SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES - MAY 11: Corey Norman of the Eels looks dejected after a Bulldogs try during the round 10 NRL match between the Canterbury Bulldogs and the Parramatta Eels at ANZ Stadium on May 11, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Eels playmaker Corey Norman is set to leave the club at the end of the season, according to a report by The Daily Telegraph‘s Dean “The Bulldog” Ritchie on Triple M.

“Last I heard Huddersfield in England had made a big play,” Ritchie said on Triple M.

“I don’t think (Norman) will be at Parramatta next year. It’s just a matter of whether he’ll go to England or not.

“Certainly the money I’m hearing from Huddersfield is big. So perhaps we might see him. quite sadly I might add, lost from the NRL.”

Asked if there were any other NRL clubs interested in Norman should Parramatta decide to move him on, Ritchie noted that several suitors have recently inquired about his services.

“There may be. Canberra was linked to him for a while. Newcastle was linked to him,” Ritchie added.

“I just think Parramatta are looking for a culture change out there. They’re not necessarily blaming Norman per say, or individually for their season this year. Which has been a horror season I might add.

“I think that Brad Arthur is under the impressive that if he keeps the same team next year, potentially the same result. And if they do get the same result next year it might be ta das to Brad Arthur.”


  1. Playing more youngsters in this line up is possible but people like Ray Stone our injured.

    Next years line up based on the players we have currently recruited (not adding any possible additions):
    1. Gutho
    2. French
    3. M Jennings
    4. G Jennings
    5. Ferguson
    6. Hayne
    7. Norman
    8. Paulo
    9. Pritchard (hopefully they buy a good hooker who can play the full 80 minutes)
    10. Alvaro
    11. Mau
    12 Takairangi
    13 Brown
    14 Terepo
    15 Williams
    16 Moeroa
    17 Niukore

    • disregard this “Playing more youngsters in this line up is possible but people like Ray Stone our injured.”

    • Why is wveryone son incesent on having hayne at 6? If we are to look at our depth and also youth.
      1. Gutho
      2. Leilasou
      3. Hayne
      4. G jennings/Aukufoloua
      5. Ferguson
      6. Salmon
      7. Moses
      8. Paulo
      9. Pritchard
      10. Alvaro
      11. Mau
      12. Takarangi
      13. Brown
      14. Meroa
      15. Niukoro
      16. Terepo
      17. Y. Gordon
      18. G. Leilasano
      19. Ray stone
      20. R. Mahoney
      21. Williams

      The reason for Y. Gordon you ask? 95% tackle efficiency and avgs 105m per game.

  2. To me, he’s exactly the kind of player that the Wolfpack could use. Especially if Parramatta covered some of his salary

  3. If he’s really on the outer at Parramatta this year, then why have Jarryd Hayne, Clinton Gutherson and Will Smith been floundering and moving positions every other week when they could all use some stability at 5/8?

  4. The bloke hangs with gangsters, Parra should of been one of the top four teams this year. Is it possible he has been influenced to throw games and make packets from the gambling industry, is it possible those gangsters have a Parra player in their books? Is it possible Parra are awake up to this bloke and want to move him on? Is it possible that cricket with that Pakistan team are the only corrupt few players on Earth that throw games? Where ever there is gambling there is corruption.🎯🎯🎯🎱🎱🎱

  5. As a player, when he’s focused, happy, and giving 100% he’s one of th best halves in the game, but for whatever reason that’s not where he’s at right now.
    No blame game, but if he’s not happy and/or if he’s not gelling in the team (on and off field team) then he and the club should part ways, ideally before the pre season.
    So assuming he does move on before 2019, I don’t see a ready made solution. I originally thought Austin, but that’s off the table, maybe Smith, I rate him as a great versatile player, but given where we’re at I don’t see him as the permanent halves solution with Mosses, nor are Hayne of Gutho.

    We’ve obviously very seriously underperformed this year, and as per previous posts I still rate/back BA, but I can’t/won’t forever without a result, so I’m thinking here’s his test. We wouldn’t have to carry Norman (very little at worst) if he moved on, and we have numerous players off contract this year, so let BA put his 2019 squad together (without back ended deals) and decide his coaching future mid 2019. For the record I’m backing him (BA) but worst case scenario if it doesn’t pan out, but we gave him that shot, and went some of the way to repaying him for his services to our club.

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