SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 06: Jack Wighton of the Raiders celebrates scoring a try during the 2019 NRL Grand Final match between the Canberra Raiders and the Sydney Roosters at ANZ Stadium on October 06, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

As Jack Wighton prepares to win his first international cap for Australia this Friday night, talk of his future at the Canberra Raiders have been increasing.

The 26-year-old was a huge surprise success playing in the centres, and despite the heartbreaking manner of his side's defeat on Grand Final night, he was duly rewarded with the Clive Churchill Medal.

Following Kangaroos training Monday afternoon, Wighton wasn't shy about affirming his loyalty to the Raiders - and the nation's capital as a whole.

'I love Canberra. It's the place I call home. Sometimes I forget where I come from and say 'Canberra' rather than 'Orange'," Wighton told the Canberra Times.

"I'm looking for longevity for my family and to really make Canberra home. I'd love something long term.

"I'm 100 per cent there for next year."

The inevitable conversation of that fateful Grand Final did cause Wighton to open up about the highs and lows of the occasion.

"The grand final is something that will always haunt you," Wighton said.

"I haven't watched it once, and I don't think I will watch it.

"People will have their opinions, I was numb after losing but to get that honour (Clive Churchill Medal) I was grateful."

Nonetheless, Wighton was able to look to the weekend's action with keen excitement following a 2019 that, final result aside, was triumphant from an individual perspective, featuring a State of Origin debut in a winning NSW campaign.

"I know if you can't get up for an Aussie jersey you shouldn't be here," he said.

"I'm buzzing. I'm walking through the streets of Kiama in the green and gold and it's the best feeling."


  1. Completely off topic… but anyone thoughts on this NSW lineup for next season???

    1. James Tedesco
    2. Josh Addo-Carr
    3. Latrell Mitchell
    4. Tom Trbjoevic
    5. Blake Ferguson
    6. Jack Wighton
    7. Luke Keary
    8. Jake Trbojevic
    9. Damien Cook
    10. Paul Vaughan
    11. Boyd Cordner
    12. Tyson Frizell
    13. Cameron Murray

    14. Wade Graham
    15. Payne Haas
    16. Dale Finucane
    17. David Klemmer

  2. I think Keary won’t be available then. He’s usually injured come any rep games.
    Why would you want to move a successful S.O.O. Centre to 5/8th? A triple Grand Final Winning 5/8th to halfback? ( If he’s actually available )
    Will Mitchell be chosen after that disaster of a game this year?
    If Cleary’s no good for half , you don’t like Moses?

  3. Looks good to me
    I’d have it
    1. Tedesco
    2. Ferguson
    3. Mitchell
    4. Trbjoevic
    5. Addo-Carr
    6. Keary
    7. Moses
    8. Trbjoevic
    9. Cook
    10. Klemmer
    11. Cordner
    12. Graham
    13. Finucane

    14. Wighton
    15. Haas
    16. Frizzel
    17. Murray

    18. Matterson
    19. Radley
    20. Cotric

    Id have speedster on 1 side and strong backs on the other. I think Mitchell Moses wouldn’t look out of place getting a shot at NSW. He’s a really good kicker and ball runner plus he sets his team mates up a lot. I think Wade Graham is better than Tyson Frizzel. Plus I think you forgot about David Klemmer

  4. As for QLD
    1. Ponga
    2. Oates
    3. Morgan
    4. Holmes
    5. Fedlt
    6. Munster
    7. Cherry-Evans
    8. McQuire
    9. Hunt
    10. Pappalii
    11. Kaufusi
    12. Gillett
    13. Arrow

    14. Friend
    15. Napa
    16. Fifita
    17. Ofahungue

    Very thin on centres but if fit this is who I have. Val Holmes is arguably the worlds best winger who is also a good fullback, I’ve chosen him at Centre I think he could do a good job their. Fedlt makes his debut over Gagai, just because of the match up on Addo-Carr I think Fedlt will be better. I’ve gone for punch off the bench with Napa Ofa and Fifita to counter Haas Frizz and Murray. Friend take the utility spot, Hunt can cover halves if we have an injury, but Friend and his experience will be handy.

  5. Look at EastOfDivide and his jealousy dribble. What a sook.

    By the way EOD your club Penrith really need to buy a decent half and especially a decent 5/8th.
    Would not surprise me to see Penrith throw some really big dollars Wighton’s way after November 1.

  6. I heard through a Clucksters supporter , that they were also making Wighton an offer.
    I guess they would be using as many Education, T.P.D., future coaching role, guest speaking appearances, spouse employment position, player mentoring payments as they can . In that offer to Wighton…
    Penrith actually have several very good halves. They have the current NSW halfback. Three very good up & coming halves. Or 5/8th’s if you like.
    I see Luai led Samoa pretty well in the 9’s. Even Blore looked good at 5/8th. Blore is not even one of those that I’ve included in the three good up & comers above.
    So , I’d say no thanks to another half. If he’d play his better position of centre, maybe then?

  7. “You heard through a supporter that they were making a play for wrightson”

    Hahahahaha. Was that someone in the comment section on FB? Insta? Tinder? YouTube? Maybe zero tackle?

    Same old boring stuff you write but different name! What type of ŚTD are you?! The one you can’t get rid of! HA!

  8. Who’s Wrightson?
    Another Alias of WoodRot..
    Keep off the drugs long enough to write the Names correctly.
    An actual Cluckers supporter that I know said it. By all means knock your own teams supporters …👍

  9. Hahahaha. Is that all you have ŚTD? I misspelt a name and now I’m on drugs! Hahahahaha!

    Woweeeeee, 1 rooster supporter said that. “That you know” Oh must be true! Well you do read SMH and swear what they write is true hahahahaha

  10. Hey WoodLouse.
    I know you love the Parkes Spacemen. Is that why your inventing your own imaginary team ? The Darlinghurst Road Spas-men.
    You’ve got at least two of your imaginary players already. ‘ Cuss & Wrightson ‘
    No need to invent anything for you.
    Just use your own words & imaginary names.
    Are they ‘exats’ from other teams ? ( another word of yours ). Countries perhaps?
    You’re losing your mind pal.
    Just end it with my personal favourite of your words. ‘ Enj ou y ‘ your day!

  11. Hahahahaha. What happen ŚTD? Thought you were a rabbits supporter? Now a panthers supporter? Hahahahahaha.

  12. Penrith have lost another player, young dummy half Wade Egan signed with the Warriors. With all the other 12 players outed from the cat men freeing up salary cap space, I would say in nine more days Penrith will offer Wighton a million dollar contract.

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