SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 17: Adam Doueihi of the Rabbitohs attempts a conversion during the NRL trial match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and Wigan at ANZ Stadium on February 17, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Jason McCawley/Getty Images)

Latrell Mitchell’s arrival at South Sydney could force young fullback Adam Doueihi out of the club.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Souths coach Wayne Bennett told Doueihi to look for opportunities elsewhere as he will be the second-choice fullback behind Mitchell.

The 21-year old has two years to run on his deal with the Rabbitohs and stands to earn $500,000 this season and more in 2021.

It is believed that Bennett is happy for Doueihi to remain at Redfern, but gave him his blessing for him to sign with a rival.

Doueihi was originally told by Bennett he’d be playing five-eighth, only for Cody Walker to re-sign, and was then given the reigns to the No. 1 jersey, only for Mitchell to join the club.

The young gun is a Balmain junior, debuting under Michael Maguire at Wests Tigers in 2018.


  1. Rather than sign duds this would be a good pickup for dragons if he’s happy to play centre. Lomax is first choice FB.

  2. Is he an out and out fullback or has he got other strings ?

    Melbourne are looking to fill a few spots but fullback isn’t one of them.

  3. Spot on Daffy. Doueihi is a very good player in the making. I think hed easily be worth $500k next year. Dragons should sign him and play him whichever side of the field he wants to play on. He might even end up at fullback in the end.

  4. Souths would be mad to let him go, we don’t need to, he is a great player that will only get better, hopefully he stays, having said that, he would be a decent pick up for saints, especially at fullback, way more reliable than Lomax I believe, Tigers may pay 1/2 mil just depends if we wants to go there, rumour has it players shy off signing at the club due to Maquires intense training which never stops, anyway he can play mulitable positions and is the perfect number 14 in any team, again I hope he stays.

  5. So much for Doueihi not going anywhere South’s supporters. He’s now gone , if not officially as yet.

  6. He could go to Penrith , if he wanted to play centre? They have heaps of fullbacks . Yet , are still one player shy of a full squad & a good centre would be great there.

  7. Why would the tigers want him?
    Like what position would he play. Marshall and Brooks will be the halves, then as for fullback that’s between Mbye and Thompson I would’ve thought

  8. Still think Adam Doeuihi should go to the Storm and learn to play in the halves under coach Bennett learning from Munster and Cameron Smith.

    Storm can then release Tino, and Titans release Arrow and everyone is happy.

  9. I may be way off base here, but there’s about this article/the comments that doesn’t make sense to me.
    Firstly, “The young gun is a Balmain junior, debuting under Michael Maguire at Wests Tigers in 2018.” Didn’t he debut for the Bunnies, and wasn’t 2018 the year Madge off (between the Bunnies and Tigers)?
    That aside, as that may well be just submantics, but is/could he be a genuine centre? That’s a genuine question, because from what I’ve seen of him I wouldn’t have thought so. As a utility I’m sure he could cover the centres, but I wouldn’t have thought you’d sign him there.

  10. Maybe not eels? Still, he has played there . Has the size & pace. If you have the talent , you could play most back positions.
    Jamie Lyon used to go between centre & 5/8th well. I’ve seen Luai play half, 5/8th, fullback & centre.

  11. Jamie Lyon was a centre first though, and that was his best position. Luai is not a first choice centre by any stretch. Centre is a very difficult position defensively as you constantly have to make decisions on whether to sit back, rush up, slide etc. The transition isn’t as easy as you might think if he has never played there before, or haven’t played much of it. That said, he is still young and perhaps he could make the transition. You would want to have a strong defensive winger outside him and half inside though, especially at the start when he is learning his trade.

    I wouldn’t be rushing to sign him if I was Penrith though. with 29 roster spots filled I would leave it at that ad see how the start of the season plays out. Through injury you might end up needing another hooker, or forward or who knows what. I think it is too dangerous going into the season with a full 30 man squad.

  12. Think he’s a player with enormous potential – pity if we lose him.. definitely others I would prefer to move on.. (Qld SOO player hmmm)

  13. Ah bennett and crowe, showing again what a lying, SOULESS club soufs truly are.
    No loyalty to players who are expendable and then spat out once they BUY someone they believe is better.
    If I were gagai or johnston I’d be very nervous right now… loyalty at deadfern folks, that’s why Keary gave crowe the bird….how did that work out for you bunnies??? 😁

  14. So move along gagai / johnsad / doughie……….. not needed……………
    No loyalty……………..
    Ahh souffs………………

  15. Panthers18..
    You are correct about Luai ,for that one shocker against Brisbane.
    Still remember he’d been playing in the halves for a long time & shoved into fullback for one game.
    He has played fullback successfully before that game, in the past.
    He also had a great game in attack & defence against Newcastle last year, in the centres. Again, that was just one game. Still, a solid defender doesn’t just become a poor defender with a change of position.
    Especially if they train continually in that position.
    It may take a bit of time, but a good back can play most any position. Other than fullback perhaps.
    Eels! I always thought Lyon was a much better centre than 5/8th? He had enough skill to bring added benefit to the position . Not enough skills to be a fantastic 5/8th. Even though he was solid in both positions. Just an opinion though.

