WARRINGTON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 17: Vincent Leuluai of the Roosters in action during a training session at Victoria Park Arena on February 17, 2016 in Warrington, England. (Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images)

The South Sydney Rabbitohs have announced the signing of forward Vincent Leuluai for the 2018 season, adding further depth to the Rabbitohs’ forward pack for the upcoming season.

Leuluai, 22, joins the Rabbitohs from the Melbourne Storm having played four NRL games since making his NRL debut for the Roosters in 2016.

Leuluai represented the Australian Schoolboys in 2013, is known for his high work rate and solid physique and has shown his leadership qualities as captain of the Roosters’ under 20s side in 2015.

Rabbitohs Head Coach Anthony Seibold is delighted to have Leuluai joining the squad for next season.

“Vincent comes to us after stints in two good systems at the Roosters and the Storm so he understands what it takes to play in the NRL,” Coach Seibold said.


  1. I hope Souths know what they’re doing signing a stack of young forwards. Perhaps the Burgess twins, signed until the end of 2019, have been told to shape up or ship out. I am happy to see some good depth added to the club but not at the expense of Angus Crichton and to a lesser extent Cody Walker.

    Perhaps Chricton has already told Souths he is on the move in 2019, I hope not, but if he is, Souths will have to move on. I know Angus is a great talent, but if he doesn’t want to play for Souths thaen that is his loss.

    • I keep thinking of how Chris Sandow and DaveTaylor’s careers nose dived after leaving Souths. Perhaps it is part of the reason why Smith, Slater and Cronk have done so well over the years, not chopping and changing clubs but developing their combinations and playing on a system that was working for them. If Crichton is tellibg the truth when he says it isn’t about the money then a change in clubs makes no sense unless he is unhappy. Anything else is takibg a gamble on his career.

      • In fairness, if you think Sandow’s career nose dived because he left the Bunnies and/or because of Parra, then that would be a big NO and NO in my book. His career nose dived because of Chris Sandow, the Bunnies dodged a Bullet, and we had the “pleasure” of wearing it.

        • Don’t be so sensative mighty. There was no implied criticism of the Eels. The point I am making is that when successful players at one club switch they are often unable to reproduce that form elsewhere. There are acceptions to the rule of course but Sandow and Taylor are examples that support this argument. As are Foran, Watmough and G. Stewart leaving Manly and Farah leaving the Tigers.

          I think Crichton has already made his decision but if tge Roosters sign him and then go on to re-sign Friend and Cordner any subsequent title won by the Roosters will not be recognised by me. It will be no different to the premiership titles that got stripped from the Storm. The only difference is that Politis’ influence within the game seems to guarantee that the Roosters will never have their salary cap audited. It is a disgrace and a stain on the game.

        • I wasn’t being sensitive, but I’m the first to admit I was glad to see the back of Sandow because of the way he acted in his last year of his contract with us.

          I do agree some players form can die when they leave a club, and I can understand that with 1 club players near the end of their careers in particular and/or if they came from a very strong side to a weaker side.

          Back to Crichton and I don’t think he fits either of those bills. I’m not saying the Bunnies aren’t a strong side and/or don’t have a strong development program, but nor are they strongest in either area. I will add, not the strongest with their development program for FG players, compared to all NRL clubs, as opposed to the not the strongest in grass roots development, where the Bunnies do sit pretty high compared to quite a number of other clubs.

    • “I think Crichton has already made his decision but if tge Roosters sign him and then go on to re-sign Friend and Cordner any subsequent title won by the Roosters will not be recognised by me”.

      Oh no what will the Roosters do? In one long winded sentence you have somehow managed to contrast your earlier written ‘I am more a positive type’ philosophy from earlier in the week re Crichton, and demonstrate your sore loser qualities. You just rolled up the spectrum and smashed it over the fence. 6 runs!!!

      “It will be no different to the premiership titles that got stripped from the Storm”.

      Except for evidence. Are we not better than being spoon fed propaganda Maximus?

      “Latest news is that Crichton has removed the Rabbitoh emoji from his instagram profile. NOT a good sign for Souths”.

      This is one step away from knowing the passwords and codes to your boyfriends, soon to be Husbands, phone and emails.

