SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MAY 05: Mitchell Moses of the Eels shows his emotion after missing a kick conversion at full time during the round nine NRL match between the Cronulla Sharks and the Parramatta Eels at Southern Cross Group Stadium on May 5, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt Blyth/Getty Images)

The Brisbane Broncos are interested in acquiring Eels playmaker Mitchell Moses and emerging Roosters youngster Sean O’Sullivan, as reported by Fox Sports’chief NRL reporter James Hooper.

According to Hooper, Brisbane were previously interested in picking up Moses, but their pursuit was shot down by coach Wayne Bennett.

“The name I keep hearing is Mitchell Moses,” Hooper told NRL 360.

“He was very close to joining the Brisbane Broncos when he was in dialogue with Parramatta previously.

“He ended up going to the Eels, but I think if Mitchell Moses was to go to Parramatta and ask for a release I’m not sure they’d stand in his way.

“Peter Nolan does the recruitment at the Broncos and previously he had Mitchell Moses on a list — he wanted to sign him, but Wayne torpedoed it. Wayne wasn’t a fan for whatever reason and decided that wasn’t what they needed.

“I think Peter Nolan is still pushing to get Mitchell Moses to the club. I’m not sure whether Wayne’s a fan at this point or not.”

Hooper added that he believes the O’Sullivan arrangement is close to being done, who has actually has a connection to the Broncos.

“It hasn’t been announced yet, but I’m very confident (they’ve signed him),” Hooper said.

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“Sean O’Sullivan’s sister is actually married to Matt Lodge.

“I think you’ll see him move up to Brisbane next season.

“I’m not saying he’s been signed as an NRL halfback — he’s only a teenager at this point, but clearly in his debut for the Roosters, the young bloke can play.”

And after all the club’s recent re-signings, Ben Ikin declared that it may have paved the way for some of Brisbane’s veterans to move on.

“I’ve heard Corey Oates is on his way to North Queensland and perhaps Alex Glenn might be joining the Titans,” Ben Ikin told NRL 360.

“It makes sense to me. You’re spending all this money on this young forward pack and there’s not a hell of a lot of room left.

“You’ve already got Jack Bird on $950,000, Anthony Milford on close to $1 million, Darius Boyd the captain’s got to be on huge money, James Roberts is an Origin centre, Jamayne Isaako’s just re-signed — something’s got to give.”




  1. The Broncos are forever looking for another Alfie. Moses aint it.
    If you have ever been abused or insulted by the manly troll, you can downvote my name in reddit. He won’t like it. 😉

  2. Lol….and they bang on about the roosters exceeding the cap…have a look at Brisbane. How the hell do they afford that roster and still sign Haas on mega dollars, Isaako, and have money left to sure up the other 4 or 5 emerging forwards they have??? Maybe the auditors should have a look at this team that has a whole city to itself, and evidently a whole cities $$$$ backing it also. What a joke

    • Remember everyone saying at the start of the year the Broncos have roster issues and a dud squad. Won’t make the 8… Now they have resigned these same players they are over the cap. Admittedly Broncos have TPA and one city advantage but their memories are not as short as some who make these comments.

      You might want to go back and remember Broncos didn’t resign Ben Hunt, Marshall, Mead, Moga, Ese Ese, Arrow and Adam Blair and replaced from juniors within with the exception of Jack Bird. Also didn’t Ash Taylor before the start of the season, Thaiday’s retiring and unlike some clubs they are not paying players to play at other clubs.

      If the NRL data released about this at the start of the season is to believed TPA’s are not a large proportion of the cap. Even as a Broncos supporter I have my doubts.

      Will probably lose Oates and Possibly move Glenn on by all reports.

  3. The Broncos should be look at Norman if they have any cap left not that little bitch Moses, most overrated half there is. Nothing but a show pony sook. Hope Broncos stay away from him n sign oates back up.

  4. I’m hearing Corey Oates to Cowboys and Alex Glenn to Titans.

    Give Troy Dargan a crack at halfback first at least.

    To me the squad is perfectly fine at the moment I pray to god we don’t lose Oates and Glenn though, they just need to manage the money better Milford,Boyd and Bird need to take massive pay cuts ASAP because it’s the young forwards getting the go forward they’re off the back of that.I look at it like if Payne Haas is worth 3.4 million over 6 years then what is Tevita Pangai Junior worth over 6 years??

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