SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 12: Josh Dugan of the Raiders runs the ball during the round five NRL match between the Parramatta Eels and the Canberra Raiders at Parramatta Stadium on April 12, 2010 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

The Canberra Raiders turned down an approach to sign Cronulla’s Josh Dugan, according to The Canberra Times.

The report states that the Sharks shopped the centre to a number of NRL clubs, including the Raiders, but the Green Machine rejected the offer.

Cronulla has been looking to offload Dugan and his lucrative salary for some time to no avail and are reportedly frustrated by his attitude.

The two parties have been in a standoff in recent times, with Dugan publicly venting his displeasure with the club.

The 29-year old is set to meet with a surgeon this week over a chronic knee injury that has hampered his career.

Dugan began his career at Canberra but was sacked by the team after skipping training with former teammate Blake Ferguson to go drinking.


  1. “The 29-year old is set to meet with a surgeon this week over a chronic knee injury that has hampered his career.”

    Looks like the sharks might try the south sydney medical retirement loophole to get him off their books. Sadly they won’t succeed as they are not part of greenbergs pet teams.

  2. If I was Dugan I would give the sharks the big finger and spend the season taking it easy in reserve grade. He will still get his 800k.

  3. Roosters must really be on the nose with Dugan the latest having no desire to go there.
    Looks like its 35 yo J Morris to join his brother and 37 yo Hall as the oldest wing trio in history with around 50 years experience between the 3 of them.
    Maybe Dugan is waiting for a life membership as part of the deal to sign with the roosters.🤣🤣

  4. Dugan should try getting a transfer to Manly, they need another centre, even if he comes off the bench as an impact player or fullback when Turbo is injured which is a lot or Origin period

  5. Surprised the Tigers aren’t chasing him seeing as they are void of any real talent.
    Not saying Dugan is talented but he would be a megastar in a very average Tigers squad.

  6. Dugan has Soufths written all over him. He is a clasic Soufths Type dud signing.

    A heap of Soufths duds have tried their best to leave the Nana Glen Rabbits for the Mighty two premierships in a row Sydney World Champions. Even the scrawny Murray dud has been linked, but none are of any hope playing for Norths let alone the Sydney Roosters.

    Crichton is the exception but even this ex Rooster then ex Rabbit and now Rooster again can only get a run off the bench. Fatrell knew his career at the elite Sydney Roosters had come to an end. He was being groomed for vice captain of Norths. So like every other Soufths player who have no hope of cracking a Roosters First grade position, he went over to the green and red ginueapigs. A team based on transit.loungeism of the highest order.

  7. The media coverage has made him nearly unemployable.
    AH I don’t think Angus would be happy about your assessment of his importance in the team “a run off the bench”
    maybe not the current era but some players who did make the grade at easts:
    Mike Cleary
    Ron Coote
    Elwyn Walters
    I do believe they helped win a few premierships.
    and currently Luke Keary
    AH you are usually more on the ball, whats up, you missing brennan?

  8. Sidney you sound like your a Rabbits fan bringing up their past glory players of the 1970’s like the Elwyn Walters who Souths poached from Brisbane.

    As for Luke Keary he was poached by the Souths Sombreros from Parramatta juniors, then chased of Russells Nana Glen farm after the Green and red gladiator had a drunkard blackout and then insulting Keary with a lack of cash in his annual cash in hand payout.

    Sidney you rabbit, stick with the times mate, we are in the 21st century at the present time in Earths history, not in 1970. 🤡

  9. Adamhoward February 13, 2020 at 4:28 pm
    “Dugan has Soufths written all over him.”

    Your confusing him with Latrell who we all now know had Souths written all over him for years.
    Welcome home Latrell.

  10. MarkofManyWords I was replying to AH but thanks for your reply.
    I have never stated I am a rabbitohs supporter.
    I have just shown some examples to rebut AH’s comments. You have added nothing to the conversation.
    And as far a using the word poaching as a rooster supporter you should be ashamed.

  11. Sharks are only frustrated because like the Titans they have too many players on big salaries that are underperforming. Dugans attitude might have something to do how poorly this has played out publicly.

  12. I know Dugan was a d!ck at the Raiders, but he was an amazing talent back then. Dragons turned him into a plodder. Yes he’s still pretty good and make good metres, but has none of that raw brilliant flair he had back then. Even the first 6 months at the dragons he was doing some freaky stuff and the team was called the St George Illawarra Dugans, but Price knocked that out of him and McDudor then made it worse by turning him into a defensive centre. He’s a FB pure and simple. Maybe all that ink is slowing him down too.

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