      SSTID – Angy why did you take our emoji down? Are you leaving me?

      Crichton – It’s not like the Steffan.

      SSTID – I just don’t want to lose you. I tell all my friends I don’t care if you leave. But penso knows my true feelings. I would be #Devo if you go.

      Crichton – it’s ok Steff. I am committed for 2018. Promise. I don’t want to be another Taylor or Sandow….

      SSTID – Ok XO. I will be on Zero Tackle if you need me.

      There is no place in the game, or SOCIETY, for illegal drugs. In your profession as a hairdresser if one of you worst employees is terrible at haircuts and colouring and they get done for drugs and there’s an opportunity to say goodbye what would you do? It’s called business, which is what (fast forward 47 years) the good NRL sides are in ‘the business’ of.

      • Lol at the fact you think illegal drugs aren’t common in the NRL. Open your eyes, more than half the NRL were on their 2nd strike for cocaine. The fact of the matter is that Uncle Nick has dirt on all his players because he’s dodgy. Whenever he doesn’t want them anymore, he discards them and reveals the dirt on them.

        • Ummm ok… where did I say there are no drugs in NRL?

          The only fact here is that your comprehension skills are terrible. Nearly as bad as your ability to present an argument.

      • “There is no place in the game, or society, for illegal drugs.”

        This quote insinuates that every NRL player that takes drugs shouldn’t be in the game. It is a stupid statement because nearly every player in the NRL has meddled with illegal drugs at some point in their career. Make sense now? I understand roosters supporters are blinded by pride but I didn’t realise they were thick as well.

        • Ahh, yes of course it does…… Typically in this situation this conversation would have originated from an attempt at twisting my words, but your response is not even that intellectual. It comes from ignorance and associated bias.

          If I had said that every hairdresser who gets done for drugs should not be allowed to wheel a pair of clippers again or mix a pot of dye I could nearly attach some thought to your reflection. But I didn’t.

          So my conclusion is that you are in someway related to SSTID_1970 or a hairdresser…

        • MadRooster you aren’t clever you are just a knob and full of hot air. 💨

          WoodChook is the only Roosters profile to date that has any sense of humour or ability to debate an argument. The rest aren’t worth the effort. You need to lift your game.

      • Wow, what a great response from a Easts supporter who thinks their intelligent and can justify years of raping teams of best juniors or even taking back players who were in their system only to buy them back, how do you justify that YOUR club was the death of loyalty to rugby league.

        You can gloss over all you want about how Easts do things better than most clubs in buying and retaining players, that’s because they have years of experience in doing it, their pride in the league is zero and you know it, your club is going to get Crichton back, but it will be a backward step for him.
        You sound very familiar to another who posts here, but Easts will come back to reality and karma is a bitch as you will find out, one thing Easts supporters brag about is they have played more games than any other club, me, i wouldn’t be so open to that, as you are way behind Souths in premierships , but the fact is Souths are the oldest club in rugby league and they will always be the pride of the league something Easts, who by the way are embarrassed to be called by their original name, will never be associated with that description.

        • +1

          Well said mate 👍

          There are certain Roosters supporters here whose posts I don’t even bother reading much less respond to now. Same with the usual tr0lls. I suggest you do the same. They just aren’t worthy of our time, attention or validation.

          They just don’t understand what we already know, glory, honour and respect can’t be bought but must be earned.

        • It’s just a shame your directionless mob took so long to get the idea Penso, you guys the fans, of a foundation club deserved better. It took spending 2 years out of the comp and years in the cellar for the penny to drop before Souths went out and acquired your premiership. Yes, no one is fooled by Souths 2014 premiership, Inglis, Burgess, Burgess and Teo your top performers in that year. How many of them were juniors? Does it matter though? No it doesn’t. Was a great premiership and well deserved.

          Souths supporters are the worst at rolling out the ‘juniors and buying premierships’ agendas when it suits. Which happens in spades on this forum. You want to roll out comments like soulless, raping, cap cheats, salary cap sombrero but then sook when it’s given back.

          Saucer of milk to the Souths table please..

        • Sorry penso I think I reported you “Wow, what a great response…” post by mistake.

