CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 21: Joey Leilua of the Raiders celebrates scoring a try during the round 6 NRL match between the Canberra Raiders and the Brisbane Broncos at GIO Stadium on April 21, 2019 in Canberra, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

The Wests Tigers are considering bringing in Joey Leilua with discussions between the two parties ramping up once again, according to The Daily Telegraph. 

The topic had been broached around Christmas time but now a move seems back on the table as brother Luciano Leilua says it’s a “100% option” that his older brother makes the switch from the Canberra Raiders.

Luciano recently made the jump from St George Illawarra in the off-season and looms as the main lure for the Samoan international.

“We spoke about it the other day… he didn’t know much about it until his manager spoke with him,” he told The Daily Telegraph. 

“It’s an option… He was in the same position as I was (at St George). It’ll be good to get another veteran in here.”

The potential deal looks to be a win-win for both clubs, with the Raiders unlikely to retain him after the final year of his contract. Leilua’s current deal expires at the end of 2020 and is worth $600,000 for the year.

Canberra also have Melbourne’s Curtis Scott on their books now and could use the salary cap room.

The main hurdle preventing this deal getting over the line is how much Leilua believes he is worth going forward, however his brother said he has made a valid pitch.

“I’ve sold the club to him… I’ve told him we are building a new culture here as a club… The club will give you its full support,” Luciano said.

“I told him if you want to come back to Sydney come back to Sydney- you’ve been away for a bit.”

Joey has played 204 games for Sydney, Newcastle and Canberra.


  1. Are you certain that South Sydney Sombreros cant fit him under their “cap”

    Joey… a quick trip to Nanna Glen farm should sort that out..

  2. Joey is a devastating centre, but has discipline issues.
    If you ride the lightning, sometimes your going to get lost in the storm.
    Madge may find his balance.

  3. I really do not understand why the Raiders are willing to let him move on. I know he was injured a bit last season – wondering if that has something to do with it.

  4. Probably has more to do with him making costly errors that lose games due to poor discipline such as the winning try he butchered in the grand final by being a first class hog.

  5. Rusty, being a Kiwi, is only signing non singers of the Australian national anthem …. he’s a big chance to join Souffs Silent Choir

  6. Damn, it’s been a bumper harvest of sour gr@pes in the Eastern suburbs this summer. One minute the roorters wingnuts saying no chance in hell Mitchell is leaving, now he’s a POS to them. Looks like he made the right move from the druggie capital of Australia.

  7. 1 Thompson
    2 Jennings
    3 Leilua
    4 Mbye
    5 Nofoaluma
    6 Benji
    7 Brookes
    8 Twal
    9 Reynolds
    10 Packer
    11 Chee-Kam
    12 Garner/Lawrence
    13 Aloiai

    14 Leilua
    15 Makaele
    16 Musgrove
    17 Eisenhuth


    The finals drought will continue in 2020. but they will upset some of the top teams along the way as they have done over the last 2years.. multi-bet killers

  8. Once again those same morons turn an article, that has nothing to do about Souths, into a slander match , boy they must be pissed about Latrell leaving and going to Souths, but hey , why not allow other clubs space in their posts on ZT and leave you jealous rants for another time.

  9. PanzyPenzy not only wants to stop Australians singing our national anthem, but now he also wants to shut down free speech by dictating who can and can’t post on certain articles. PanzyPenzy are you related to PanzyAdolf?

  10. 1eyedrabbit January 20, 2020 at 1:47 pm
    Love it chicken fans – where’s Latrell again ????

    Hes definitely not at the greatest team of the modern era… 3 premierships in 7 years…

    Hes at Hungry Jacks with Fat Pappa and his new Mercedes he picked up at Nanna Glens

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