  16. Agreed EOD, Lyon was a phenomenal centre, as I said, that was his best position. He made a good fist of 6, but as you say, was never fantastic. It was so disappointing that he refused to play Origin. He would have made a big difference to the NSW team.

  17. Good to c chickens hurting over losing Latrell…. am sure most rugby league fans are loving it as well, poetic justice… LOVE IT.

  18. How’d you roosters fans feel when uncle nick brought Cronk. And left poor old Pearce with no choice but to leave the club he’d played over 250 nrl matches for

  19. Brennan only the media think Latrell is a GI clone, it’s much easier to make a general assumption without facts. As we all know facts get in the way of a good story. Good on Easts for their past success but that is in the past, the future is Souths and we all know it. Enjoy the with big fella you must be so happy with all the opportunities that’s are on the horizon. As you well know it’s a great time to be a rabbitoh I’m so happy you’re onboard .

  20. Panthers18..
    I’d be hoping more Staines ( the future of the fullback position ), Burton as 5/8th, Luai as centre perhaps?
    Who knows what they’ll do though?
    Just hope the future doesn’t involve Whare & Mansour. Or things at that club will never improve!
    Only one thing could make it worse than only having Whare , Mansour. Buying back the other slowest back around , Moylan!

  21. Surely south sydney sombreros dodgy Bennett and Richardson can top up Douelhis family

    You heard what little Inglis said , … when he heard how Sombreros “ looked after” nudge nudge wink wink… Walker and Roberts family he had to go.

    Word is sombreros paid a top up $200 k to walkers father as an indigenous advisor..

    Anyone who believes little Inglis came over for $580 is a fool.

    I used to like Souths but now disgusted with them since Richardson and Bennet came on board.

  22. Surely the NRL doesn’t still believe that any one of its fans thinks that clubs are adhering to the salary cap?

    There are so many ways around it that you could write a book about it.

    Why not just return to the free market – no cap system and be done with it? Sure some clubs would struggle initially (probably the same ones that are struggling now) but over time market forces would prevail and even the wealthiest clubs couldn’t afford all of the talent.

    Maybe also introduce a draft system for emerging players and a system where clubs are compensated for players leaving mid contract.

    It can’t be any worse than what we’ve got now.

  23. Panthers18…
    Your not replying to a South’s supporter there. It’s Brennan of the WoodStack. Just the same old Nuggets dribbler.
    The Nuggets don’t even have any juniors. Other than those they purchase from elsewhere & poach from the Central Coast.
    They seemed to have liked quite a few Panthers juniors through their history, who’ve also help them win premierships & make finals. Just as they’ve liked buying juniors from everywhere else. So much easier to just buy Premierships & pay them with independent corporate sponsorships. No messy salary cap involved with that.

  24. EastOfDivide forgets to tell everybody how half of his chocky soldier Penrith juniors are from different country regions. Get a life mate. Their is more to life than watching young boys running around on weekends for Penrith juniors. You sick0!

  25. Oh Brennan WoodLump..
    Do you really want to go down the road of mistakes?
    How pissed were you when you wrote that garbage last year? Supposedly from the Grand Final? It was so bad , it looked like a foreign language.
    Didn’t it end with something like ‘ En ou y ‘ your day? We could always look it up again. It was so good! Just changing your sign in name hasn’t changed you!
    Or would you like me to go over all of your various numbskull scribblings & check them for errors?
    There’s so many of them , under so many names.
    ‘En ou y’ your nuggets , you racist .

  26. I’m told the Tigers might be announcing the signing of Adam Douehi on Monday.
    I feel sad for him as he and his family are passionate Souths supporters.
    If true all the best Adam and hope you have a great career at the tigers.
    With this, The Fox getting closer to signing with Souths.
    Arrow coming very soon.

  27. 1eyedrabbit January 21, 2020 at 8:51 am
    “Oh Woody boy, u need some serious help.”

    The loss of Latrell has taken its toll and the getting worse by the day.
    I shudder to think how he and his wombat cronies on here will cope when they see Latrell proudly run out wearing the famous cardinal and myrtle for the first time in R1 before his passionate Souths family and massive fan base.
    Latrell is looking forward to playing in front of more than 200 home supporters for the first time as well.
    Will get to hear what a cheer from the crowd sounds like as well after scoring a try instead of muffled silence.

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