          @ Zero Tackle please disregard this report. Also is it possibe to add a second prompt to reporting posts (i.e. “Are you sure? Yes/No”)?

  2. I think you are spot on with that one 👆🏽👆🏽SSTID. Leuluai is a Awesome young Talent. Melbourne wouldn’t have wanted to loose him that’s fir sure Big pick up for the bunnies

    • Cheers. After the Roosters Jayden Nikorima salary cap scam I think Souths will need him. Latest news is that Crichton has removed the Rabbitoh emoji from his instagram profile. NOT a good sign for Souths. If he MUST go to another club I would be happy if it was to the Knights. Their supporters have suffered enough and deserve every break. Also their players don’t “conveniently” get busted for drug related offences (Carter and Nikorima) when it most benefits the club.

      If the NRL is fair dinkum they would audit the Roosters salary cap because somethong smells worse than chook manure at Bondi Junction!

      • I was to late, on the later post re most games at a club article, with the Nikorima news.

        But in all honesty, if Crichton is chasing a big money / medium term contract now, as appears to be the case, it would well turn out to be a blessing in disguise for Bunnies supporters. I rate him etc, but my gut feel is, and especially if he has signed a big deal now, he doesn’t think he can live up to the general consensus.

        7,8,9 hundred grand, if that’s where the number is, can buy a proven talented player.

        • You don’t find the timing of the Nikorima axing a little TOO coincidental?

          Remember the Roosters are holding off on re-signing Friend and Cordner until after they can account for Crichton’s contract. Almost as if they need to know how much to offer the two on the cap while hiding the rest in TPA’s.

          What were we discussing before about market value? How much do you think both Friend and Cordner could expect to be offered on the open market and then tell me how the Rorters can fit both in under the cap with what they are now playing Cronk, Tedesco, Keary and Crichton combined? Cordner is an incumbent Australian international and Friend has also played for Australia. Just look at the remainder of the Roosters team that also have rep credits to their name; JWH, Napa, Tupou, Ferguson, Taukeiaho, Isaac Liu and Latrell Mitchell who is on the verge of rep honours just like Crichton.

          Tell me how the Roosters are still under the cap? Releasing Pearce, Gordon, Guerra and Nikorima in no way equates to the combined value of Cronk ($
          1 mill), Tedesco ($1 mill), Crichton ($700K – $800K), Keary’s contract upgrade and re-signing Cordner and Friend. Seriously?

        • It could be argued it’s “convenient” and/or “highly coincidental”, or it could be as simple as, he failed a second (so he’s been done prior) drug test. Both Nikorima and Crichton were/are contracted for 2018 only, so unless Crichton is wanting an early release Nikorima’s sacking would have no impact on that potential deal.

          The Roosters have already re – signed Friend (about a week ago) to 2020 , but I don’t know about Cordner. I know they re – signed Keary as well, but he would $600k or so I would have thought at any “non desperate” club.

          So they’ve released / lost Pearce, Evans, SKD, Watson, Gordon, Guerra and a couple of others, and picked up Teddy and Cronk so far, and that in itself would pretty much net out on the cap I would have thought. That said they would then be several players down, which need to be replaced, but if they were replaced with juniors (min. salary) they would have only added somewhere in the region of $500k – $700k to this years (2017) cap, bearing in mind it’s gone up by $2.4 mil. Yes there’ve done some re – signings, and player indexing in some contracts, plus taking the roster to 30 players all eat into the remaining, $1.5 mil (ish), but that could conceivably leave them with 5,6,7 hundred grand. Maybe.

          I’m not defending the Roosters as such, and I can’t argue they’re not high up on the list of clubs who’s players have access to a multitude of TPA’s, but I think we (all supporters of all clubs) should keep some balance / perspective.

      • Great post. It’s always convenient how they can just boot somebody out of a contract when they feel like it. I don’t know how anyone can take the club seriously. At least if they don’t win in 2018 every single supporter will be laughing.

