GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - MAY 18: Jesse Arthars of the Titans is tackled during the round 10 NRL match between the Gold Coast Titans and the Canterbury Bulldogs at Cbus Super Stadium on May 18, 2019 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

Brisbane has pinched one of the Titans' young talents from right under their nose, with Jesse Arthars set to move to Red Hill from 2020.

According to, Arthars will sign a two-year deal to join Anthony Seibold's side, after working with the Broncos' coach in his junior days.

The 20-year-old moved to the Gold Coast last year, and was interested in remaining close to family, despite the Titans offering him a three-year deal to stay at the club.

Arthars made his debut this season, and has played nine first-grade games under Garth Brennan this year.


  1. Can’t blame the kid. Titans in all sorts at the moment. One of the reasons why I’ve decided to turn my back on the Titans and just not watch league anymore. Got so many promising players but instead we sign duds on massive contracts. It’s a shambles and I’d rather see the NRL dissolve the club than see them continue like this, every week it’s getting worse.

  2. It’s pea hearted supporters like you Titans2012 that are a massive problem of ours. Did you see Newcastle supporters turn thier back on their team through the tough years or teams have rough patches. Being a supporter is like a marriage for better or for worse. As regards for you on your bike.

  3. How can a supporter change the fate of a club ?. Old Mate is right they are a basket case. They have no idea when it comes to recruitment, they paid overs for a bunch of duds then signed a cut-price coach to go with them. They have gone backwards since they have been privately owned.

  4. Of course some have turned their back during the years. That’s their prerogative. Quit dictating how people should feel when they have to endure watching their team fail to succeed, time after time. Supporting a team means wanting them to win. It doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to have feelings about how they play, how they are run etc. If you think you’re conducting yourself better by blindly accepting mediocrity, you’re mistaken. There’s room for criticism and it is warranted.

  5. No supporters = No team. Simple business. Who are the overs besides Taylor and Cartwright. Don’t tell me Boyd or Peachey at the time of signing on form they were well worth the money. Cut price coach? Brennan has been a successful reserve grade coach previously so why wouldn’t a club go after him. Walters knocked back approaches because he thought he was a shoe in at the Broncs. The coach is always used as a scapegoat but if a team won’t follow or deviates from a plan or structure put in place, who is at fault???

  6. There’s 100% room for critism at bottom of the ladder but wishing dissolution and turning your back on your team how does that help get back to a winning culture. If you went to Cbus and experienced the lack of atmosphere from the supporters you’d understand where I am coming from.

  7. I know where you’re coming from. we go to cbus and we get out cheered my the opposition fans. but seriously what you expect Don? I mean good on you if you can go to games time and time again and watch the boys get hammered, but I certainly wont and neither will most of the small fan base we have. Our last decent season was 2010, nearly 9 years ago, we made finals in 2016 because Eels were booted. We’ve been penile underachievers for a long time now. I once thought it was going to get better but it isn’t. The best way to get the message through to management that we’re not happy is not giving them money, simple as that.

  8. Don it’s not about the money they are paying Boyd or Peachey, its about the fact that they bought those players to the club. Why the hell did we need Boyd? Honestly you tell me. We’ve got James and Wallace starting, we’ve got young Fotuaika who’s an absolute gun, we had young talent in Boyle and King, now both are gone. Plus we’ve got Stockwell and Latu as back ups. We didn’t need Boyd so why the hell did we sign him.
    And look what happened with Peachey, what a disaster. Because of it we’ve just lost Arthurs who I rate as a really good player. We should’ve trusted our youth, yeah we would’ve been smacked this year but hell at least it would have been a step forward. Instead we’re paying for players who don’t want to play for the club, who are under performing for the club, and we are losing all our young talent (Boyle, King, Arthurs so far.)

  9. Finally in regards to Brennan, he is cut price. He’s all we could afford because we were still paying out Neil Henry who left because of Hayne (another recruitment disaster.)

  10. Ads on, Titans2012 you’re right bud sorry to give you grief it’s been nothing but frustration I agree

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