
    The Bottom line in Soufths is a toxic environment and the place attracts no hopers in abundance.

  18. Ninkinpoop21 honestly is that all you have got. Who cares if Murray played reserve for a 3 game seris win for NSW. 3 lousy games at a total on field of 55mins.

    Radley has played 55 premiership games covering two seasons in the starting side with the back to back Premiers also known as the best club side in the universe being champions of this World.

    It is far more importantant for a player to win a premiership than a three game series for the Blues.
    Thats why Murray wants to join the Roosters. To win a premiership. However in reality Murray would not make the Roosters top 17. Radley is a two time grand final starter in a premiership winning club. Murray is a back to back choker.


  19. And one more thing Ninkinpoop21……Still think Mitchell & Fifita are going to your toxic dump of a club. 100% Guarentee they will steer clear of the Western Suburbs Rabbits, who Crowe is trying to take them further away from their small pathetic home crowd supporters to establish them in Parra Bankwest Stadium. …Bwahahahahahahahaha because the crowd of 11k sounds like 30k members

  20. To me, Latrell can only be a good signing for an already good team. I don’t see him giving enough to be a marquee player at a bottom 8 team. He’s going to be another Jarryd Hayne for whichever club.

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