  3. Souths 2018 side?
    1) Inglis (c)
    2) Johnston
    3) Gagai
    4) Fuimaono
    5) Graham/Kennar
    6) Walker
    7) Reynolds (gk)
    8) Burgess
    9) Cook
    10) Burgess
    11) Sutton
    12) Crichton
    13) Burgess

    14) Musgrove (prop)
    15) Murray (second row)
    16) Turner (second row)
    17) Leuluai (prop)

    • I wouldn’t be discounting Arthars for a backline spot. By all reports he is absolutely dominating in pre season. Tracey (halfback) too, but I think AR is first choice no matter what.

      • No, I have great hopes for Arthars to take over at FB (if not at the beginning of the season then at some stage).

        I have heard many good things about Tracey but after surgery on his knee 3 times in as many years before he was 20 I think physically his body is not up to it. I hope I am wrong.

        • You don’t want GI at fullback or you don’t think he’ll last the whole season? Souths don’t make the finals unless GI fires. I think Arthars is good enough to fit in anywhere in the backline. He’s a well rounded player with a decent skill set. Debuting him at fullback is a pretty big call though.

          Tracey is one of the hardest trainers in the squad. I understand the worry about his knees but I think he’s in a good position to make Reynolds worried about his job security.

        • If GI didn’t have dodgy knees, was fit and at no risk of being out for most of the season? Yes, I would play him at FB. But THAT Inglis last played in the early part of 2015.

          I don’t think he would last the season at FB, no. He is more exposed at FB and his dodgy knees will not be able to hold up under the strain. FB’s have to do a LOT of running, breaking, changing direction and are exposed to an aggressive kick/chase from an oppisition looking for big hits. Souths CANNOT afford to lose GI for a significant part of 2018 under any circumstances. Arthars is an exciting young talent (like Hiroti) from all accounts and both can cover FB. AJ can start the year there until they are ready but under NO circumstances should Cody Walker be moved from 5/8 to FB. Even Gaigai might be used at FB if required but will serve Souths better in the centres IMO.

        • You make some good points SSTID, however I think when GI is fully fit he is a game changer at fullback. Just like Thurston at halfback and smith at hooker. I actually do agree with most of what you say and I think even AJ was developing some really nice combinations near the end of the season, but if GI can’t carry the workload of fullback anymore then why are we still paying him a million bucks a season? I think even the club believes he is our fullback until he retires or at least until he doesn’t want it anymore. I can just remember so many times this year where if GI was there we would of scored. He’s too good of a player to stick on one side of the field.

        • We are basically in agreement that a fully fit Inglis has a greater impact on the game from FB. My concerns are that Inglis will be at greater risk of injury. Seibold has already confirmed that Inglis will be Souths FB in 2018 in any case.

    • Pretty good team on paper CBD, lets hope they stay healthy, but with the young guy’s coming through hopefully our depth will be covered

    • My tip is that Cam Murray will play 70 mins at lock (13) and will be playing SOO by 2019. The kid is a talent and an absolute workhorse.

  4. If Leuluai was any good why has he not been picked up by the Storm earlier, they lose players every year, go figure, forget Easts they don’t wait to nurture talent and if Leuluai comes good with Souths, Easts will only try to pick him up, i hope he is a player that can handle first grade , we have signed a lot of young guy’s which i am happy with, but hope we kept a lot for Crichton, but again if he does not have his heart in it for Souths, then go, go to a club that has no soul, but one thing Crichton can be sure of , he will always be welcomed at Souths being a former player when he retires.

    • Crichton has removed the Rabbitoh emoji from his instagram profile penso so prepare for the worst. Funny how it coincides with Jayden Nikorima “allegedly” failing his second drug test.

      “Deidre Chambers. What a coincidence!”

  5. 1 Slater
    2 Vunivalu
    3 Chambers
    4 Scott
    5 Addo-Carr
    6 Munster
    7 Croft
    8 Bromwich
    9 Smith “C”
    10 Asofa-Solomona
    11 Kaufusi
    12 Hoffman
    13 Finucane

    14 Smith
    15 K Bromwich
    16 Glasby
    17 Kasiano

    What do you all think of this line up for 2018

    • Personally I would start Glasby ahead of Asofa-Solomona. Save the big bopper with Kasiano off the bench for impact. Otherwise it is a pretty decent side and just about right IMO.

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