Cody Walker and Kalyn Ponga can certify themselves as $1 million players with a big Origin campaign, reports the Sydney Herald.

Walker can become a free agent on November 1, and while South Sydney are keen to retain him, a number of other clubs are expected to come come calling. The Wests Tigers and Manly have already shown interest.

“Souths have indicated to me they are very keen to get something done,” said Walker’s manager Matt Rose told the Sydney Herald. 

“Cody has shown he is a key ingredient to winning games on the field but also attributes such as leadership with what he does off the field.

“He does a lot of work in the community, he’s a leader, It makes him a complete package.

“They are keen to get something done before November 1.”

Ponga is contracted until the end of 2021, but the Knights can update and extend the fullback's deal. It is believed that Newcastle are in no rush to negotiate a new contract.

Signing seven-figure salaries would make Walker and Ponga some of the highest paid players in the league. Daly Cherry-Evans, Jason Taumalolo, Cameron Smith, Nathan Cleary, Sam Burgess, Ben Hunt and Ash Taylor are currently amongst the highest earners.


  1. Ash Taylor is definitely not worth a Mil and I don’t quite think Walker is either. Don’t get me wrong he’s been the best player this year in the NRL with Cam Murray but he’s also 29 and I wouldn’t want to be paying him big dollars towards the end of his career cause he won’t be able to continue playing this good. I have no doubt someone is going to be willing to over pay for him, cause of how important it is to have two good halves and because of how good he has been but 1 mill a season for possibly 3/4 years is not worth it. Ponga on the other hand I’d say is probably worth a Mil, but his deal runs though to 2021 and as stated above I doubt the Knights will want to just throw more money at him if they already have him secured long term.

  2. Did you say walker and cam Murray are the best players in the nrl, you mean at the Rabbitohs yeah????
    Yes ash Taylor should be on about 160k a season and playing reserve grade..

  3. So tell me Bob F who is playing better? Keary is the only one that i can see, Walker may be worth a mill for a year or two although backs can last longer than forwards, Murray will be the next origin captain in years to come, seriously this bloke is very good, your comments about Souths, by you, shows how biased you are, you cannot base any opinion on merit and that’s a shame cause i reckon your smarter than that.

  4. I think Jake Trbojevic, Klemmer or Cleary would be in front of Murray for the captaincy spot for origin. But I do believe he is a real talent and has a big future.

  5. As a proud Souths supporter I think Cody has worked hard to be up there with the elite and deserves the best deal he can get for him and his family.
    Hope he remains a Rabbitoh for life.

  6. It’s up to South’s to Offer Walker whatever they think he’s worth?
    If they want to keep him, it’ll have to be more than the other clubs offer. Will that be near $1 Mil?
    Cleary isn’t worth the big pay packet he’s on either. Or Hunt for that matter. Don’t think St.George wanted to pay a million a season for a potential hooker.
    What about Ponga? Newcastle will have to pay overs to keep him at the end of 2021. To possibly make up for the underpayments he’s been getting until then.

  7. As a Souths supporter I don’t think Cody Walker is worth $1 mil at the moment. Souths will offer him what they can afford knowing he wants to play for Souths and does a lot of work in the community. Like anything, you are only worth what people are willing to offer.

    It’s my opinion that Cody would not play as good as he does with Souths if he moved to another club. He is settled at Souths and will command a higher salary for his future, but without the playing style that Souths have now I don’t think he would be as good. I am sure that Souths will come to a good deal with Cody for both on and off the field.

  8. Newcastle haven’t paid unders for Ponga. He was signed for 600k over four years, 2.4mil when he has played like 3 games of NRL. Yes it looks like they have but it was a huge risk by the club. Also a huge risk for ponga going to a club like Newcastle when they hadn’t made any other signings. A lot of people come through Jnr grades with massive potential and never fulfill. I think they are just lucky from both sides that is has worked out the way it has IMO

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