North Queensland coach Paul Green and captain Michael Morgan were reportedly involved in a heated incident at the Cowboys' post-match function after their big loss to Newcastle last weekend.

Just hours after their 36-point loss to the Knights, Green and Morgan were having some drinks with some club corporates, before the pair began arguing with each other.

The Saturday Telegraph understands Morgan took offence to some words from Green, asking his coach whether he had doubts about his leadership.

The pair have reportedly spoken about and made up after the incident, although it's just another incident in a poor season for North Queensland.

The Cowboys defeated the Panthers on Friday night, which temporarily lifted them above the Dragons into 14th place, as they sit with eight wins and 14 losses.


  1. Green has lost the locker room and faith in the players which is not surprising. Morgan this year has been not a good leader but I think something got to change. The have argueably the best pack in the game with Scott McLean Cooper McQuire and Taumalolo not to mention Bolton Hess and Asiata off the bench. They have been hit by injuries in the back but no excuse with that pack and Granville Morgan and Drinkwater they should be doing more. They need a half to play next to Morgan be it either Morgan or Clifford if they step up or someone new such as Ash Taylor, Kane Elgey, Lachlan Lewis or someone else. Fedlt and Opacic have been good on one edge, ONeil will return eventually meaning they only need 1 more back and then rotational players. I’d say Luke Bateman could be handy, Aiden Guerra if he’s cheap could be a steal, as for the back maybe Brenko Lee or possibly David Nofoaluma.

    Think ideally they bring in Taylor, Bateman, Guerra and Nofoaluma. They have a good amount of cap space already play Matt Scott retiring, then release Javid Bowen, Kurt Baptise. Jordan Kahu and Cory Jenson.

    This is a Top 8 team. Have Kevie as Coach
    1. Drinkwater
    2. Fedlt
    3. Opacic
    4. ONeil
    5. Nofoaluma
    6. Morgan
    7. Taylor
    8. McQuire
    9. Granville
    10. McLean
    11. Cooper
    12. Guerra
    13. Taumalolo

    14. Hampton
    15. Asiata
    16. Hess
    17. Bolton

    Backs: Tuala GGM Tualagi
    Halves/Hookers: Clifford Martin Robson
    Forwards: Bateman Wright Pere Molo

  2. @swa9amuff1n I usually read your input and like what you say normally. but those suggestions are terrible bro. The young guys coming through are doing fine. Just need to keep playing them. Dont need none of Taylor’s issues. Lee can’t even get a start at the Titans, don’t need him at the cowboys. Would also rather have copper and bolton retire and have a crack at Fifita. There’s a few other young guys coming through who can do the job these 2 offer as Fifita is probs a long shot.

  3. Fifita is a big long shot and unnecessary with Coen Hess. The Cowboys biggest problem area is the halves and who will partner Morgan. I think if Ash Taylor moves away from the GC and the dramas there to the Cowboys who are a better run team he would be a lot better. Especially having a quality halves partner in Micheal Morgan along side him. It wasn’t that long ago Taylor was actually really really good, right now his value is really low and the titans have even said they are willing to pay some of his salary to get him away. A 70:30 split wouldn’t be that bad especially he if goes back to his best.

    Then as for the back line Nofoaluma would be so good for them. He’s still only 25, has played City origin and prime monsters XIII and has played about 120 NRL games with about 60 tries. Having him and ONeil on that edge would be a good combo, one fast and one strong, both good height and both experienced. The youngsters in the backs just have been too inconsistent to be starters if you want to finish in the top 8.

    Then Guerra I think would be the such a good piece to complete the team. He’s 31 an the Knight said they don’t want him but he’s very experienced and when he’s fit on the field he plays his heart out and makes lots of tackles. Having him paired with a weaker defender like Taylor makes that edge a little bit better on D. Plus as Cooper and Guerra are abit older it gives good minutes for Hess off the bench.

    Bateman would be just a cheap, versatile and still reasonably young forward (24). He makes a lot of tackles and could develop well under Taumalolo and McQuire.

  4. This is the lineup I think they should be aiming towards for 2020

    01: Scott Drinkwater
    02: Murray Taulagi
    03: Justin O’Neill
    04: Tom Opacic
    05: Kyle Feldt
    06: Te Maire Martin
    07: Michael Morgan (c)
    08: Josh McGuire
    09: Jake Granville
    10: Jordan McLean (vc)
    11: Kurt Capewell
    12: Coen Hess
    13: Jason Taumalolo

    14: Reuben Cotter
    15: John Asiata
    16: Shane Wright
    17: Francis Molo

    18: Jake Clifford
    19: Peter Hola
    20: Gideon Gela-Mosby
    21: Thomas Gilbert

    Head Coach: Paul Green

    Do not agree that cowboys need a proper halfback as I feel that they have been a better team when Morgan has had Asiata as his halves partner as it lets him take full control of the kicking game. Te Maire Martin would provide plenty of offensive flair and would be more than happy to let Morgan take control of the kicking game as it is not one of his strengths. As for Paul Green, I think give him one more season just to give him a fair go because he was unable to get a full preseason with the team due to the flood in Townsville. Bolton and Cooper look like they are on their way out as they are noticeably slower and get tired quite early in games. I think Kurt Capewell is a good option to take over Coops as he is a solid player and would cost less than David Fifita. Gideon Gela-Mosby needs to work on his defence and confidence under the high ball which is why I went with Taulagi.

  5. 1 Scott Drinkwater
    2 Gideon Gela-Mosby
    3 Tom Opacic
    4 Jesse Ramien*
    5 Kyle Feldt
    6 Michael Morgan
    7 Jake Clifford
    8 Jarrod Wallace/Reagan Campbell-Gillard*
    9 Jake Granville
    10 Jordan McLean
    11 Gavin Cooper
    12 Jason Taumalolo
    13 Josh McGuire

    14 Reece Robson
    15 John Asiata
    16 Mitchell Dunn
    17 Coen Hess

    18 Jordan Kahu
    19 Tom Gilbert
    20 Corey Jensen
    21 Te Maire Martin

    I honestly don’t feel the cows are too far off. Their backline needs a skilful centre, and a new prop to replace Scott (Wallace or RCG as both clubs would be likely to chip in with cost and both look like they need a change of scenery.) I think Green has to go and would love to see Walters get a shot.

    And for goodness sake, put Lolo on an edge before they break him.

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