SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 08: Latrell Mitchell of the Roosters looks on during the NRL Qualifying Final match between the Sydney Roosters and the Cronulla Sharks at Allianz Stadium on September 8, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Jason McCawley/Getty Images)

The Rabbitohs have shifted their attention to bringing the newly signed Jai Arrow over for this season, parking talks with Latrell Mitchell.

South Sydney announced the signing of Arrow on Monday on a four-year deal from 2021.

It comes amid reports that Mitchell was considering signing a budget $400,000 one-season deal with the Souths.

However, Rabbitohs manager of football Shane Richardson said the Arrow signing has put potential discussions with Mitchell were on hold for the time being.

“Everyone is shouting from the rooftops and I don’t quite understand why,” Richardson told The Sydney Morning Herald. “At the end of the day, he is not my priority at the moment.”

“We will worry about him once our priority is sorted out, and that’s Jai Arrow.”

The Titans are not keen on releasing Arrow early but are reportedly opening up to the idea if there is a transfer fee and player swap.

Richardson added that getting the 24-year old on board for this season was their chief focus.

“Jai Arrow was exactly what we wanted recruitment wise,” he said.”I’m not worried about [Latrell] at the moment . . . once we know what is going on with [Arrow] then we will make a decision based on what money we’ve got left over and what we can and can’t do.”

As well as South Sydney, Mitchell has been in talks with the Wests Tigers, Cowboys and Titans over the summer.

“At the end of the day, he’s got to be happy. And he’s got to be playing football where he wants to play. Whether that’s at Souths or at Wests or wherever it is, I don’t know. But all I know is, I don’t think it’s unfair for him to take his time to make his mind up,” Richardson said.

The Bunnies football manager said the club will address the Mitchell situation in due course.

“Once [the Arrow situation] is done, we will just sit down and take our time and think of what we need, so we don’t waste the money and make sure we spend the money wisely.”


  1. Souffs don’t know what they are doing. Buying, scamming.. We want him now, no we don’t,… A club in disarray. Clueless.
    I feel sorry for hopeful juniors who think they have a future there.
    No wonder this now souless club turns over more players than any other club in the NRL.
    The dark days of 1999 are returng due to extremely poor management.
    A soon to be financial pickle, me thinks.

  2. If Souths get Arrow for 2020 then Mitchell is gone. Regardless of what they offer Mitchell they are going to have to value him around 800k and I think that would be a step too far for souths. If Arrow doesn’t get released for 2020 then there might be a one year face saver for Mitchell.

    If they do release Arrow early then the Titans might take another look at Mitchell.

    Whatever happens, Mr. Latrell should be thinking about how much humble pie he would like to eat.

  3. Don’t have anyone spare to playerswap + cash .. maybe ethan Lowe would interest Titans? Can’t afford
    To let go of Su’A

  4. Brennan.Lane January 7, 2020 at 11:33 am
    “If I was Latrell………”

    If I was a carpenter🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵

  5. “If I was Latrell I would be putting a line right through my Rabbitoh club.”

    He can’t afford too, He needs to find a club at any price for next year otherwise his value will plummet. His manager ought to be talking to a couple of superleague clubs about now.

  6. Adamhubcap December 29, 2019 at 4:48 pm
    “I have it on good authority that Latrell 100% will not don the green and red christmas elf Souths Pole jersey in 2020 or any year for that matter. 100% guarentee this is absolutely a fact.”

    TinyTimwit January 2, 2020 at 8:34 am
    “Are you serious Rhys? Canberra won’t make the 8????
    & Latrell Mitchell is NOT going to the vermin (they can’t afford him and Arrow)….my prediction, he’ll go to the Gold Coast,”

    Brenda.Lane January 7, 2020 at 2:18 pm
    “Latrell Mitchell is only a second class option in my beloved Souths Sydney buisness transactions.”

    chookstain January 7, 2020 at 10:51 am
    “Souffs don’t know what they are doing. ”

  7. Brennan all the crap you write I can deal with. But trying to link Mundine with suicide is just disgusting. Suicide is nothing to joke about. Keep your little digs to yourself you clown

  8. I hear the roosters have offered Bronson Xerri a new apartment at 30% below market value in negotiations to poach him from the Sharks.
    I hear Latrell will be at Souths training next Monday with Johnston sadly off to the Tigers
    I hear the Bulldogs have offered The Fox big money to divert him away from Souths
    I hear The roosters will have 2 premierships stripped from them plus massive fines and cap restrictions by mid 2020 if investigations are proven correct. Big media release before season commencement.

  9. toddy123 January 7, 2020 at 2:50 pm
    “Brennan all the crap you write I can deal with. But trying to link Mundine with suicide is just disgusting. Suicide is nothing to joke about. Keep your little digs to yourself you clown”

    You have to understand with this nobody that when he or she is challenged and rattled, will resort to racist and character insults which is easy behind the safety of a keyboard.
    Since Latrell exposed the toxic culture of the roosters and desire to join his beloved Rabbitohs BL and the other rooster nobody wombats on here have tried to no avail to rubbish the big news.
    Ive never laughed so much.

  10. G.I. will mentor Latrell @ Souths & by seasons end could overtake RTS & Tedesco as the best no.1s . His goal kicking talents will be put to the side allowing him to focus his training on kick returns & bomb diffusing.

  11. GI was moved from fullback quite a few years ago because it is not his best position. Bennett who lives and His coaching techniques from the past was considering moving him back to fullback last season but mental health issues sent Inglis into retirment. He is not a good mentor for Mitchell.

  12. Grease up the revolving door at Souffs Transit Lounge.
    It’s about to start spinning.
    This club with no morals, no soul is about reduce its stocks in an effort to buy a premiership.
    So much for the ‘juniors’ diatribe.

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